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Disclaimer of Warranties and Liabilities

Refer also to the Professional Independence and Ethics Statement, as also summarized below.

  •  for appropriate introductions of relevant Professional Services and Area Representatives, and the consequences thereof
  •  and for the discretionary choices we make about what content or links to include or exclude on this site
  •  and the quality of services or information which participants may provide to executives or other users of our services
  •  and for the risks of reliance by executives upon organizations which are promotional or governmental in nature
  •  and for the consequences of investment decisions by the responsible executives
  •  and for the consequences of problems arising from the difficulties of project confidentiality
  •  and for the consequences of inappropriate actions by potential users of these services
  •  and for compliance with the Foreign Agents Registration Act of the United States
  •  and for compliance by our contacts with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of the United States.

Wow, did we miss anything relevant?  If you think so, please read on, and let us know how to fix it!

The gist of this is quite simple.  We try to do the right thing, applying the best knowledge and experience available to us at the time, but the global direct investment market is vast, dynamic, very complex, and beyond our control.  We do the best we can to be of help to executives, and to other participants in our services, but if you don't like our work, don't use it.  We can't control the actions of all the people who we may introduce to each other in the interest of supporting the flow of successful direct investment projects.  Executives and the people who serve them are responsible for their own professional conduct.  We make no guarantees about their actions or the outcomes of their work.

The mere fact that we try to introduce relevant and trusted professionals to the people who are looking for their capabilities doesn't make us responsible for the work they do, or the eventual results of their collaboration.  We're like a retailer, with lots of good products on the shelf, and knowledge about what makes them different, but customers won't always choose what is objectively "best" for their purposes, or use the product as intended.  Apparently good products may later prove to have quality problems.  We're not making an express or implied warranty of any sort about the quality of every "product" or service that we might ever introduce.  If we discover a problem with product quality among the "suppliers" in this business, we'll just try to get it resolved, or take that problem into consideration in any future listings or referrals.

Our position on ethical conduct is also stated below.  In short, good people working together to achieve successful direct investment projects in a responsible way for the mutual benefit of both business and community development is the very core of our relationship development business.  It is not based on legal constraints.  It is based on doing the "right thing" to benefit all participants in the process by bringing self-interests together in the spirit of the "invisible hand" which creates value for both companies and communities in a competitive market, rather than pursuing selfish interests which ultimately destroy value.

Explanation for active participants in the services of GDI Solutions and other intended users of this website.

GDI Solutions attempts to provide objective and reliable information through this website and all of our services, and encourages feedback about any necessary updates or corrections, or problems with any service providers or economic development representatives. 

GDI Solutions attempts to apply such market knowledge, research work, and contacts to objectively help investors identify very relevant professional services and business locations, and the responsible local economic development representatives, as a free and independent service to corporate executives.  The work is funded by independent services provided to the participating professional organizations and area representatives, which inherently involves potential conflicts of interest between their own objectives and those of the investor.

This  includes services such as GUIDE which helps to organize and share information which the participants have assured us to be reliable representations of their own capabilities and investment conditions at their locations, but we do not independently investigate and test the accuracy and completeness of such information, nor are we necessarily aware of all business risks which may apply to investment in a particular area.  Users of such information should always use their own judgment and careful research to review and investigate any critical information on which they may choose to rely when making major investment decisions.  Caveat emptor!!! 

We try in good faith to use our market knowledge, judgment, and feedback from participants to continually improve the quality of the information and introductions which are made available to support investment decisions, and we believe that all of the participating organizations will be highly motivated professionals in this field who want to share very reliable and helpful information to executives through this process.  Those who are found to provide unreliable information will generally be excluded from any future participation in our services, which we believe will be adequate incentive to reinforce the usually genuine desire of participants to be helpful.

The responsibility for any investment decisions or the selection of services remains entirely with the investor, and we assume no liability for the potential consequences of reliance upon any information which may prove to be less accurate than expected, nor for any problems which may arise from inappropriate disclosure of confidential projects or plans by any participants or other contacts who we may introduce.

The lists of Participants and other contacts generally discloses in advance any contractual relationships we may have to provide services to organizations whose participation funds the free work of GDI Solutions for executives.  This is a shared service (such as SICR relationship development work) involving three networks of contacts with potentially conflicting interests simply by the nature of this marketplace.  The performance of specific services on behalf of area representatives (GUIDE), whether such GUIDE services are performed directly by GDI Solutions or by other participating professional service firms in cooperation with GDI Solutions, may be perceived by some investors as a potential conflict of interest since we also use such information when making recommendations for introductory meetings.  Whenever referrals are made to participating services or other contacts, we will also disclose or respond to any enquiries about our relationships with the organizations which are being introduced.

