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Refer to our new website for powerful new custom search tools about business locations or professional services.  Try Search: Americas or Search: Global CRE

Our work creates a new and independent distribution channel for very economical "point of sale" promotion to executives of a wide range of professional services related to direct investment projects. 

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How to participate in our services - in general

Referrals - from Professional Service Providers

Referrals - Highlights

GUIDE Service Profiles

Participants and other contacts - Professional Service Providers

The general section on Contacts may also prove to be very helpful as a shortcut to hundreds of sources of information, particularly as the level of participation grows to provide more detailed content, as shown in the initial examples of GUIDE Area Profiles and Service Profiles.

The Shortcuts and Maps buttons may also be convenient.  The Professionals button at left is a shortcut available from any page.

The gist of our work for professional service providers is simple.  As with area representatives, we also welcome opportunities to become more familiar with capabilities through a very limited, structured service to share such knowledge (GUIDE Service Profile).

While we are happy to include relevant contacts in the tables found in the Contacts or For Executives section, including website links for convenient access to more details, we can provide more detailed Profiles as well as individual Biographic Profiles as an executive summary presentation of capabilities.  This is not necessary, but may be helpful to executives who are seeking such information, particularly as our marketing efforts ramp up to promote this business and website.

We also welcome commitments to support the SICR service.  We work on an independent basis, rather than to "push" any one service, but if multiple service providers choose to participate, we can soon have greater resources available to find and refer more good project opportunities.

We welcome enquiries in this regard about participation in our marketing work, as explained in the section on how to participate in SICR.



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