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Adding Major Properties to the Corporate Real Estate List

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For Executives

If you contact professionals through this service, please let them know how you found them.  Contact us for free introductory referrals according to your interests.  Try our new CRE Search feature at

Please also let us know whether this directory and their capabilities were helpful to you.

We specialize in personal, independent introductions to relevant professional service providers such as business location strategy consultants and our many economic development contacts according to the project interests of the executives we serve.

Our Professional Site Selection Tour and "Meeting Point" services also personally introduce site selection professionals who can assist communities through special research trips ("inward visits" or familiarization tours), pre-scheduled meetings at major events, and other services designed to support their competitive benchmarking analysis, investment promotion strategies, and marketing programs.

Refer also to the latest Order Form for this and other services.  Comment about fees.

The following sections reflect standard pricing - not any special introductory offers.
Once again, please note that it is not our purpose to create a comprehensive listing of sites and facilities of all sizes all over the world.  Other listing services exist for such corporate real estate.  We are not real estate brokers, nor are we trying to create listing and transaction support services analogous to CoStar, LoopNet, or others. 

We're just trying to create a convenient service for executives which complements the work of corporate real estate professionals, area representatives, and location consultants by making it easier for top executives  and their advisors to find major properties quickly anywhere in the world.  There are many good services already available in this niche.

Our role is to provide a globally consistent process to find them when relevant, including independent referrals according to specific interests - somewhat like a concierge service.    Try our new CRE Search feature at in this regard.

We mainly do that by introducing executives to the professionals who can help them, such as location consultants, local area representatives, and corporate real estate professionals. 

Our focus in this section is on featuring relatively unique, large sites or buildings which may be difficult to market or find otherwise.  There are few potential buyers or tenants for such facilities, and they can be hard to identify and reach at the right time.

We want to make it easier for companies to find such facilities when they are needed, as well as to dispose of them efficiently when they are no longer needed. 

We also want to help area representatives to find buyers or tenants sooner rather than later, because of the large economic impact of such sites on their communities.

Finally, when companies are disposing of facilities which they no longer need, we want to help them get better value by finding a good buyer sooner, before the maintenance costs rise and the property value sinks, as is typical once a facility is no longer occupied.

For Corporate Executives (see also Finding a Property)

This service can complement your work with corporate real estate professionals if you are disposing of major facilities.  If you are seeking such facilities, please give us a call, as we may be able to do much more to help you find what you are seeking.

There are two things we can do for major property disposals.  First, for a small fixed fee, we can add them to this list so that, as we promote this business to other executives, potential buyers may find your listing, although we can offer no assurance that this will lead to a sale.  In effect, it is like a small advertisement.

The cost for such a listing defrays our cost of doing the work to add and maintain the listing, if there is already a website description of the property to which we can link.  If we need to create a new listing, such as a special page on this website when no link to a more detailed description is available, the cost is somewhat higher because it take more time.

The other alternative is for us to undertake some custom marketing work on your behalf to try to identify and attract potential buyers.  We do this on a larger base fee plus success fee basis.  Once again, this should not conflict with any broker relationships you may have for the promotion of the property.  We would presumably be working in parallel to find buyers.  They would be working through their networks, while we work through our own capabilities.

We only undertake such work on a selective basis.  In effect, you would be supporting our SICR service to develop relationships and referrals independently among potential investors, in a manner similar to area representatives or professional service providers, except that in this case the potential benefit pertains only to the sale of your specific facility (or group of facilities).  Contact us directly for a proposal according to your particular situation.

For Area Representatives

As in the sections at right, there are alternatives for adding property listings for your area, but this is not a free listing service.  It is just free for executives (or their advisors) to make use of these listings to try to find what they are seeking.

First, if you participate in the GUIDE Area Profile service (which includes a Biographic Profile and the periodic contact work to maintain basic, timely knowledge about your area), then we can list up to ten major properties for your area.  Few areas will actually have ten such properties to list, and it may be preferable to have one link to a page on your website through which executives can find any available property in your area.  That link can appear in both the Area Profile and the property listings for convenience.

Second, if you do not wish to have the Area Profile, you can list individual major properties, with discounts available for multiple listings.  That can include a link to a facility search feature on your own website (or whatever site serves your area, as in the case of a utility or regional organization which maintains such lists).

Please note that, even if you do not wish to invest in such a listing, it is possible that the responsible broker or property owner would be interested, as provided at right.

Third, if you wish to support our SICR work, so that we have the additional resources necessary to reach more executives and develop more relationships to support projects, then that service includes the GUIDE Area Profile and the property listings too.

Refer to the examples of service pricing for SICR, explained separately.


For Corporate Real Estate Professionals

If you wish to complement your own marketing efforts by adding a listing here, there are three ways to do it - individual listing for a fee, or a success fee, or a larger relationship.

First, the flat fee for a listing is for the first listing, with discounts available in the case of additional listings.  This can include a link to your own website listings of multiple properties in a particular area, rather than multiple listings on this website, if you maintain such information through a page to which we can link so that executives can look up such properties easily.

A simple description of a major property on this website, however, can generally be easily found quickly through our Search feature when relevant because we do not attempt to maintain massive directories of individual properties.  Instead, we make it easier to find where such properties are already likely to be listed.

Alternatively, we can create a GUIDE Service Profile (including a Biographic Profile and up to ten major property listings) for our list of real estate firms if you wish, to highlight information about your firm or your own experience.  In this manner, even if a particular property listing here proves to be of little interest, an executive may find your Service Profile as a specialist in the location and type of property of interest, and get in touch or review your website for additional listings.  Examples of Service Profiles and Biographic Profiles can be found in the listings of location consultants.

Another approach is to agree to a success fee according to the usual protocol at your firm for the compensation of successful referrals, such as a small percentage fee.  We would just need a letter of confirmation of such referral arrangements, and can then take this into consideration as we do our relationship development work.  Please keep in mind, however, that we operate on an independent basis and focus on the objectives of corporate executives, so despite any success fee arrangement, we would only introduce a property or service provider when it seems to be a good fit with the objectives of an executive.

The third approach is to support our SICR service, for which we can provide a proposal upon request.  For example, this may be more relevant to a corporate real estate network, as contrasted to the GUIDE Service Profile or a success fee arrangement, which is more likely to be of interest to a single office, such as to promote capabilities in a particular region.  In this case, we could provide a larger number of property listings and Profiles according to the properties, offices, and individuals which the network chooses to promote at the time.

Comment about our fees, as indicated above

The income related to this service is not expected to be material relative to the other sources of revenue for this business.  It is not intended to become a major feature with many listings, unlike a service such as CoStar or LoopNet.  Instead, it is expected to be more selective, featuring a very limited number of properties and leading brokers in participating areas.

If we made it free, however, everyone would want to use it, and we could waste a lot of time which should be spent on other work.  This fee level is expected to be sufficient to sustain the listing service, without really expecting it to be very profitable unless many brokers decide to participate on a success fee basis, and get good referrals out of this process.

Do you advertise?  Consider using our Ad Recall feature

Our Ad Recall service was designed with our custom Search feature in mind.

It is inexpensive to highlight an ad for a year through this website.  Unlike magazine ads, however, we set up pages which can be easily indexed by search engines so that the content of the ad can be found quickly whenever it may be relevant.

For example, here is a link to a recent ad.  Try using our Search feature to look for anything contained in this ad.  Then, try using the CRE Search or other search features on our other website,, which can be used to search this website the same way for the convenience of the site selection consultants and other professionals we serve.

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