GDI Solutions does not assume liability for the services performed by either participating organizations or other contacts who may be introduced in our attempts to be helpful by sharing knowledge and contacts in this niche more openly with people who wish to receive such assistance.  We are not acting as the agents or sales representatives of such service providers or area representatives, and make no warranties about their capabilities, the quality of their work, the accuracy of the information which they provide to GDI Solutions or others,   Rather than to directly sell or promote their individual services, their shared investment in our work enhances our market reach and provides opportunities for them to meet well-qualified prospects with a strong interest in the potential benefits of their services.  They, however, sell their own services.

We also are making no warranty about finding and recommending  the "best" service or location relative to all other potential alternatives, or among the preferences under consideration.  We make good faith efforts to identify relevant matches, but investors should also take advantage of the professional insights of other service providers when making choices about major investment projects.  For example, location consultants may be able to suggest valuable alternatives from their own experience which GDI Solutions did not identify as a relevant match with the interests of the investor.  We do not attempt to introduce all potentially viable matches with the interests of an investor, nor do we assure investors that we have always found the "best" matches, given the thousands of available alternatives.  Our goal is to quickly and easily identify very good matches with the interests of the investor, while the choice among them remains a matter for more detailed analysis of the fit with the investor's needs.

In summary, we try very hard to make quality information and introductions available quickly and easily, and we welcome feedback whenever there are any specific concerns in this regard so that we may continually improve the quality of our services and alert other investors to known problems or risks.  We cannot assume liability, however, for the decisions which participants or contacts may take, or the impact of their actions on the performance of a company or the economic development of a community. 

Once again, we are not "pushing" or acting as the agent or representative of any one service or location, and we try to fully disclose in advance any relationships which investors or others might regard as a potential conflict of interest, recognizing that the nature of this business is to work with all three networks of contacts and frequently with direct competitors.  Our role is to "pull" in relevant introductions and information according to the preferences of participating executives, who remain responsible for their own project planning and investment decisions.

Here's the legalese to satisfy the usual concerns about risks to this type of professional business, such as from lawyers who should go seek opportunities elsewhere while we try to support local job creation and growth.  We're happy to introduce lawyers to contacts who need their expertise to develop successful investment projects.

Global Direct Investment Solutions believes that the information contained in this website or provided through our services to participants or other contacts is accurate.  However, the information is not warranted, and neither Global Direct Investment Solutions, Inc. or any of its employees or participating organizations in these services assumes any liability or responsibility for actual, consequential, or incidental damages resulting from inaccurate or erroneous information.

The decision to include or exclude any organization on the lists presented through this website, or their position and description in such lists and any related content, are at the discretion of Global Direct Investment Solutions, Inc. and we do not warrant such lists to be complete, nor assume any liability or responsibility for actual, consequential, or incidental damages which any participant, contact, or other organization may attribute to such editorial judgment about the website content, or to any concerns about potential conflicts of interest or perceived unfairness or impairment of independence in the professional judgment which we exercise both in the content of this website and the choices which we make when making suggestions to executives about services or business locations of potential interest. 

Similarly, we make no warranties to participating executives, or assume any liability or responsibility for actuial, consequential, or incidental damages resulting from the free services we offer to help introduce relevant professional service providers or area representatives who we believe to be appropriate to their interests according to our knowledge at the time.  We make no warranty that such suggestions are the best or only suitable alternatives for their needs.  The choice of service providers or business locations is the responsibility of the executives involved, who should exercise caution and judgment as well as their own independent research as necessary to ensure that any suggestions we may offer are indeed as appropriate and beneficial as expected.

No part of this website may be may be reproduced, placed in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means without the prior approval of Global Direct Investment Solutions, Inc. as the publisher of such content.  Similar restrictions typically apply to content which may be made readily available through links on this website, for which any such permission remains the responsibility of the user to obtain from the publisher of such content. 

Global Direct Investment Solutions, Inc. does not assume any liability for inappropriate actions by users of this website, including any unauthorized reproduction of content made available through links, or any malicious or potentially criminal activities such as "hacking" or "worm" or "virus" attacks on linked websites or through the e-mail of participants and contacts.  Such websites and e-mail users remain responsible for their own protective measures against such inappropriate and disruptive or criminal conduct by potential users of this website.

