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Relationship development work

The core business of GDI Solutions is relationship development, or what some call business development, marketing, or sales work.  We develop relationships among top executives who are responsible for major projects, as well as among leading area representatives and professional service providers who support direct investment projects. 

Unlike a traditional marketing or sales role, however, we're not "pushing" any specific location or service at executives.

Instead, we're following a "key account" strategy to develop working relationships with a limited number of executives who are responsible for one or more major projects, and are likely to welcome professional support at the appropriate time in their project planning process, even if they may not need such support at the moment.

This has analogies in the retail sector, as well as in the financial markets, as explained elsewhere.

For more details, refer to the introduction - What is GDI Solutions?

Sharing knowledge about investment project planning

The GUIDE service is our process to organize and share local market knowledge related to direct investment project decisions, ranging from high-level overviews (GUIDE Network Survey and Area Profiles) to independent research into the experience of investors a specific area (GUIDE Experience Report).

Relevant introductions and information


The SICR service is our price to take better knowledge to market by developing working relationships among the three networks of contacts which we serve.

Developing the contact network


The SICR business development activities bring the three networks together to share knowledge in the context of strategic business planning work and the planning and implementation of specific projects, starting from the earliest stages of information gathering.

Sharing local market knowledge


The integrated sharing of knowledge within and between the various networks contributes to a faster and better investment decision process which can deliver higher value.  Local market knowledge is important because that is where value is created, even if the market served is national or global.

Sharing feedback about services

Various feedback processes, also described in the Referrals section, provide insights into the experiences of executives and those who serve their investment interests.  The feedback is important to improve the quality of future planning efforts and the services to investors.

This includes the sharing of "lessons learned" and "proven solutions", as well as other types of GUIDE participant feedback.

Aside from structured processes for feedback, and many informal opportunities (e-mail from website content, etc.), the entire relationship development process is a feedback loop as shown above. 

At the corporate end, it helps to define future needs and share past experiences, both good and bad.  At the service provider end, it helps to evaluate performance and how to improve in the future. 

The relationship leader plays a pivotal role to encourage the sharing of knowledge which can be shared, while helping to maintain the confidentiality of more private considerations.

Independent review of presentations

The GUIDE Area Report service is analogous to an annual company report, in which the factual content is checked before publication as a service to investors.  The GUIDE Experience Report takes this a step further by having independent professionals conduct research in advance among investors in an area to substantiate their experiences more rigorously on critical issues for potential investors in the area, as contrasted to the usual friendly promotional quotes.

Independent market research

Our ability to support executives with independent research can be valuable in many ways, including the challenge of dealing with confidential projects, as outlined in the Referrals Highlights under "The Rumor Mill Solution"

Custom or shared research Future Services : The GDI Forum and GDI Alerts
Beyond the research which we can perform directly, or identify as professional sources of support, we can help to organize shared research among participants with common research needs. Refer to the above links for more details.  These are future services which we have planned, but not yet implemented, and we would welcome feedback about the level of interest in these concepts.
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