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Refer to our new website for powerful new custom search tools about business locations or professional services.  Try Search: Americas or Search: Global CRE
These directories of projects are not being actively updated at this time.  Instead, the Search: Americas tools now make it easy to research state and local economic development websites for any project news, and link to state pages for press releases.

This new approach provides more timely and complete insights into recent project announcement news, whereas the various directories below were intended to summarize the highlights of significant regional developments over time for reference.

The new PR features as ShortListNews will also be developed to highlight major project announcements which come to our attention through collaboration with the relevant organizations.

The project announcement directories below will be updated or replaced after some of those new features are developed.

Major project announcements and GUIDE Project Profiles by region (selective directories)
US : Northeast US : Great Lakes East and Midwest Canada Mexico
US : Mid Atlantic US : North Central US : Mountain South America
US : Southeast US : South Central US : West Coast Central America, Caribbean
Europe South Asia Australia, New Zealand Middle East, and Africa
China, Taiwan Southeast Asia Korea Japan
Major project announcements by industry sector (selective directories) These directories summarize billions of dollars in recent project announcements by many companies, including links to sources of information about their chosen locations.
Advanced Materials - Ceramics, metals Aerospace Automotive Biotechnology Customer Contact Centers, Call Centers Chemicals
Computers Construction materials Consumer electronics Consumer goods - durable and non Defense Electronics
Energy Financial and professional services Food & Beverage Processing Hospitality, Tourism Logistics Machinery & tools for  manufacturing
Medical device and Healthcare Products Packaging Paper products Pharmaceutical Plastics Publishing, printing and communications
Recreational vehicles Retail Semiconductor Software Telecommunications Textile & Apparel
Please contact us for future project support, or to prepare GUIDE Project Profiles for publication through this section.  We welcome major project announcements, but only summarize and publish them selectively through this section.  The function of this directory is to make it easier to know where major projects have been going, and who assisted them.

These regional directories of past and pending projects may identify professional service providers (see also global directories) when such information is publicly available.

See also :  GUIDE Project Profiles and announcements - by industry

We update this information as we work with communities and professional service providers to share knowledge about their areas or service capabilities and experience for search purposes, such as through Area Surveys, Area Profiles, Service Profiles, etc.


The Google site search (button at upper right of every page) is a fast and easy way to find content on this website.  We have also developed other custom search tools, as below.


This is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all projects, nor do these listings imply any direct involvement on our part with the planning of such projects.

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Invest USA Directory  NAFTA Invest in Europe Directory US Governors Directory Technology clusters and parks
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Location Consultants

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Incentive Consultants

Project Management Major Real Estate Listings Articles About Major Projects Regional Contacts
Property Developers CRE Firms
Suggestions are welcome.

This section will provide summary lists and further links to describe both past projects and non-confidential projects for which support work is in progress.  We will not list all project leads we are supporting, or have supported in the past, even anonymously, as explained below.

This section is primarily intended to make it easier to visualize the benefits of professional project support, and to share non-confidential local project knowledge in a consistent way.  We may also sometimes communicate special support needs as appropriate beyond any direct contact we may have among active participants, such as to openly seek solutions from unfamiliar sources.

Recent Requests for Assistance

This section will be used to call attention to active, non-confidential projects for which specific assistance is being sought on an open basis to help executives.

For example, there may be a need to find help in locations where GDI Solutions has been unable to identify suitable contacts, or there may be a need to find very specialized services or information.  This doesn't happen very often, particularly in the USA.

Such requests may be anonymous if the company prefers.

This is explained further below.

Profiles and announcements of major past projects

See also: Template for Project Profiles - outline of topics

The linked section will summarize, with prior approval by the executives involved, specific cases of prior projects which have been supported by GDI Solutions or participants in our services, such as economic development agencies or professional service providers.

Refer also the "The Market" section, which may selectively summarize announcements of major projects whether or not GDI Solutions was involved, just to make it easier to find publicly available information as a basic research service.

There are also links in the Participants and Contacts section to various services which track major project announcements and report or analyze them, whether for free or as a service to clients.  Project details often may not be shared openly for reasons of confidentiality in their direct research process or client relationships.

Although we also track major project announcements worldwide through the GUIDE Network Survey process and other research to support our own work, we don't publish such information.  We just use it for internal reference with investors.

The purpose of this section is to illustrate the scope of support available to investors through practical examples of past projects.  This may reflect how referrals to area representatives and service providers were handled, plus feedback about the outcome of such introductions.

As a new service, this section take some time to develop.  See also the Biography section for the personal experience of active participants in our services, or the Participants section for links to information about the project experience of service providers or area representatives, as also provided by the shortcut tables below. 

Some information of this nature will also become available from participants in other GUIDE services, such as through Experience Reports or Area Reports which may highlight recent success stories.  Links to such GUIDE Reports will become available as they are published, through the Participants section as well as in the News or Special Interest sections as appropriate.

Non-confidential active projects (recent requests for assistance)

Most active projects will only be identified to specific participants or other contacts as requested by the executives involved, and will not be openly published. 

It is too easy for some people, even in the case of "anonymous" descriptions of major projects, to guess which company is involved, which can have unintended but very harmful consequences (confidentiality example).

In this era of sophisticated databases and query tools, as well as Internet search engines, even a fairly generic project description may be sufficient for a professional in this niche (or journalists and financial analysts!) to guess the investor's identity, or to find out through a few probing phone calls - perhaps by pretending to know something already.

For example, if the project relates to market entry within a given industry, it is often easy to guess which firm may be looking to enter that market, given knowledge about who is already there, or who in the industry is known already to have no such interest, and good knowledge of industry trends and companies which are growing in that market.  The scale of the project can also be a clue.  The larger the project, the greater the motivation to try to find the identity of the investor, and establish direct contact if possible.

Similarly, if a project relates to relocation or expansion of an existing presence in a region, that also narrows the field, as is also obviously the case for consolidation projects.  Few clues may be necessary!  Employees (and labor unions) may be watching for such news.

One reason for companies to agree to list active projects openly here is to make all area representatives and service providers readily aware that GDI Solutions is already involved and can make appropriate introductions at the right time according to the interests of the executives involved.

This can avoid many time-wasting and perhaps harmful enquiries, while also helping to identify relevant solutions efficiently, since those with any potential interest have a specific point of contact at GDI Solutions already.  As the confidentiality example illustrates, there is sometimes a need even for very confidential projects to be partially disclosed as a response to the "rumor mill" problem so that people who are fishing for project contacts don't create unintended problems for the company by approaching all their competitors.

Regional directories of economic development organizations and related contacts.  See also : Invest USA directory
US : Northeast US : Great Lakes Canada Mexico
US : Mid Atlantic US : North Central US : Mountain South America
US : Southeast US : South Central US : West Coast Central America, Caribbean
Europe South Asia Australia, New Zealand Middle East, and Africa
China, Taiwan Southeast Asia Korea Japan
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Selective lists of major companies, their websites, and area representatives organized by location  (under development, suggestions welcome)
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