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This directory of business research sources related to corporate development and capital investment projects has been compiled for convenience.  We welcome suggestions and corrections, and please report any broken links you encounter.  If you have discovered valuable sources of published information or research services, please share them.

Please contact us as above if we may introduce professionals who can help with your market research and capital investment project project plans!

Contact us if we may be of assistance for any capital investment project interests.

Consultant Tips by professional location advisors Major Real Estate Listings (this site and linked lists) Satellite imagery, maps, and aerial photos Advertising Recall Demographic and Economic Research General business magazines Industry sector magazines Associations and Publishers
Articles - Internet search tools Corporate Real Estate listing services Corporate Real Estate Firms Promotional materials Investment credits and incentives, taxes Wages and benefits research Financial Reports Financial Analysts
Advanced materials Aerospace and Aviation Automotive Biotech Call Center Computer Chemicals Magazine Features by Region
Construction Consumer Electronics Defense Electronics Energy - Oil & Gas, Electric Financial Services Food & Bevg. Processing Magazine  Features by Topic
Healthcare Medical Device Packaging Pharmaceutical Plastics Retail Quality standards and certification Bookshelf and links to
Professional Services Directories of companies Semiconductor Software Telecoms & Telecom Eqpt. Companies listed by location Area Representatives Governmental Sources
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The industry links in the table above are to lists of websites found lower on this page.   There are also highlighted links to other research resources found below or on other pages.  Other sources of information may be found in the regional directories of area representatives or professional service providers.

Visit our Bookshelf suggestions.

We welcome your choices, too.

The table below links to lists of companies by geographic area for convenience, including cross-references to local area representatives for information about their locations. Our Advertising Recall and Event Recall directories list recent advertisers and trade show event exhibitors related to this specialty, and InfoShop highlights some promotional materials for business locations and service providers.

General business research sources

The lists below identify many useful sources of company information to support research by professional service providers and economic development professionals when contacting companies.  This makes it easier to be well-informed from publicly available information about an industry or company when talking to top executives about their project needs.

The database products generally contain proprietary research beyond the basic factual listings about companies (name, address, website, phone) or content which can be found through company reports (as via EDGAR or the company websites).  Subscriptions are often required to access their proprietary research content.

The presence or absence of any organization on these lists, or their position on the lists, does not imply any endorsement or opinion about their services, nor by them about our own.

The selections are simply intended to be helpful to professionals who may be unaware of such resources, or how to reach their websites quickly for more information.  This can support professional services, investment promotion activities, and investor retention or "aftercare" activities to stay informed about the companies.

We welcome additional suggestions of useful sources of company information.

Note that there is a separate section for governmental information sources , and some information about companies may be found in the websites of area representatives or through other sources which they may identify (such as links in GUIDE Area Profiles). Note that regional research sources may be listed in many of the regional lists of area representatives (at the bottom of the lists) and in the associations and publishers section.
Search for articles (see also general and industry magazines)  refer also to our Media Search tool
Google News
Factiva - a Dow Jones & Reuters Company for business intelligence research
FindArticles - search tool for finding full articles in many publications
Financial Times - often has special features on countries, industries
BBC World Service, and Global Business Programme 

PR Newswire - business press releases
Business Wire
Dow Jones Newswire - paid news archive research tool service
World News Connection (WNC) - US Department of Commerce - National Technical Information Service - subscription service for online translations of local media content for most countries as provided by the Foreign Broadcast Information Service - FBIS.  The content is available to search through Dialog on a paid subscription basis.  - for subscription requests

LexisNexis - subscription-based or paid search tool for legal information, public records, company data, government, academic and business news or
Luce Online
Bacon's MediaSource and Clipping Bureau - news clipping service, media directory
Canada Newswire - for Canadian business PR
FP Infomart (CanWest Global media group) - Canadian media and business information on a subscription or paid search basis
CEO Express - simple portal designed for quick reference by senior executives
EINnews - China    and home EINnews site (European Internet news service) - with country and industry news worldwide for professionals)
Russia Today - business news, and Central Europe OnLine
World Competitiveness Yearbook, published by IMD business school - information about many publicly traded companies
Databases. directories of companies - business oriented online directory / topic search tool with paid listings
Kellysearch - business oriented online directory / topic search tool with paid listings
Hoover's OnLine - information mainly on publicly traded companies in the USA
Corporate Yellow Book (Leadership Directories) - various books and CD-ROM databases, with a selective focus on large organizations, including the financial services industry
CorpTech (OneSource) - directory of US technology companies - public, private, and foreign-owned subsidiaries, may also be adding more data for Canada; lists many SME's
InfoUSA - wide variety of available company databases for mailing lists
Uniworld Business Publications, Inc. - Directory of American Firms Operating in Foreign Countries (since 1955, lists 3000 companies with 36,000 foreign operations), and the Directory of Foreign Firms Operating in the United States (since 1969, lists 3250 foreign firms with 8350 US operations) - in print or CD - a spinoff of Simon & Schuster

