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Browser Controls : Scripts and Display Settings

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Pop-up Advertising Blockers

There are no pop-up ads on this site.  If you click on buttons or links and find that the expected page does not open, you may need to adjust your pop-up blocker settings to allow new browser windows to be opened when using this website.  If this makes your use of the site inconvenient, please bring this problem to our attention.

This website opens new windows in many situations, such as to browse the website of one organization of potential interest without closing the current window, such as a directory of multiple organizations in a region, state, or specialty of interest.

This approach makes it easy to compare similar content on such sites in multiple browser windows, or to explore related content and then simply close that new window.  After all, Microsoft Windows and browsers were designed to handle multiple windows of content, so our design takes advantage of this capability to explore related content of interest without closing the primary window where such content was found.

Unfortunately, some programs which block pop-up advertising may also block the normal process of opening two or more windows intentionally.  This can usually be controlled easily by the user through the configuration settings for the pop-up blocker software.

Do many pages scroll off your display to the right?  (not just down)

See our comments about display settings.  This website is designed for use with high resolution display settings which are now in common use, rather than older standards.

As a result, some pages will be too wide for users with older display settings to view without scrolling because of the amount of content we present in a simple table column format for quick reference.  We generally try to keep the information of most common interest in the left columns.

If this is a problem which inconveniences you, please let us know.


Do you see a button in the box at right ?  >>>  

If not, please contact us so that we become aware of the problem.  These navigational buttons use simple scripts instead of an ordinary link, which normally poses no problems, but it is possible for security settings to interfere with their operation.

If your pop-up blocker is set to prevent new browser windows from being opened, this button link or other links may not work properly, such as thousands of normal links to other relevant websites as found in our many directories of contacts.

You should see a button above which links just like this to our global Contacts page.

This website design uses many button links such as the above.  These are simple and standardized scripts which make hyperlinks easier to recognize and use at a glance.

Unfortunately, there are some websites which include malicious scripts which can cause actions to be taken in the "background" without the knowledge or consent of the user.

As a result, browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer and various security programs, including "pop-up" blockers, may potentially misinterpret this normal type of hyperlink as a potentially dangerous script simply because they don't really differentiate such scripts.

We are trying to assess whether some of these recent security changes by such programs will require redesign of our website pages to eliminate such buttons, which are otherwise convenient and normally work for visitors without any such problems.

In general, this problem can be readily fixed by adjusting your browser settings, but we obviously do not want to use web design components which are going to inconvenience our users by requiring any changes from normal browser or security settings.

If you encounter this problem, we therefore urge you to bring it to our attention, because we will modify the design of our website if necessary to avoid such unexpected problems.

For now, as best we can tell, it is a rare problem, and such buttons are useful.

We appreciate your feedback, however, in case we have misjudged this situation.

Thanks in advance for your consideration in helping us to provide a better service to visitors.

Scrolling to content "below the line"

Most pages of this website are long and will include considerable "below the line" content, rather than very limited content at the top of a page.  This helps to keep relevant content together, as in the case of directory lists, GUIDE Area Profiles, Service Profiles, and many other types of pages since this is a reference website with links to thousands of resources, rather than just a single company description or transaction-oriented website.

Links to bookmarks lower on the page are generally used for convenience at the top of the page to easily reach the content of interest on long pages, with similar direct links to such content from other pages.  One can also use the "find" option (Ctrl f) to quickly find anything on a page.  The Google site search, for example, will find relevant pages quickly, but not highlight keywords and position the browser window to them in search results.

Why don't we use database forms instead of long directory lists?

This site was designed for quick reference.  It is faster to scroll through a well organized list than to do multiple database queries to seek information of interest.  Lists also do not make it necessary for a user to correctly select the right query terms to find what is of interest, or to perhaps make multiple attempts in different ways to find what is needed.

The other key point is that, as a reference website, the pages were designed with search engine optimization in mind so that relevant content would be kept together, and easy for search engines to index properly.  Information in databases generally remains difficult for search engines to process.  Users may not realize that the content they find through database queries within a site may not even be found through search engine results, even though some results may appear to be similar.  By contrast, most pages on this site are easily processed by search engines, with many links to navigate to related content.

Send questions, suggestions, or comments about this site to Disclaimer.

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