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H+M Company, Inc. - Design and Construction

Contact :   TEL   847-304-4655

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H+M Company provides full-service Plan-Design-Build construction services, including architect, engineer, project management, construction and process installation services.  The following information was provided through our GUIDE Network Survey research about their professional service capabilities.  If this information is helpful to you, please let them know.

Website :

Contact :

David Fite


H+M Company, Inc.

50 Security Drive
Jackson, Tennessee 38305


Phone         731-664-6300

Fax             731-661-0805


email           refer to their website for all contacts

Geographic area served  : United States

Have also designed facilities in Mexico.  Key facts and a map showing where they have done projects recently.

Industry focus or typical client profile

Customer base is Fortune 500.  For examples of major projects, follow these links.

  •  Distribution : retail, store distribution, general distribution and e-commerce fulfillment
  •  Manufacturing : Automotive, Printing, Steel, Plastics, Paper Products
  •  Heavy Industrial Process : Cement, Food & Beverage, Steel, Glass
  •  Power : Gas Fired Turbine Projects
Recent developments of interest to potential clients
  •  Hyper-Track Project Delivery Method
    • "We can build it faster, but it will cost you less."
  • Awarded single source contract from a Fortune 500 company to re-design their entire distribution system including material handling systems, purchase and install systems and warehouse management system, and locate, design and construct new DC's in next three locations.
  •  Nearing completion of Toyota's new aluminum engine manufacturing facility.
  •  Designed and built Wal-Mart's first e-commerce facility in Carrollton, GA
    • 650,000 sq. ft. from site location to shipping goods in less than 11 months
Examples of major project experience
  •  Procter & Gamble (Green Bay, WI)
    •  1,100,000 sq. ft. in 105 days
  •  Procter & Gamble (Albany, GA)
    •  1,400,000 sq. ft. in 96 days
  •  K-Mart (Florida, NY)
    •  1,400,000 sq. ft. in 126 days
  •  VF Playwear (Trenton, SC)
    •  450,000 sq. ft. in 96 days

Other background about the company

Value Proposition : what differentiates the services to top executives responsible for direct investment projects (new operations, expansion, relocation, acquisition, consolidation or closure?

  •  Single source for facility location, incentive negotiations, design, construction, and equipment installation
  •  42 years experience in designing and building manufacturing, process and distribution projects throughout the US.
  • Extensive experience designing and constructing US projects for European clients. Converting their metric and European Code designed process to US standards.
Scope of investment project support services offered
  •  Project planning, architecture and engineering
  •  Design-Build, construction, project management
  •  Construction engineering for process installation
  •  3D CAD design including both building AND process.
    • knows of no one else who can do this
  •  Design-Build Leaseback
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Reply received to the GUIDE Network Survey December 16, 2004

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