Directory of American Firms Operating in Foreign Countries

Directory of Foreign Firms Operating in the United States

Acxiom - mailing lists and mailing services

Acxiom Data Network - online list availability

Harris InfoSource - state and regional directories of manufacturers
MacRAE's Blue Book (Harris) - US industrial directory, partners with Yellow Pages
Canadian Trade Index (Harris) - Canadian manufacturers and products, industrial purchasing
Manufacturers' News - state directories of manufacturing companies
Thomson Dialog "Bluesheets" - directory of databases on Dialog
Thomson Gale Group - many directory and research publications
Dun & Bradstreet - various database and directory products
Dun & Bradstreet Sales and Marketing Solutions - data from multiple sources, available by CD-ROM or online selection process, for B2B sales and marketing

AllMedia - US, Canada, and international mailing list brokers 
DM2 (Decision Maker 2 - formerly Cahners Business Lists) - mailing list broker and B2B direct response list services, particularly for Reed publications, including the old mail and e-mail lists for Plants Sites & Parks magazine (ceased publication October 2004)

Data Cards - available lists

Euro Pages - European business directory
Economic Development Directory - list of websites of economic development agencies
Directory of Development Organizations - focus on development such as poverty reduction in developing countries - long global and regional lists of International Organizations, Governments, Private Sector Institutions, Development Agencies, Universities, Research and Training Institutes, NGOs/PDOs, Grantmakers, Banks, Microfinance Institutions and Development Consulting Firms
Anything Research - industry research reports drawn from government databases about market size, trends, financials, employment statistics
BroadLook - harvests data from websites for CRM software, prospecting
Company Financial Reports, Disclosure  
EDGAR - company reports online, such as 10-K annual SEC filings and 10-Q quarterly reports, as well as various special reports
EDGAR Online, Inc. - commercial site for paid access to listings
Investment Credits & Incentives and Tax Research see also : Incentives Consultants, Tax Consultants, Legal, HR contacts
Commerce Clearing House - publisher of tax information
International Tax Review - Legal Media Group - Euromoney
Thomson West - publishers of legal reference books (see Bookshelf section)
Thomson RIA (Research Institute of America)
Committee on State Taxation
FDI Online, European Business Incentives Report
Tax Foundation - considerable research and statistics on personal and business tax burdens at the US federal and state levels; independent, "conservative" perspective

State Business Tax Climate Index   

State & Local Tax Burden Comparisons

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities - research reports focus on federal and state tax burdens for low and middle income individuals; generally from a "liberal" perspective, including critique of the Tax Foundation's methodologies for personal tax burdens
Canadian Tax Foundation - independent research on Canadian tax policy
US Tax Network - tax information portal (and advertising channel)

United States Expatriate Tax - informative portal about taxes on US expatriates in other countries, and foreign expatriates working in the USA; this is also linked to related sites about corporate and state income taxes and business activity taxes.

The same group also publishes a review of why Delaware and Nevada are often regarded as favorable locations for incorporation for tax and legal purposes.  There is also a summary of US state income tax rates for corporations, which are complex.

Tax Planet
Wages and Benefits Research see also : Human Resources contacts
Watson Wyatt - labor costs and other research in international markets
Runzheimer International
The Pathfinders US - labor market studies on behalf of area representatives or companies
US Bureau of Labor Statistics
FedStats - statistics available from more than 100 US government agencies

Salary Source
Corporate real estate databases, listing services See also the major real estate listings and local links which we highlight selectively, or the lists of corporate real estate firms.  We also maintain a selective directory of sources for market research related to residential real estate, which can include links to helpful local community information or service providers.
LoopNet - commercial real estate online property listing service, mainly US and Canada
CoStar Group, Inc. - property listings and market analysis, mainly for major US cities

