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Bruce Donnelly    (Biography)

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Free.  Really.  No surprises, but there are limits.

The link highlights why our services are free to corporate executives, and explains the typical scope and cost of providing such support (as funded by others).

The value isn't measured by the cost, however, but rather by the potential impact on project plans which may involve investments of tens of millions of dollars, with a long-term impact on company performance and shareholder value.

Explaining the vision : capital markets analogy

Financial markets bring investors, investment services, and investments together efficiently and share valuable information.

GDI Solutions is trying to do the same thing to consolidate the highly fragmented direct investment project market into a much more efficient marketplace for the benefit of all participants.

Download a 2 page article (Adobe PDF) summarizing what we do

How to participate, and who should participate.

Whether you are just starting to gather information for a single project as part of a long-term plan, or already have responsibility for multiple projects worldwide, give us a call.

Although our primary focus is to support major projects (involving over 50 jobs within 3 years), we try to help others.  If we can't help you, we'll say so.  The contact details are at the top of the page.

How it works : like a "Hot Line" or "One Stop Shop"

Active participants (corporate executives anywhere in a company, as well as area representatives and professional service providers) work with a single global relationship leader at GDI Solutions. 

There is a single point of contact for any service, anywhere.  It doesn't get much easier than that.  The global relationship leader becomes your connection to every capability we can introduce.

The importance of an ongoing working relationship

Better knowledge of your company and the key executives who may be involved in project planning provides the foundation for delivery of faster and better services, including the ability to anticipate needs or opportunities which you may not yet have identified, based upon our knowledge and network of contacts.

Introductory meetings at your business

In general, there is no substitute for meeting face to face, and visiting operations similar to a planned project, for many reasons.  This is not a "do it yourself" business based on website tools.  It is based on personal relationships and well-qualified introductions.

The role of the relationship leader at GDI Solutions

As GDI Solutions grows through the attraction of more active participants, the team of relationship leaders will be expanded so that more companies can be supported with better services. 

The concept of a team of global relationship leaders is central to the vision behind GDI Solutions, because these are the people with the professional expertise and contacts to understand and anticipate business needs, and connect executives to the most relevant professional services and locations for their purposes.

During the startup phase, Bruce Donnelly will perform this role directly.  (link to biographic sketch)  Similar professionals will be added to the team as quickly as resources permit.

Performance goals and metrics for services

In our experience, top executives often struggle for months trying to find the information and contacts they need.  Our goal is to cut that down to minutes, hours, or a few days in general, and a few weeks for even the most complex (but viable) requirements.

The speed and quality of the work can shorten project timelines substantially, reduce costs, and lead to much better outcomes.  The value of executive time saved can be dramatic, since less time spent on routine research work can enable executives to focus instead on much higher-value tasks which require their expertise.

Scope of free services

Almost everything we do is free to corporate executives.  The scope is limited by our available resources, which should grow as more area representatives and professional service providers decide to participate actively and fund our services because of the potential benefits of our work for their own purposes.

Custom or shared research beyond the free scope

Most support is quick, easy, and entirely free.  The impossible takes a little longer, as they say.  Some needs may require custom research work or shared research with other participants who have the same interests, but this should be very uncommon.

Why is this service valuable to executives?

Major projects involve more than just the direct capital investment.  They affect the entire future of the company.  Faster and better projects can have a significant impact on company performance for many years. 

Although our work is free, there is high value in professional support work to develop more successful projects.  Our role is to introduce the professional services, business locations, and information sources which can contribute to more successful investments.

How do we define success for our services?

We've been successful if you are satisfied, for many years after an investment decision was taken, that we helped you to quickly find the most appropriate location for a project, and introduced service providers or knowledge which added very high value to the success of your project (lower costs, higher and faster returns).

As a simple rule of thumb, we strive to cut project timelines by months, and to add hundreds of thousands of dollars (or millions) in value to the company for free, by introducing professionals who are known to routinely deliver that level of value for similar clients.

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