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Ask us about advertising in fDi magazine (FT Business - The Financial Times group).

This Google Custom Search has been set up as a convenient tool for research across the websites of many leading economic development magazines.



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Expansion Management

Site Selection

FastFacility   Area Development

Plants, Sites & Parks      DISCONTINUED

fdi Magazine   (Financial Times)

Corporate Location

Business XPansion Journal

GCX Global Corporate XPansion

WEDA     Business Development Outlook

BDO Info  Expansion Mgmt. Advertiser Info


Please let us know if this tool proves helpful for research in support of your project plans.

Please contact us directly if we can support your strategic planning or direct investment project needs now or in the futureCall Bruce Donnelly at 847-304-4655 (Chicago)

Although we make it very easy to find thousands of useful resources worldwide directly through this website, we share further market knowledge on request, and can quickly address many common project issues through our research capabilities and personal networks of contacts.

We look forward to working with you - to grow your business faster and better, anywhere.

We introduce executives for free to local market knowledge and valuable professional contacts as an independent global service through working relationships with many :

  •  Top executives facing strategic choices about where they will do business : where to establish, acquire, expand, move, consolidate or restructure their operations or alliances as markets and plans change.  These projects define the company's future structure.
  •  Economic development professionals representing areas which are motivated to attract and retain growing companies.  See the Contacts section for many examples.
  •  Professional service providers for direct investment projects in North America, Europe, Asia or worldwide.  Highly experienced specialists work on such projects, because large capital commitments and future performance risks are usually at stake.

Publications about business locations and economic development

See also : Consultant Tips and Magazine Features by Region or by Topic

Some content may only be available to subscribers.


This makes it easy to refer directly to their sites, and their own internal search tools, which may include databases or other content not indexed by Google.

Expansion Management magazine, published by Penton Media.  Subscriptions are easily arranged, since their advertisers want to reach potential project decision-makers.  A new reader response process has been created to provide direct links for users to the websites of advertisers, rather than the old "bingo card" reader service process.  There is also a new service to promote real estate listings.

Site Selection magazine, published by Conway Data, which also publishes Site Selection Insider weekly e-mail broadcast and a website directory of economic development agencies.  See also IAMC association, which Conway Data created and manages.

Area Development magazine

FDI Magazine, by FT Business (Financial Times)
Corporate Location magazine (also known for a while as SDI - Strategic Direct Investor ) is published by Euromoney Institutional Investor Plc.  In the past they also organized events for investment promotion agencies in Europe and the US.  They are now publishing a new annual magazine for WAIPA (UNCTAD) called GlobalExchange, with the first issue expected at the UNCTAD XI summit in Brazil.
Business Facilities magazine.  Their editorial content generally seems to be fairly advertorial in nature.  They offer a listing service for available buildings, but because of the way their website is designed, Google can't crawl and index the content.  It only indexes their home page.

Business XPansion Journal, affiliated with various service providers
GCX - Global Corporate Xpansion
Business Development Outlook magazine, published by WEDA.  Content seems to be advertorial, serving largely as a promotional channel, attracting economic development participants to WEDA services (advertising, events)

Southern Automotive Corridor - a publication of Southern Business & Development magazine with a focus on automotive industry locations and economic development in the southern US; based in Alabama

Economic Development America - new journal created for the US Dept of Commerce EDA "Economic Development Information Coalition", consisting of IEDC, NARC, and NADO
IPAnet, Investment Promotion Network, published by MIGA (Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency - ), part of The World Bank, which also publishes FDI Exchange and PrivatizationLink, with a focus on less developed countries

Development Gateway - portal and interest groups for sharing articles on development issues, such as World Bank and United Nations or government agency research reports

Plants, Sites & Parks magazine was published by Reed Business Information services, and formerly Cahners.  It ceased publication in November 2004.  Google search statistics reported 1710 pages for as of February 15, 2005.    NO LONGER IN SERVICE


copies of old pages can still be found through

Expansion Solutions magazine.  Content seems to be advertorial in nature. not available
Google statistics  
As of February 15, 2005 Google search statistics reported the following