LocationOne - new service developed by a US regional utility to provide both property and community data through a consistent structure with participating economic development organizations
FastFacility - a new service of Area Development magazine for area representatives to advertise available properties - selective office listings online for some cities such as NY, Boston, Pittsburgh, and others, with promotion through the websites of other regional publishers too.  Yale Robbins Inc. - online promotion of commercial real estate, brochures, etc.
"Ready Real Estate" - a new service of Expansion Management magazine in cooperation with to promote corporate real estate through partner sites

Demographic and Economic Research  
U.S. Census Bureau data
FedStats - statistics available from more than 100 US government agencies
US Bureau of Labor Statistics
US Department of Commerce - - Trade Information Center
US Department of Commerce, Bureau of Economic Analysis - includes FDI data
US Department of Commerce National Trade Data Bank (NTDB) - this trade information may also be helpful for some investors, also available on CD-ROM
FDIC Regional Economic Conditions (RECON)
Global Insight, Inc. - including what was formerly known as DRI (Data Resources Inc., which was part of McGraw Hill's Standard & Poor's services) and WEFA (Wharton Economic Forecasting Associates), as well as Primark Decision Economics (formerly part of Thomson Financial), specializing in global economic and financial market information and analytical and advisory services.

Woods & Poole Economics, Inc. - many links to useful research sources for regional economic data - economic time series can be downloaded for analysis
Nation Master - tools for comparing national statistics data across most countries portal, - site data with GlobeXplorer imagery in connection with Claritas customer segmentation systems and marketing tools
Central Intelligence Agency, CIA World Factbook
World Economic Forum - Knowledge Navigator - includes a section with articles on foreign direct investment, country studies, etc.
The Economist Intelligence Unit
Morgan Quitno Press publishes a variety of rankings of state and local areas, such as "Smartest State", "Safest/Most Dangerous City or State", "Most Livable State", "Most Improved State", and "Healthiest State", based on data and statistical trend analysis. - international security issues and significant events
HomeTownLocator - community profile information and many links
ePodunk - profiles communities, counties, colleges, school districts, museums and other places across the United States.
State and Local Governments on the Net - over 10,000 links to government websites
Community Economic Toolbox - developed for the website Poverty in America - online subscription service for custom market reports and maps in the US, operated by SRC, which builds custom mapping solutions which incorporate demographic data, such as with MapInfo applications

Mapping and Aerial or Satellite Imagery  
The National Map - US Geological Survey (USGS) geospatial data and topographic maps from federal, state and local information sources
ESRI - developer of GIS mapping software tools and data for both US and international markets
ESRI Geography Network
ESRI Business Information Solutions
GIS Planning - GIS mapping applications for economic development purposes using ESRI tools - winner of the 2003 Economic Development Leadership & Accomplishment Award from CoreNet Global 
Applied Geographics Inc.  
MarketMaps - US GIS mapping, including retail-oriented market analysis maps
DataMaps - US demographic mapping
Google Maps - also offers satellite imagery in 2005 beta release, and some developers are starting to integrate such imagery with databases for GIS applications
Keyhole Corp - Earthviewer - satellite imagery software, linkages to data; has been acquired by Google, apparently to integrate local search data with imagery, but plans are not yet clear - Google Maps  

see Google Maps and Google Earth 

Satellite Imaging Corporation - satellite imaging and production of high resolution satellite images and digital aerial photographs.
Space Imaging - satellite photos, aerial photography
Scorecard - environmental defense information website
Tetrad Computer Applications Inc - demographic and mapping tools such as for area profiles using Statistics Canada census data
UNOSAT - primarily for UN and related agencies for development program purposes, but includes free images to download which may sometimes be of interest
MapInfo - software for location-based information operating in many countries; acquired Thompson Associates in 2003, provider of retail, hospitality, and other real estate location analysis services such as for retail CRM analysis applications
Microsoft MapPoint - retail mapping product for the North American market, with a version also available for 11 European countries, plus MapPoint .NET web service

Directions Magazine (webzine) and - stories about the GIS market with many press releases about product announcements and end-user applications
Open GIS Consortium, Inc. - open standards consortium for GIS specifications
National States Geographic Information Council (NSGIC), National Association of Counties (NACo), National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) - governmental GIS initiatives with links to the Federal Geographic Data Committee   USGS Node : - US Geospatial One-Stop portal, - site data with GlobeXplorer imagery
GlobeXplorer - access to commercial aerial photography
Pixxures, Inc - imagery and mapping products for business decision support, such as for real estate, local government, oil & gas, and telecoms in the US and Canada
Aerials Express - over 90 US cities
American Aerial Photos - has their own planes and production facility to do custom photos of properties in the US ; based in Chapel Hill NC  TEL 919-932-3535
AirPhoto USA
Chicago Aerial Photo Services - detailed aerial photos of land around Chicago area; similar local services may be found in other regions as a potential resource of actual copies of original photographs (including photos of the same area over many years)   

