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Bruce Donnelly    (Biography)

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Seek Advice
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The suggestions below provide a process for executives to outline specific action requests to us by phone or email. 

We look forward to discussing your interests personally and in confidence.  For example, we can help you to "short list" business locations for capital investment projects in new locations and introduce relevant professional contacts to help plan and develop such projects.

Please call us at 847-304-4655 to discuss your interests, or send us an e-mail.

We can quickly arrange introductory meetings among our many contacts in North America, Europe, and worldwide as appropriate.

We maintain more contacts and market knowledge than listed on this website, and can track down other resources through our research capabilities and networks after many years in this niche.

Think of it as a concierge service for corporate expansion plans.

Our assistance to executives is free.  Please just give us a call.

Refer to our new website for powerful new custom search tools about business locations or professional services.
Try our new website: - with new tools for fast business location research in this market.

Search: Americas provides regional and state tools for selective research across the websites of 2000+ states, cities, and counties.

You can now use the "Add to Google" button to save our custom search tool to your own iGoogle home page (free Google Account login required to set up such a page) to easily search the content of our 3 business location research websites at any time.

Try our unique Global Corporate Real Estate Search and other tools in the new Research feature, such as to research legal, tax, and human resources issues worldwide.

Professionals service providers:

Advertising through is a very targeted online channel for attracting the attention of executives and their advisors as they plan future capital investment projects.

  Like a global concierge service for direct investment decision-makers, our specialty is to personally help you to find what you need - quickly and easily.

The following topics may help us to respond quickly with good suggestions.  A typical request involves only a few bullet points to outline what you need, after which we may need to discuss your requirements in a little more detail before making actionable suggestions.

It is usually helpful to receive as background :

  •  Your website and contact details

  •  Specific action required - what is needed at this time?  Likely later?

  •  Level of urgency, confidentiality

  •  Background : What business changes are happening or foreseen?

    • What is driving your enquiry or interests?

    • Scope of change; what is at stake?

    • Project parameters, investment scale

    • Prior research, gaps, work in progress

    • Critical factors remaining to address

  •  Best time and method to follow-up

    • Service providers already contacted or engaged?

We use replies to guide our research and referral work in response to enquiries.

The enquiry is not distributed to others unless that turns out to be what you want, such as to help gather information or to brief a relevant professional contact appropriately when making an introductory referral.

Our focus is not to fill out a form, but rather to provide clarity for a quick and effective response according to your specific needs now, and your likely future needs.  Like a diagnostic process, we need to know enough background to offer a good solution.

Unlike magazine "bingo cards" or website registration processes, we are not a publisher trying to develop a subscriber base.  We don't distribute enquiries to attract advertising sales.  Our business is to help you find what you need - quickly and easily - as an independent service.

We use this direct response process as a simple framework for a private follow-up dialogue so that we can respond more rapidly and effectively to specific interests through our research capabilities and personal introductory referrals among our many contacts.

Like a good concierge service, despite all of our preparatory work, we continually improve our capabilities through each new challenge which we are asked to meet.  We may need to do a little research or use our contacts to find a good solution, but we can usually respond quickly.

We welcome the opportunity to help you develop your direct investment interests anywhere in the world.  We also welcome the sharing of lessons learned and good solutions which you have already found so that we may share such knowledge with other executives as appropriate.

Bruce Donnelly


TEL 847-304-4655  FAX 847-304-5375

PO Box 439, Fox River Grove IL 60021

Contact information at Global Direct Investment Solutions (GDI Solutions)

 Please contact us for project assistance.

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Bruce Donnelly, President

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FAX 847-304-5375

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