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Wilson Industrial Center : Building and Site Plan

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The diagrams below show the building layout on the 12+ acre developed section (Tract 1 - half building, half parking) The diagrams below show the full 32 acre site , with the 20+ acre expansion or buffer area (Tract 2) at the rear, leading up to the CSX rail line.

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See also the aerial photos  
The front of the building (bottom of the images above) faces Rt. 42.  Access to the office areas is from James Street, at left.  The four main loading docks have access at right, from Samuel Street.  There are additional docks at rear, facing the concrete and asphalt parking areas, which provide ample turning room and trailer storage inside the fence. The 300,000 gallon water storage tank at the rear of Tract 1, refurbished in 1998-99, serves for additional site-owned fire protection to reinforce 8 inch city water lines for city owned hydrants on site.

13000 KV electrical service line to the site, and other municipal utilities.

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