(e-mail requests to : )

General business magazines  

The Economist magazine - frequent country and industry features

Global Finance magazine - frequent features about leading banks, and special country reports about political - economic and finance issues
Far Eastern Economic Review (Dow Jones)
The Globalist - online features on global economy, politics, history, culture
Business Week
Business 2.0
Fast Company - magazine  
Harvard Business Review  
GlobalSourcingNOW - offshore outsourcing, multiple industries (online only and blog revival of The Industry Standard magazine, which ceased publication after the dot-com bubble burst)
Red Herring - popular in the 1990's boom era for IPO's, but ceased publishing as a magazine (Aug 2003), now back online only - covers IPO's, emerging technologies
Industry-specific magazines (see also by industries, below)  
Industry Week - Penton publishers
Leadership for Manufacturers - new magazine from National Assn of Manufacturers and Penton publishers  and
Start Magazine - for manufacturing executives, focus on manufacturing technology and innovation
The Manufacturer
United Business Media - various industry publications
Reed Business Information - various industry publications - Manufacturing group
Manufacturing Systems magazine (Reed)
Managing Automation
Intelligent Enterprise
Plant Services
Financial Analysts  
Association for Financial Professionals - 2003 Annual Conference Nov 2-5, Orlando
Quality Standards, Regulatory Compliance  
CITRA - Center for International Regulatory Assistance - Duquesne University SBDC, CE marking training seminars for European Technical Regulations
TÜV Rheinland of North America - certification services, ISO, CE marking, others - with operations not only in Europe and North America, but also in China and other Asian markets
IMSM - International Management Systems Marketing - services for training and development of procedures and documentation leading to ISO 9000:2000 certification and registration, which is handled separately by QAS - Quality Assurance Systems.  Offices in the UK, US, Canada, France, Germany, and South Africa.
BSI Management Systems - management systems registrar for ISO and other standards
Advanced Materials (ceramics, composites, etc. - see also Plastics)  
The American Ceramic Society
Ceramic Manufacturers Association
The Aluminum Association, Inc.
Glass Manufacturing Industry Council
National Glass Association
Metal Powder Industries Federation
Aerospace Engineering Online - SAE
Aviation Week & Space Technology, Business & Commercial Aviation, and other related publications by McGraw Hill Aerospace & Defense
Aviation Suppliers Association
European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition - EBACE - May event in Geneva organized by NBAA and the European Business Aviation Association EBAA
National Business Aviation Association, Inc.
Helicopter Association International - HAI - and Heli-Expo 2007 in March, Orlando FL
Farnborough International Air Show - July
Paris Air Show - June 18-24, 2007 - every other year
PAMA - Professional Aviation Maintenance Association
Auto Industry OEM's, Suppliers, and Associations    
Automotive News, and Automotive News Europe (Crain's) - info from various regions of the world, and note their "global connections" matchmaking program, including China
AutoBusiness Ltd.
AutoFacts (PricewaterhouseCoopers industry research)
PricewaterhouseCoopers Automotive industry practice - home
Southern Automotive Corridor - a publication of Southern Business & Development magazine with a focus on automotive industry locations and economic development in the southern US; based in Alabama
Automotive Industries
Biotechnology Industry (see also pharmaceutical, other specialties)  
BIO - Biotechnology Industry Organization and popular biotech industry trade show
Biocom - southern California association of life sciences companies
Council for Biotechnology Information
BioProcess International - publication for the biotherapeutics industry
Biotech Knowledge Center
BioWire 2K - Business Wire
BioWorld Today - industry newspaper
Contract Pharma magazine
Decision Resources - biopharmaceutical research publications, consulting services
Drug and Market Development Publications - biopharmaceutical research
Genetic Engineering News (GEN) - Mary Ann Liebert Inc. - bioindustry news publication for industrial biotechnology, biopharmaceutical, agricultural, chemical enzyme and environmental markets
IN VIVO : The Business & Medicine Report - Windhover Information Inc. - health industry publications, data, and conferences, industry trend and deal analysis
National Biotech Register - directory of biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies; also publishes commercial real estate listings ( ) and a new directory of economic development agencies, BioBorders, for areas with biopharm interests
PJB Publications - for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, device and diagnostic, crop protection and animal health
Preclinica - professional journal for biologic therapeutics, early clinical research
The Scientist - magazine
BioTechniques, and BioTechniques Euro-Edition : bioresearch journals
International Biotech
BIOMEQ - Biomedical and pharmaceutical manufacturing, events in various cities
BioPharm International - magazine  
Governmental resources related to biotechnology, or sources about government programs  
Unified Biotechnology Website of US Regulatory Agencies
National Library of Medicine - National Center for Biotechnology Information (NIH)
US Department of Agriculture - Economic Research Service
US Department of Agriculture - APHIS - Animal Plant and Health Inspection Service
US Environmental Protection Agency - see Toxic Substances Control Act, biotechnology
US Food and Drug Administration - Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition
FDAnews - regulatory news about US FDA and European Commission processes
F-D-C Reports, Inc. - about regulation and marketing of healthcare products - biotechnology, medical device, non-prescription drugs, nutritionals, cosmetics
CGIAR - Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research
CGIAR - International Rice Research Institute
CGIAR - International Service for National Agricultural Research
EUROPA - European Commission - see food, biotechnology, medicines evaluation
European Food Safety Authority
Food and Agriculture Organization
International Food Policy Research Institute
World Health Organization
World Intellectual Property Organization
University and research institution or foundation programs related to biotechnology  
Agricultural Biology Communicators - US Land Grant Colleges and Universities
American Institute of Biological Sciences
American Phytopathological Society
Center for Global Food Issues
Cornell University
International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-biotech Applications
National Agricultural Biotechnology Council (Cornell)
Council for Agricultural Science and Technology
Donald Danforth Plant Science Center
Iowa State University
Pew Initiative on Food and Biotechnology
University of California Biotechnology Program
University of Maryland - Medical Biotechnology Center, Agricultural Biotechnology
Information Systems for Biotechnology (Vermont)
Chemical Industry (including fine chemicals - see also Pharmaceutical)  
Chemical Week
Chemical Processing (Putman Media) - including plastics processing
Chemical Specialties Manufacturers Association  
National Petrochemical and Refiners Association
Computer Industry  
Computer Systems Policy Project - industry public policy group of major computer manufacturers, with some interesting guidelines for communities about developing the infrastructure needs for competition in a networked world, beyond just the obvious physical or technical requirements
Construction Industry (see also: selective contact list for project work) see also diretory of residential real estate contacts, home builders
Association for Facilities Engineering - professional association for specialists in plant engineering, operations & maintenance.  Publishes the Facilities Engineering Journal.
AIA - American Institute of Architects - professional association
ENR - Engineering News Record
Building Design & Construction magazine (Reed Business Information) - note the RSMeans QuickCost tool for construction cost estimates by location.  They also offer an extensive list of industry organizations, and a "ProFile" directory of architecture firms which is available for purchase on CD-ROM to find architects by specialty or region

