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Refer to our new website for powerful new custom search tools about business locations or professional services.  Try Search: Americas or Search: Global CRE

The custom Google site search below makes it easy to search only this website or our partner sites or directories for relevant content, or to search countless websites as usual.



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 Tip : See Google "Cheat Sheet" help page for advanced web search features.

There are many large directory pages on this website to keep related content together so that it can be browsed quickly and easily (unlike repeated database form queries).  Once Google identifies the page where a relevant word or phrase appears, the "Control f" keys can be used to "find" any such character string or word of interest on that page.

This is generally the fastest way to find any content of interest on this website, which has 25,000+ links to other resources worldwide in addition to hundreds of pages of unique content, such as executive summary presentations about business locations and other topics of common interest.

We have developed other custom Google site search features as above through our new website.  These make it easy to selectively search other websites in this niche market which may be relevant to the interests of the executives, business advisors, and communities we serve.

Our services for B2B introductions can also support promotional work at major events such as trade shows or large professional association conferences.


The International Business Introduction Service

for Technology-Led Business Cluster Development

Please contact us directly if we can support your strategic planning or direct investment project needs now or in the futureCall us at 847-304-4655 (Chicago)

Although we make it very easy to find thousands of useful resources worldwide through this website, we share further market knowledge in response to company needs through our research capabilities and personal networks of contacts.

The "Seek Advice" section outlines topics which may be helpful as background for us to support your project plans.  A simple fax-back form can be downloaded for convenience, but we prefer that you just send us an e-mail or call us.  The topics just help to consider points we may need to discuss.

Information about Cityscape USA - This successful series of global events about commercial real estate investment and city development projects in big emerging markets will return to New York City in November 2009, and will also showcase developments in North American cities to major foreign investors.  Contact us for details.
Google Site Search comments

The site search feature (above, with selected), provides a quick and easy way to access any content on the hundreds of pages of this website according to the latest "crawling" and indexing of this site by Google.

The search results are therefore limited to content published on this site and indexed by Google, but of course that includes pages with links to specific economic development organizations and professional service providers, and especially to features such as GUIDE Network Surveys, GUIDE Area Profiles, GUIDE Service Profiles, and other content.

For example, a search for "Utah" will also turn up the GUIDE Network Survey for Green River, Wyoming because there are references to Utah in it (proximity to Salt Lake City).  Similarly, the Jacksonville IL listing should readily turn up in searches for St. Louis as well as for Chicago or Springfield or Illinois, or for the highways or railroads which serve the area.

This also provides a fast and easy way to validate that Google has already crawled new pages or updated content, whether or not the results are showing up at a high rank among Google search results on the Internet at the time (given the far larger number of results).

Participants in our work now have an easy way to check that our content about their areas is readily available through Google - not only through our internal site search feature, but on the larger Google internet searches (where, like anything else on the web, it may be harder to find their specific content among so many potential matches, unlike the short list of very relevant results on our site).  Both search results come from the same source.  The Site Search is just a subset of all Google results, limited to content on this website.

This also means that some content on this site, or new content in particular, may not always show up on the Site Search.  This enables us to check for such omissions and, if necessary, request that the relevant pages be crawled by Google again for the updates.  We usually find that Google picks up such changes already on our site within a matter of days, without any need for action on our part, but this provides a simple way to check.


Unlike most site-specific search features, this provides the same functionality and "look and feel" as Google searches on the Internet, including the delivery of ads by Google.  We do not exercise control over the Google ads which may appear with search results, nor do we profit in any way by the presence or use of such ads on this site.  Such advertising is controlled entirely by Google's handling of the search process and results.

Because of the extensive market knowledge and contacts we have organized and openly shared through 3+ years of research work and 15 years of experience in this niche market, the net effect is like having a Google search which is limited to the economic development organizations (EDO's) and professional service providers or information resources which we have identified.  This provides highly relevant search results for any visitors to our site.

The ads which show up with search queries should reflect the current population of Google advertisers which are relevant to this field, although irrelevant ads will also turn up as usual.  This complements our Ad Recall and Event Recall services, which highlight known advertisers and trade show exhibitors or sponsors of special events.

In any case, the key point is that this Site Search feature makes it very easy to find any content on this site through a fast, powerful, and very intuitive search engine interface.  It should now be very easy for any visitor to quickly find any content of potential interest.  We already provide many paths to find content by topic (region, professional specialty, project announcements, available properties, etc.) or context (such as US EDO's which are physically close to each other by simply listing them in zip code sequence).

This also demonstrates the importance of careful selection of content and keywords in the preparation of GUIDE Service Profiles, Area Profiles, and Surveys.  These one-page executive summary presentations become a very easy-to-find focal point for content about the service or location, with contact details and relevant links for more details.  For example, this can make it very easy to search for areas which may have benefits of interest, without the traditional database screening methods (demographic and other raw data).

Search Considerations

Note that some websites make extensive use of databases which are difficult for search engines to process, because the user must define a query to access the information.  Text which is embedded in clever graphics may also be missed.

Some publishers also provide restricted content which is only available to users who register or subscribe.  Once again, this means that such content is generally not searched.

Given the enormous amount of information available on the web, it can be difficult to find relevant content even with a tool as powerful as a Google search.

We are testing additional tools to further enhance the use of Google search capabilities by the executives and advisors we serve.  If this is of interest, please contact us directly as above, and we hope that you will choose to participate and support the further development of our services.

Designed with search engine optimization in mind

The content on this website such as regional tables of contacts, professional contacts, Area Profiles, Service Profiles, published Survey responses, project announcements, property listings, research sources, advertising and event information, and more have all been designed with Google and other search engine processes in mind.  The simple structure of the pages may not seem elegant from a graphic design perspective, but the content is easy to search and navigate, and keeps relevant content together.

This makes it very easy for Google and other search engines to directly find the relevant content they are seeking on our website.  Users typically go directly to relevant pages, and then can easily navigate to any other content from there, and especially any closely related content.  As more detailed information is added about specific business locations and service providers, that will provide even more relevant paths for users to find this website through search engines.

We also use Google AdWords to help us attract relevant users as they search for information to support their investment plans anywhere in the world.

Regional directories of economic development and foreign direct investment (FDI) or investment promotion contacts, and related sources.
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State directories of US regional, county, city, and utility economic development organizations and chambers of commerce which promote new business investment


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Economic development directory - alphabetical list by state for convenience

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