If made aware of such inappropriate activities by users of this website or any active participants or contacts we may encounter in the normal performance of our work, Global Direct Investment Solutions will take such actions as we may deem to be necessary and appropriate at the time, including cooperation with federal or international investigative officials, professional associations, and private services to deter future actions of this nature and assist in the prosecution of such activities.

Global Direct Investment Solutions, Inc. is not a foreign agent within the definition of the Foreign Agents Registration Act, and is therefore not required to register with the US Department of Justice in Washington, DC for compliance with such requirements, nor to provide copies of this website content or any other promotional materials about Global Direct Investment Solutions Inc. or any of the foreign investment promotion agencies or other organizations which may choose to participate in these professional services as clients, and whose own promotional activities and distribution of promotional materials or advertising in the United States may fall within the requirements of the Act and therefore require them to so register and provide copies of any promotional materials distributed in the United States so that such information is available for public inspection. 

Global Direct Investment Solutions, Inc. does not directly promote investment in any country.  Such promotional activities remain the direct responsibility of the participating investment promotion organizations or other contacts of Global Direct Investment Solutions, Inc., and the actual investment decisions remain the sole responsibility of the executives involved at the participating companies and other contacts, including professional service providers who may advise and assist them.

We do not advocate "globalization" or investment in other countries.  We simply help to introduce relevant executives, professional service providers, and area representatives so that they may assist each other according to their interests.

Corporate executives should always be mindful that economic development and investment promotion organizations, whether of public sector, private sector, or a mixed nature, may choose not to disclose information about known business risks or potential problems in the areas which they represent, or may minimize or even misrepresent such risks at times, whether intentionally or innocently, given their limited knowledge of such considerations and the fundamentally promotional nature of the assistance which they offer to attract investment to their areas.

Executives should generally seek independent professional support or undertake their own "due diligence" work when planning major projects to adequately assure themselves that the critical assumptions or "facts" on which they are basing major investment decisions are indeed reliable assumptions or facts.

Although we try to be vigilant within the limits of our resources about any material misrepresentations or omissions which may come to our attention, and attempt to validate what we regard to be the most material assertions about the potential benefits and risks of specific services or business locations for investors, we do not make any warranties about the information which is provided to us, whether shared openly through this website or through responses to investor enquiries.

Executives are also cautioned that negotiations with governmental agencies involve risks over which we exercise no control and make no warranties and assume no liabilities.  Government agencies may change policies and fail to honor prior commitments, as in the case of negotiated incentives, with very little recourse available to an investor who may have relied in good faith upon such agreements when making major investment decisions.  There are also risks of "clawbacks" or other penalties or harmful actions when company plans are not implemented as expected, even if the company acted in good faith and had to change from the intended plans because of general economic or other conditions over which it had little or no control.  Negotiated incentives or other benefits may also be withdrawn unexpectedly when it turns out that the officials involved exceeded their authority at the time, even if the company executives and the officials involved believed in good faith that they were acting within their authority and that all necessary approvals were obtained.  The process of negotiation with governmental organizations, especially in countries where the rules of law are quite different or unstable, involves risks which executives should consider carefully, amd we make no warranties and assume no liability that such governmental organizations will honor their agreements and not take actions which are harmful to the company.

Global Direct Investment Solutions, Inc. also assumes no liability related to compliance with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of the United States by participating companies or other contacts, which remains the sole responsibility of the executives at such companies.  Employees of Global Direct Investment Solutions are not authorized to provide any advice or assistance to corporate executives which might potentially be deemed as inconsistent with the requirements of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act or similar laws or regulations of other countries, as applicable

We develop relationships which are based on trust in the professionalism and ethical conduct of all participants in our services, but we do not assume liability for the actions of those participants or contacts who may later be discovered to not have merited our confidence.  We try to do business only with people who we trust as ethical professionals, and not with those who appear to define acceptable conduct by what may legally permissible or defensible, or simply not actionable.  It is sometimes difficult to discern at first when trust has been misplaced, but as in the old cliché, scum eventually rises to the surface and can be removed.

We strive to add high value for all of the companies and communities we may serve around the world by bringing very capable and well-intentioned people and resources together to achieve the desired progress and prosperity through a faster and larger flow of more successful and responsible direct investment projects than would occur otherwise.

Send questions, suggestions, or comments about this site to Disclaimer.

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