architecture firms ProFile service

Environmental Design & Construction magazine (BNP Media)
Design/Build Business
IFMA World Workplace
Contractor Magazine - lists large mechanical engineering firms
American Architectural Manufacturers Association
National Association of Architectural Metal Manufacturers
Portland Cement Association
Metal Building Manufacturers Association
Consumer durables or consumer specialty products  
Consumer Specialty Products Association
International Housewares Association
Appliance Manufacturer - design and engineering for global appliance industry
Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers
American Hardware Manufacturers Association
Home Furnishings International Association
American Furniture Manufacturers Association
Consumer Electronics Industry  
Consumer Electronics Association
International Consumer Electronics Show - Las Vegas, January
Electronics Industry Telephone Directory
Customer Contact Center Industry (call centers, telemarketing)  
Contact Professional magazine
CCNG - Call Center Network Group - industry networking
Summit Circuit - contact center summit events, e-Summit International online
Call Center magazine
CommWeb - telecom, datacom, and Internet publication of United Business Media
CRM Marketplace
CRMXchange - Formerly TeleMarket
CRM - Customer Relationship Management magazine -
CRM Advocate - formerly known as - news about CRM
ELSNET directory of call and contact centers - language and speech technologies
CCSF - Customer Contact Strategy Forum
ATA - American Teleservices Association
ICMI - Incoming Calls Management Institute
SWPP - Society of Workforce Planning Professionals
Direct Marketing Association - US and UK websites; direct and interactive marketing
Defense Industry see also Aerospace above
Electronics Industry  
American Electronics Association
Electroseek - search tool / guide for the industry
EE Times (United Business Media)
ECN Magazine - product news for electronics OEM's, design engineers, mgmt.
Electronics Industry Telephone Directory
Electronic News (Reed Electronics Group)

