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State economic development professionals in the United States have been invited to provide informative articles reflecting their experience, point of view, and facts on a simple topic :

"Why should a business invest in your state?"

Please contact us for assistance with business expansion plans anywhere.

This is an independent referral and research service for executives and advisors.  Tell us what you need to find for your project, and we will help you in confidence - like a concierge who organizes market knowledge and contacts for quick and flexible response to needs.

Their 2006 articles are linked below, with Adobe .pdf copies available to download, and these articles can be updated by them at any time on request to keep the content timely.


Links are also provided to their websites, along with contact and related information.


We have also provided links below to our regional and state directories of local economic development agencies plus our content which highlights specific areas within the states.

Our USA Search feature at  can be used to selectively search the websites of US state economic development agencies as a convenient research tool.

Similar research tools are the Area Search (areas within states), CRE Search (commercial real estate), Event Search (associations, trade shows), and Media Search (publications).

If you find the articles or other content to be helpful, please let them know how you found it. We also welcome comments and suggestions to improve the articles or our research work.
These articles are prepared by professionals who are responsible for the attraction of business investment projects to their state, such as for new offices, factories, distribution centers, etc.  These articles are not edited to reflect our own research, experience, or point of view.  We just reformat them to fit into our website in a consistent way. Please let us know if there are other topics that you would like these or other articles to cover, or if you feel that any updates or corrections are needed.  Comments based upon personal experience as an executive or professional advisor responsible for the planning of investment projects anywhere are welcome.


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Articles : Why invest in the state of ... ?

(not bold, no .pdf = article not yet published)

Articles may link to related content - project news, property listing services, data, advertising, etc.

Our regional directories are more selective than state directories of economic development agencies.

See our global directories too.

Research : Local community descriptions as potential new business locations

GUIDE Area Surveys, Area Profiles, visit reports, and other content for areas within these states.  These executive summary presentations link to additional sources of information.  Our globally consistent structure makes it easier to find similar information at a glance.

 US Northeast Region


State, county, and city economic development directories for



Example : Area Survey : Operation Oswego County, NY  (incomplete)
Example : Area Survey : Syracuse, New York  (incomplete)
Example : 2004 Award : Hudson Valley Economic Development Corp., NY  (incomplete)

 US Mid-Atlantic Region


State, county, and city economic development directories for



Fayetteville NC - Area Profile - Area Survey - Ad Recall

Maps - Sites & Buildings - HR Data - Incentives - Local companies

Consultant reports for target sectors: - Logistics - Plastics - Automotive - Pharmaceutical

Example : Area Survey : Research Triangle, North Carolina  (incomplete)
Example : 2003 Award : Prince William County, VA  (incomplete)
Example : Area Survey : State of West Virginia  (incomplete)
Example : Area Survey : Huntington, West Virginia  (incomplete)

 US Southeast Region


State, county, and city economic development directories for

SC   GA   FL   AL   MS   TN


H+M Company, Inc. - Service Profile - USA design build construction, based in TN
Example : 2003 Award : Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce

 US Great Lakes Region


State, county, and city economic development directories for

KY   OH   MI   IN    IL   WI   MN


Flora IL - Area Survey - Maps - Data - Sites & Buildings   Contact : Mayor Crowder

Jacksonville IL - Area Profile - Area Survey - Maps - Demographics - Wages, skills
Example : 2003 Award : Cincinnati, OH  - Maps  (incomplete) 
Example : Area Survey - Dayton, OH  (incomplete) 
Example : Area Profile - Le Sueur, MN  - Maps  (incomplete) 

 US North Central Region


State, county, and city economic development directories for

MO  IA   KS   NE   ND  SD


Ottumwa IA - Area Survey - Maps - Sites - Data - HR study (PDF)  Ad Recall


Example : Area Survey : Nebraska Public Power District  (incomplete)
Example : Area Survey : Kearney, Nebraska  (incomplete)
Example : Area Survey : Platte County, Missouri  (incomplete)

