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This Google Custom Search has been set up as a convenient tool for research across the websites of many sources of commercial real estates listings for offices, warehouses, and industrial buildings.  Some may also list retail facilities or other types of properties.



www (search all websites as usual)

LoopNet   - see also LoopNetLand

CoStar Group

LocationOne (Aquila)  FastFacility

FacilityCity          QuickSpace

WSJ Real Estate ads

Realtors® Land Institute (search only this site)


Please let us know if this tool proves helpful for research in support of your project plans.


It is intended to make it fairly easy to search all of these resources in a consistent way.  We also welcome suggestions of international or multi-state listing services for commercial properties.

According to Google statistics as of February 15, 2005, they have approximately:
  •  2390 pages for in our index.
  •  617 pages for in our index.
  •  40 pages for in our index.
  •  2570 pages for in our index.
  •  976 pages for in our index.
  •  971 pages for in our index.
  •  458 pages for in our index.
  •  112 pages for in our index.
  •  1790 pages for in our index. (includes residential)
  •  13 pages for in our index.
  •  595 pages for in our index.

Although Google crawls websites frequently for changes, keep in mind that some content may not be indexed, or may not be available for search engines to access.  In particular, information stored in databases for reference by user queries may not be accessible.  For this reason, we have also made the direct links to these sites readily available so that their content can easily be searched by whatever menu structure or search tools they may provide for users.

Please contact us directly if we can support your strategic planning or direct investment project needs now or in the futureCall Bruce Donnelly at 847-304-4655 (Chicago)

Although we make it very easy to find thousands of useful resources worldwide directly through this website, we share further market knowledge on request, and can quickly address many common project issues through our research capabilities and personal networks of contacts.

We look forward to working with you - to grow your business faster and better, anywhere.

Note that we maintain a very selective listing of major properties, including links to various national, provincial, state, regional, utility, and local property listing services.  The content of these lists remains limited at this time, and will improve as more organizations participate.

We also maintain a directory of major Corporate Real Estate firms, and our regional Contacts directories may include links for regional and local CRE firms.  Both may offer property listings.

We introduce executives for free to local market knowledge and valuable professional contacts as an independent global service through working relationships with many :
  •  Top executives facing strategic choices about where they will do business : where to establish, acquire, expand, move, consolidate or restructure their operations or alliances as markets and plans change.  These projects define the company's future structure.
  •  Economic development professionals representing areas which are motivated to attract and retain growing companies.  See the Contacts section for many examples.
  •  Professional service providers for direct investment projects in North America, Europe, Asia or worldwide.  Highly experienced specialists work on such projects, because large capital commitments and future performance risks are usually at stake.


Corporate Real Estate property listing services.  See also : Research

Major real estate firms and regional or local ones are highlighted selectively

LoopNet - leading commercial real estate online property listing service, mainly US and Canada, which also launched a separate listing service for commercial and agricultural land in Nov 2003.  Since October 2004 it also operates, an exchange for business acquisitions.

CoStar Group, Inc. - property listings and market analysis, mainly for major US cities

LocationOne - new service developed by a US regional utility to provide both property and community data through a consistent structure with participating economic development organizations
FastFacility - a new service of Area Development magazine for area representatives to advertise available properties
"Ready Real Estate" - a new service of Expansion Management magazine in cooperation with to promote corporate real estate through partner sites - selective office listings online for some cities such as NY, Boston, Pittsburgh, and others, with promotion through the websites of other regional publishers too.  Yale Robbins Inc.
QuickSpace - - online promotion of commercial real estate, brochures, etc.
Realtors® Land Institute, - listings of available land

Business Facilities magazine.  Their editorial content generally seems to be fairly advertorial in nature.  They offer a listing service for available buildings, but because of the way their website is designed, Google can't crawl and index the content.  It only indexes their home page.
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