International Electronics Manufacturers Initiative - iNEMI
Energy - Oil, Gas, Electric  (see also selective utility contacts)  
Facilities Management, Plant Operations and Maintenance see also Industrial Equipment and Manufacturing Systems
Association for Facilities Engineering - professional association for specialists in plant engineering, operations & maintenance.  Publishes the Facilities Engineering Journal.
The Manufacturer (Conquest Business Media)
Plant Engineering (Reed) - plant and facilities engineering and maintenance
Mechanical Engineering Magazine - ASME International
Industrial Maintenance and Plant Operation (Reed) - product news magazine for the maintenance, replacement, and operations (MRO) market for plant engineering and maintenance
Plant Safety & Maintenance
Plant Services magazine (Putman Media)
Pollution Equipment News (Rimbach Publishing), Industrial Hygiene News
Industrial Press Inc. - publisher of reference books for plant and facilities management and maintenance professionals
Financial Services Industry  (see also corporate development contacts and banks shown at the bottom of many regional lists of area representatives)  
Euromoney PLC  
Global Finance - magazine about banking, finance, M&A, special country reports
Food Processing Industry  
FMI - Food Marketing Institute
Food Logistics magazine (Cygnus Business Media)
Refrigerated & Frozen Foods (Stagnito Communications - also publishes other specialized food industry magazines - meat, dairy, snack foods, bakery, etc.)
FPMA - Food Processing Machinery Association (see also Pack Expo)
International Foodservice Manufacturers Association
Beverage World magazine
Food Processing magazine
IN VIVO : The Business & Medicine Report - Windhover Information Inc. - health industry publications, data, and conferences, industry trend and deal analysis
FDAnews - regulatory news about US FDA and European Commission processes
F-D-C Reports, Inc. - about regulation and marketing of healthcare products - biotechnology, medical device, non-prescription drugs, nutritionals, cosmetics
The Royal Society of Medicine - UK - association, conferences, publications
Hospitality Industry - hotels, casinos, restaurants, travel services  
Industrial Equipment and Manufacturing Systems see also Facilities Management, Plant Operations and Maintenance
Thomas Industrial Network, Inc - Thomas Register and Thomas Regional Directory of US local product manufacturing and distribution services, and company information  and
Industrial Equipment News  (Thomas Publishing)
Industrial Product Bulletin (Reed) - for engineering, design, operations, and production processes for manufacturers
Industrial Market Place - for metalworking equipment and machinery
New Equipment Digest (Penton Media)
MSI - Manufacturing Systems (Reed)
Instrumentation and Automation News (Reed)
IPB's InMFG (Reed Business Information) - digital and print magazine
Control Engineering (Reed)
Flow Control Magazine - fluid handling technology
National Fluid Power Association
Hydraulic Tool Manufacturers Assn.
Machine Design (Penton)
Managing Automation
National Coalition for Advanced Manufacturing
National Association of Manufacturers
American Machine Tools Distributors Association
The Association for Manufacturing Technology
Association for Manufacturing Excellence
Consortium for Advanced Manufacturing International
Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association
Society of Manufacturing Engineers
Robotics Industries Association
PM Engineer  
Materials Handling, Logistics and Supply Chain Services See also : Packaging industry and Industrial Equipment or Facilities Management
The Material Handling Industry of America
WERC - Warehousing Education and Research Council - association of distribution professionals with a focus on education programs, also organizes Industry Resources Event in connection with their annual conference (May 1-4, 2005 in Dallas)  and for event
Material Handling Product News  
Material Handling Management (Penton Media)
Logistics Business - UK based, focus largely on European logistics issues
Logistics Today (Penton Media)
DC Velocity - "logistics solutions for distribution center management"
Food Logistics magazine (Cygnus Business Media)
Enfasis Logistica - specialty magazine in Spanish for markets in Mexico, Central America, and South America, particularly Argentina; publishes a Supplier's Directory each January, and a guide of exhibitors for Expologistica each July
ExpoLogistica - July 5-7, 2005 trade show in Mexico City draws an estimated 12,500 visitors and 300 exhibitors
Transporte Siglo XXI - portal about logistics in Mexico across various industries
AsiaLogistics - February 28- March 3 2006 expo and conference in Singapore organized by the Singapore Industrial and Automation Association (SIAA) and Suntec Integrated Media