 US South Central Region


State, county, and city economic development directories for

TX   OK   AR   LA


Red River TX (New Boston) - Area Survey - Ad Recall - Maps
Example : Area Survey : Cedar Hill, Texas  (incomplete)
Example : Area Survey : Greater Dallas Chamber, Texas  (incomplete)
Example : 2004 Award : Oklahoma City, OK  (incomplete)
Example : Area Survey : Central Louisiana Chamber  (incomplete)
Example : Area Survey : City of Miami, Oklahoma - Maps - (incomplete)
Example : Area Survey : Ouachita, Arkansas  (incomplete)

 US Mountain Region


State, county, and city economic development directories for

AZ   NM  CO   UT    WY   ID   MT


Green River WY - Area Survey - Maps   Contact :
Example : Area Survey : Prescott Valley, AZ  (incomplete)
Example : Area Survey : Tucson, Arizona  (incomplete)
Example : Area Survey : Northern Colorado  (incomplete)
Example : Area Survey : Adams County, Colorado  (incomplete)

 US West Coast Region


State, county, and city economic development directories for

CA  NV   OR   WA   HI   AK


Example : Area Profile : Tri-Cities, WA  - Maps -  (incomplete)
Similar articles may be added below, such as for the provinces of Canada, states of Mexico, and many other countries of the world. Our regional directories are more selective than state directories.  See our global directories page.

Use the Search feature to find content on this website for any location or topic of interest.  There is other content and  links to over 25,000 relevant sources of information worldwide.

We help executives to research potential business locations and project support services. 

Articles for Canada not yet requested at this time Canada


Provincial and city economic development directories for

Ontario  Quebec

  Central America & Caribbean  
  South America  
  Invest in Europe   Europe Search  
  South Asia - India  
  Australia - New Zealand  
  Southeast Asia & Pacific  
  Middle East  
Our 7 year analysis of investment project trends by state and our analysis of economic development lead generation costs per job created may also be of interest.

Our April 2006 newsletter (4 pages with graphs) summarizes this US market research and analysis, including a 12 year graph of national project totals for long-term perspective.

Our 2006-2010 Business Plan Highlights show how we are developing our capabilities to help more executives with more projects in more locations through a regional networking structure

Please contact us to discuss how our work could support your interests.  It is free to submit a relevant website for any of our directories.  Our research work is economical, but not free.  We welcome relevant reciprocal links as we continue to grow the daily website visits.

Newsletter - October 2005  (.pdf) Tips on using Google for business location selection searches, with information about 2005 progress and our 2006 marketing plans. Newsletter - November 2005  (pdf) Launching and our new custom Google site search features - Area Search, USA Search, CRE Search, etc.


The International Business Introduction Service

for Technology-Led Business Cluster Development


Background Information about this unique B2B service

which collaborates globally with local economic development programs

such as business retention, expansion, trade, and cluster initiatives

to introduce executives to potentially relevant business contacts

according to their specified interests and preferences

without necessarily waiting to meet at networking events.

"The Professional Site Selection Tour" will organize and share brief field research reports about potential business locations in cooperation with professional "site selection" consultants.  These are similar to "familiarization tours", except that participation is more selective as working trips to research the areas involved, including meetings with local business leaders, with a published report as well as private feedback about the visit.

The new website provides some unique search features, such as the Area Search, USA Search, CRE Search, etc.  These tools make it easy for executives and their advisors to selectively search relevant websites for additional details beyond the executive summary presentations and links to relevant content which we provide.

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Recent ad for Red River Commerce Park, Bowie County TX

Ad Recall - recent ad for Ottumwa IA


Location Location Location : A Plant Location and Site Selection Guide

  Thumbnail images of recent ads, with links to the full image and searchable ad text, can be highlighted here and in other ways for quick reference when relevant.

Ask about our "Ad Recall" service, which is relevant to many pages other than this one.

We can also easily highlight potential business locations or service providers through banners, buttons, or logo images as appropriate, so that they appear on relevant pages, but we do not publish "run of site" or animated banner ads on this website. The function of our Ad Recall service is to make it easy for our visitors to recognize familiar ads or logos and brand images at a glance, somewhat like the role of product packaging or point of sale merchandising displays in a store to attract attention and interest.

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