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SICR (Shared Investor Communications and Relationships) is an independent professional service to develop working relationships among top executives who may need assistance now or within a few years :
  •  because of the scope of their authority and the general environment of growth and changes within their company or in the places where they do business, even if no specific project is foreseen now, or
  •  because specific projects are already foreseen, whether as active plans in progress, or as contingency plans being prepared for potential developments.

In some cases, a company may be looking to develop an alliance or acquisition in a market of strategic interest, but may eventually decide to take a direct investment approach.

The relationship leader works with executives to anticipate, identify, and meet their needs through sufficiently frequent contact and understanding of the business to recognize and respond to opportunities to add value.

GUIDE (Globally Uniform Investment Data and Experience) is a service to develop and openly share well-structured, consistent, and more reliable knowledge about two dimensions of global direct investment decisions:
  •  objective, factual DATA and local market knowledge about factors of common interest to corporate decision-makers
  •  independent professional research into the actual EXPERIENCE of other major investors who faced similar issues, such as well-established companies or recent investors in the areas of potential interest.

It consists of several products, organizing different levels of detail according to the typical progression of investment decisions from a high-level analysis of a "long list" of many alternatives down to more thorough analysis of a "short list" of preferred alternatives.

Some of the knowledge is provided by participating area representatives and service providers in compliance with GUIDE standards, but some of it is independently researched.

There are thousands of executives who might benefit from our work, but we might never identify and contact them at the right moment through the SICR and GUIDE processes to introduce our services directly.  Referrals are welcome !

They may also benefit from the knowledge which is shared openly here, even if they choose not to accept our invitation to contact us directly for referrals and other support of their needs.

Referrals and unsolicited enquiries are a more reactive response process for the needs of executives who we might never have identified through our more proactive relationship development work, networking, and research processes of SICR and GUIDE.  For example:
  •  Executives may find this website on their own initiative (search engines, etc.)
  •  Executives may find us through their own networking efforts among peers
  •  Executives may find us through other published sources such as websites or portals of associations or magazines
  •  Area representatives and professional service providers may refer them to us
In summary :

We introduce top executives for free ...


to shared local market knowledge and research ...


and valuable professional contacts.

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