Logis-Tech Tokyo - Sept. 12-15, 2006 (prior event in 2004) - Asian logistics trade show organized by the Japan Management Association (JMA) and Japan Institute of Logistics Systems (JILS); attracts over 300 exhibitors and over 100,000 visitors
Logisti-K - June 2006 exhibition in Argentina on logistics and material handling, organized and promoted in Brazil, Chile and US by ExpoTrade, around 200 exhibitors, 15,000 attendees
SIL 2005 - trade show for logistics in the south of Europe, May 17-20 Barcelona Spain; last show attracted around 35,000 visitors, 600 exhibitors
CeMAT 2005 - trade fair for "intralogistics", October 11-15, 2005 in Hannover, Germany
CeMAT Asia 2005 - exhibition for materials handling, automation technology, transport systems and logistics, Nov 28-Dec 1, 2005 in Shanghai, organized by Hannover Fairs China with the China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing (CFLP); est. 50,000 visitors, 1200 exhibitors
Logistica 2006, Nov 14-18 in Utrecht, The Netherlands, organized by VNU Exhibitions; also promoting ICT & Logistics event in Guangzhou China Nov 1-2, 2005
RFID Journal
Medical Device (oem's )  
MedicalSeek - search tool / guide for the industry
Medical Device & Mfg West event, January expo
Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry - magazine (Canon)
Medical Electronics Manufacturing  (Canon)
Medical Product Outsourcing - on medical product & in-vitro diagnostics outsourcing
Medical Device Manufacturers Association
Advanced Medical Technology Association
Association of Medical Diagnostic Manufacturers
Medical Design Technology  
Orthopedic Surgical Manufacturers Association  
Medical World Communications  
Nanotechnology - this section remains under research at this time  
International Association of Nanotechnology - and the NanoBio conference in June 2006 in the emerging field of Nanobiotechnology and Nanomedicine.   and 
National Nanotechnology Initiative - US Government
Foresight Nanotech Institute
Small Times Media - nanotechnology and microtechnology news and information
Nanospot - tool for searching for nanotechnology information
Packaging Industry  
PackExpo International - major trade show sponsored by PMMI, plus "virtual exhibits".  See selective list of economic development and engineering exhibitors.
PMMI - Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute
INTERPACK 2005 - Messe Duesseldorf
IPACK-IMA 2006 - packaging & food processing expo, Milan Italy, 14-18 Feb 2006
PPMA - Processing & Packaging Machinery Assn. UK
Association for Automatic Identification and Mobility
International Marking and Identification Association
Packaging Digest (Reed Business Information)
RFID Product News (Lyons Media)
Scan - The Data Capture Report - identification and data capture industry
Distribution Sales & Management - paper, packaging and supplies distribution channel
PMT - Packaging Machinery Technology - by the Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute (PMMI)
Paperboard Packaing Council
Can Manufacturers Institute
Packaging World
Brand Packaging, Flexible Packaging, Food & Drug Packaging (Stagnito Communications - also publishes other specialized food industry magazines)
Package Design Magazine
Pharmaceutical Industry (see also Biotechnology)  
BioProcess International - publication for the biotherapeutics industry
Contract Pharma magazine
Decision Resources - biopharmaceutical research publications, consulting services
Drug and Market Development Publications - biopharmaceutical research
Genetic Engineering News (GEN) - Mary Ann Liebert Inc. - bioindustry news publication for industrial biotechnology, biopharmaceutical, agricultural, chemical enzyme and environmental markets - by Decision News Media - based in Europe, aggregates global news
IN VIVO : The Business & Medicine Report - Windhover Information Inc. - health industry publications, data, and conferences, industry trend and deal analysis
PJB Publications - for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, device and diagnostic, crop protection and animal health
BioPharm International - magazine  
Clean Rooms - magazine for contamination control practices, processes and technology - relevant to various industries (semiconductor, biotech, pharmaceutical, food processing)
Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing - magazine
Photonics and Optics  
SPIE - International Society for Optical Engineering; trade events include Photonics West
OE Magazine
Optics and Photonics Clusters - SPIE
Pennwell Corporation - publisher of Laser Focus World, Optoelectronics Manufacturing, and other specialized media, research, and databases for the optoelectronics industry - media, trade show events and portal by Messe Munchen GmbH, organizer of World Photonics Congress and other international industry events
OptecNet Deutschland - Competence Networks for Optical Technologies
Plastics Industry  
Society of the Plastics Industry - which sponsors the NPE trade show in Chicago in June    and
Plastics News - weekly industry newspaper by Crain
Plastics Equipment Trends
European Plastics News (and Plastics & Rubber Weekly - EMap Communications)
RAPRA Technology Ltd., Shawbury, Shrewsbury, Shropshire SY4 4NR - UK
Modern Plastics, and Modern Plastics International (Canon Communications)
Plastics Technology (A Gardner Publication) - for plastics processors
Product Design  
Product Design and Development (Reed)
Design News (Reed)
Recreation & Leisure, Amusement  
Amusement Industry Manufacturers and Suppliers Assn.
National Marine Manufacturers Association
Retail Traffic magazine - with lists of major shopping center architects, contractors
FMI - food marketing, trade show
ICSC - International Council of Shopping Centers - association, trade show (May)  
GlobalShop - trade show
NASFM - National Association of Store Fixture Manufacturers
IMRA - International Mass Retail Association
NRF - National Retail Federation
Stores Magazine
Chain Store Age
Discount Store News
Drug Store News
Home Center News
Supermarket News
Institute of Store Planners
Display and Design Ideas magazine
Visual Merchandising and Store Design
Center for Retailing Studies
Retail Forward - formerly part of PricewaterhouseCoopers consulting, known for their Retail Intelligence System research services and private events for retail industry leaders and their suppliers, including global retail market research (Global RIS).  Their services are not free, but are generally a good value, as they know this niche.  If you use their services, please tell them how you found out about them!
Research & Development, Technology Transfer  
NASA Tech Briefs and Commercial Technology Program  and
Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer (US)
IMS International Inc. - "Intelligent Manufacturing Systems" program for international collaborative R&D at the pre-commercial stage
R&D Magazine
Semiconductor Industry  
SEMISEEK - search tool / guide for the industry
Semiconductor Equipment & Materials International

