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 Project Confidentiality

Project confidentiality is taken very seriously at GDI Solutions, as explained further on the linked page.

Nothing will terminate the working relationship with any participant in these services faster than a violation of the trust which other participants have given to share their strategies, plans, and other valuable knowledge.  The risk is not only to the direct investment of millions of dollars, but also a far greater impact over the years on the company, community, and personal careers of many individuals.

It is necessary to share information in a professional manner to find and introduce effective solutions to the needs of all participants.  The confidentiality of investor strategies and plans, and the extent to which they can be shared, is determined by each such investor, and must be respected by all participants in the support process.

The "Rumor Mill" Solution

Major investment projects frequently attract attention despite the best efforts of executives and the people who are supporting them to keep the plans confidential.  People within the company who are aware of the plans, but not directly responsible for them, may inadvertently or intentionally make others aware of such plans, especially if unaware of the sensitivity of the project and strategic consequences of disclosure.

For example, staff who are asked to do preliminary research work for planning purposes may unintentionally alert people to the project. Internal disagreement or concerns about plans to enter a new market, merge, or consolidate operations can trigger actual "leaks".  Similarly, people outside the company who become aware of such plans, whether or not involved in support of the project, may comment on what they have heard or suspect is happening, or may unintentionally alert competitors while they are trying to discover more about a project.

GDI Solutions can help to minimize these problems.

The Qualification Process

Not all knowledge can be shared openly, whether for confidentiality or other constraints.  Some referrals or feedback reflect accurate information, while others may be unreliable or wildly inaccurate. 

GDI Solutions attempts to carefully screen referrals and feedback from participants and other contacts so that when information is shared, it should either be very reliable, or else concerns about the reliability of the information should be made clear.

"Recycling" Active Project Work

A lot of hard work can go into the planning of projects, whether or not they are implemented.  Area representatives and service providers also invest a lot of money and do a lot of work to identify relevant projects and try to be helpful, even if they are unsuccessful in eventual competition for the project on behalf of their locations or companies.

GDI Solutions offers a new process to derive benefits from the sharing of such knowledge in a professional manner.

Sharing Proven Solutions

GDI Solutions can help to share the "good news" when the work on investment projects identifies valuable capabilities which can be shared "on the record" or anonymously with other organizations which may be facing similar needs  The effective sharing of both "success stories" and "lessons learned" (good or bad) can contribute to the improvement of the entire support process, such as by helping and challenging the participating organizations to improve.

Sharing "Lessons Learned"

Whether a project is implemented or not, knowledge is developed through the planning process which can be valuable for future projects at the same company or others, or to improve the support capabilities of service providers and area representatives.

GDI Solutions can share such experiences professionally, whether "on the record" or as anonymous feedback about the process.

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