There are approximately 595 pages for in our index.
There are approximately 3210 pages for in our index.
There are approximately 788 pages for in our index.
There are approximately 2570 pages for in our index.
There are approximately 183 pages for in our index.
There are approximately 1710 pages for in our index.
There are approximately 1600 pages for in our index.
There are approximately 126 pages for in our index.
There are approximately 382 pages for in our index.
There are approximately 186 pages for in our index.
There are approximately 31 pages for in our index.
There are approximately 32 pages for in our index.
There are approximately 5 pages for in our index.
There are approximately 1 pages for in our index.

These statistics will vary over time as websites are revised and re-indexed by Google.

Note that some websites make extensive use of databases which are difficult for search engines to process, because the user must define a query through a database form to access dynamic information, as opposed to a static web page which can be indexed.

Some publishers also provide restricted content which is only available to users who register or subscribe.  Once again, this means that such content is generally not searched.  Advertisers sometimes may not realize that Google won't find such content.

The content on this website such as regional economic development directories, professional contacts, Area Profiles, Service Profiles, published Survey responses, project announcements, property listings, research sources, advertising and event information, and more have all been designed with Google and other search engine processes in mind.

For example, our Ad Recall feature can make it easy to find magazine ads in this niche by their content, and our Event Recall feature can identify many trade show exhibitors relevant to this market.

This makes it easy for Google and other search engines to find the relevant content that users are seeking on our website.  Users typically go directly to relevant pages, and then can easily navigate to any other related content from there.

We also use online advertising to attract relevant users as they search for information to support their investment plans anywhere in the world.  Our current campaign reaches approximately 3 million "ad impressions" per year (ad displayed on the user's screen), mainly through Google search results associated with very relevant keyword searches.

Other research sources for business news and PR article searches Tip : See Google "Cheat Sheet" help page for advanced web search features.
Google News
Factiva - a Dow Jones & Reuters Company for business intelligence research
FindArticles - search tool for finding full articles in many publications
PR Newswire - business press releases
Business Wire
Dow Jones Newswire - paid news archive research tool service
Far Eastern Economic Review (Dow Jones)
Financial Times - often has special features on countries, industries
The Economist magazine - frequent country and industry features

The Economist Intelligence Unit, publishes market research for subscribers

Global Finance magazine - frequent features about leading banks, and special country reports about political - economic and finance issues
BBC World Service, and Global Business Programme 

IndustryWeek magazine, by Penton Media, for manufacturing executives.  It includes a "Best Plants" awards feature in July and October, and related events featuring the winners, plus a "Strategic Siting" column about location choices for specific projects.
World Trade magazine - focus on trade, logistics and recent market changes
Foreign Policy magazine - note related publications such as the Globalization Report prepared with A.T.Kearney, and the Insiders Guide to Global Research on the Web

LexisNexis - subscription-based or paid search tool for legal information, public records, company data, government, academic and business news or
American Journalism Review - site with links to local papers in many areas of the US
Real Estate Forum (by Real Estate Media Inc.), which also publishes and various regional magazines for corporate real estate professionals

Commercial Property News - newsletter for real estate services
National Real Estate Investor (Primedia)
Bacon's MediaSource and Clipping Bureau - news clipping service, media directory
Canada Newswire - for Canadian business PR
FP Infomart (CanWest Global media group) - Canadian media and business information on a subscription or paid search basis
Refer also to these other resources in our Research directory Our Research directory also lists many industry trade associations and publications
Wages and benefits research sources Databases and directories of companies
Demographic and economic research Investment credits and incentives and tax research sources
Mapping and Aerial or Satellite Imagery General business magazines and online publishers
See also : Directory fo Associations and Publishers Directory of Government or Related Services
Regional tables of economic development and foreign direct investment (FDI) or investment promotion contacts, and related sources.
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