Semiconductor Magazine (published by SEMI)

SEMI also sponsors the various SEMICON trade shows worldwide   

Semiconductor Industry Association
European Semiconductor - magazine
Korea Semiconductor Industry Association
Semiconductor International (Reed Electronics Group)
Semiconductor Fabtech
Semiconductor Industry Association
Solid State Technology (Pennwell)  
Clean Rooms - magazine for contamination control practices, processes and technology - relevant to various industries (semiconductor, biotech, pharmaceutical, food processing); also organizes conferences in various cities
Software Industry  
Supply Chain Management  
CLM Council of Logistics Management - professional association - being renamed January 2005 as CSCMP - Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals
Supply Chain Management Review
Supply & Demand Chain Executive Magazine (Cygnus Publishing)
Global Logistics & Supply Chain Strategies -  (Keller International Publishing LLC)
Association for High Tech Distribution
CSCO Magazine "insights for the supply chain executive"
Supply Chain Systems magazine - "solutions for supply chain managers" (Helmers Publishing, also produces CSCO)
Integrated Solutions for Supply Chain Management
Telecommunications Industry & Telecom Eqpt Suppliers  
Wireless and Mobile WorldExpo - WowGao - Toronto ON May 18-19 2005
FierceWireless - daily email news about the wireless and mobile Internet industry
Wireless Week 
Cellular News
The following tables link to many other directories of potentially useful research sources available through this website and the thousands of links we maintain.
Selective Company Websites and Local Area Representatives by Region (parent company and major subunit locations)
Typically we will only list companies with more than 250 employees worldwide or 100 employees at the location of a major subunit, since our focus is on serving companies of sufficient size and growth rate to create more than 50 new jobs within 3 years when they set up operations in new locations.  We obviously do not try to list all companies of such size in all areas, as it is not our purpose to be another business directory publisher such as the many sources listed above.

The presence of a company on any of these lists does not imply that we have any working relationship with that company, nor that we are attempting to develop such a relationship.  The listings are just for quick, convenient reference, especially to highlight major employers in participating areas (as identified through our GUIDE Area Profile and Network Survey work).  This can make it easier to visualize where particular industries have clustered, and find the relevant area representatives or other contacts as cross-referenced to such locations.  Business directories generally do not make it easy to just scan, at a glance, which companies are in a particular area, and none that we know identify the local EDO's as we do.

Note that the Projects section selectively highlights some recent investment project announcements by industry or by regionWe welcome suggestions for updates.

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