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fDi Magazine - by The Financial Times group

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Bruce Donnelly    (Biography)

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fDi magazine - Foreign Direct Investment - FT Business - The Financial Times Group

A North American "Cities of the Future" award feature was published in the April 2007 issue, similar to the one in the June / July 2005 issue.

2007 North American "City of the Future" competition

April 23, 2007 press release : announcing the winners


2007 award background  and list of winners (April 2007)


Previous awards : June / July 2005 cover story

2005 US Winners and US Regional finalists

2005 Canada winners and finalists

2005 Mexican winners

2005 Award presentations

The new "fDi Atlas" online research tool was launched in May 2007, as advertised in the Financial Times.

This is a new tool for top executives and their advisors to research many business locations of potential interest around the world.

Executive Summary

Editor's Introduction : about fDi magazine

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Advertisers : Refer to the US media planner for the editorial calendar and rates.  Download the 2008 fDi media kit (.pdf) -


Ad Recall directory of past advertisers in fDi


A few of the reader testimonials about fDi magazine.

Examples : Who reads fDi?

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The December issue of fDi magazine is distributed at the World Economic Forum annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland We hosted a special session on North American investment trends at the IEDC annual conference in Phoenix.

Contact us to meet or co-sponsor future events.


Bruce Donnelly 

TEL 847-304-4655 in Chicago.

The April 2007 issue was distributed at BIO 2007 and featured the North American "Cities of the Future" winners.  Nominations for the 2007 competition will begin during summer and fall 2008.

"fDi magazine is the global leading title focusing on the business of globalization and in particular foreign direct investment .  It is published on a bi-monthly basis by the renowned Financial Times group.

Our readership comprises CEOs, CFOs and other senior boardroom level decision makers at the world's leading companies.

We offer IPAs/EDAs* the ideal platform to promote their services and jurisdictions. In 2006, we will be focusing heavily on the issues that decision makers need to know (such as treasury management systems, real estate decisions, intellectual property rights and improving efficiency, etc.).

We frequently interview leading CEOs on their expansion strategies as well as top government officials about the developments they are putting in place to make their countries attractive to investors. We will also be launching a new online service in 2006 which will be the ideal tool for expanding corporations."

See the further introduction by the Editor, below.

* IPA = Investment Promotion Agency - the term commonly used in Europe and other countries to describe EDA's - economic development agencies which attract, retain, and support the expansion of business investment projects in their business communities.

The FT Group includes - "the world's leading audited business website, with more than 3.7 million unique users" and The Financial Times as "the world's business newspaper", with "a daily circulation of more than 435,000 copies".

FT Business is the specialty magazine publishing business of the Financial Times group.  This includes other leading niche market magazines such as The Banker as well as special feature reports of interest to C-level executives worldwide.



fDi - Foreign Direct Investment
Financial Times (FT) Business

Tel:                 +44 (0) 207 775 6323

From USA =    011 44 207 775 6323


e-mail :          
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fDi - Foreign Direct Investment magazine 

Financial Times - FT Business

Number One Southwark Bridge

London, England SE1 9HL   United Kingdom

Alternate contacts :


Editor :             Courtney Fingar


Tel:                   +44 (0)207 775 6365- changed 1/29/07   

From USA =     011 44 207 775 6365


Switchboard      +44 (0)207 775 3000


US advertising sales :  

Bruce Donnelly, Global Direct Investment Solutions

TEL                  847-304-4655  Chicago


Refer to the US media planner for the editorial calendar and rates


Download the 2008 fDi media kit (.pdf)


Introduction from the Editor :  Courtney Fingar

In just five short years, fDi has established itself as the single most trusted source of information on foreign direct investment. In 2006/2007 we intend to carry on doing more of the same: investigating issues that concern foreign investors, talking to leading corporate executives and government leaders, and highlighting the many opportunities and risks that await investors around the world. We have tracked legal disputes between foreign investors and host governments, as well as the challenge to state incentives in the US, providing careful and cogent analysis of the ramifications of these cases. We have interviewed and profiled the leaders of such well-known companies as Ford, Dyson, Wal-Mart and Boeing. We have also heard about the investment promotion plans of the mayors of such cities as London, Athens and Seoul; the governors of US states, Canadian provinces, and Chinese and Russian regions; cabinet-rank officials in Indonesia, Nigeria and Hungary, among others; and the prime ministers of the up-and-coming markets of Estonia, Lithuania and Malta. Our access to business and political leaders is exceptional.

Throughout this year we will be adding to this top-notch editorial content exhaustive but user-friendly web offering that will compliment the print edition with hard data, sector and location rankings, and practical tools for both corporate executives and IPAs.

Produced by the renowned Financial Times (FT) group, fDi is the premier publication and for the business of globalization, and is published on a bi-monthly basis with an ABC-certified circulation of over 15,500. Our experienced journalists and foreign correspondents provide on-the-ground reporting of the issues and developments that corporate executives must consider when making investment decisions.

Standard editorial features of fDi magazine
  • News - leading edge reporting and analysis of the multitude of regulatory, legal, environmental and sector-specific developments that affect international investment and trade
  • Sector Updates - latest investments by companies in the key FDI sectors of automotives/aerospace, life sciences, and information and communication technology
  • Corporate Strategy - top corporate executives discuss their companies’ plans and strategies for international expansion
  • Regional Boss - regional political leaders and IPA practitioners provide insight into their efforts to attract FDI
  • Legal Disputes - court cases and legal issues that affect the regulatory environment for foreign investment
  • Best Practice - discussion of techniques, strategies and practices for managing a multinational corporation
  • Fair Comment - opinion pieces on hot topics in global trade and investment, written by key decision makers
  • Trade Watch - thoughtful analysis of trade flows, developments and agreements, and the impact they have on FDI
  • Think Tank - prominent business minds discuss the concepts that have the potential to transform global business
  • Data Bank - comprehensive statistics related to investment flows, sectors and locations


Reader testimonials about fDi magazine

"I love the fresh coverage in fDi….It's really useful when we are exploring new expansion ideas…."    Mario Armero, President, General Electric-Europe

"I tend to read the Economist for overall news and fDi is my source when I want to get down to the nitty gritty on investment strategy….."   Martin McCourt, CEO, Dyson


"fDi magazine provides incisive coverage of the macroeconomic, trade and investment trends that shape global business, as well as thorough analysis of the business and regulatory environments in significant markets." 

Martin Wolf - - Chief Economist and Deputy Editor, The Financial Times


"I have been reading fDi magazine since its launch a few years back, and find it a very valuable source of information on investment trends and topics.  It offers high quality content, is objective and neutral in its opinions about locations covered in its articles, and as far as I know is the only truly global investment magazine in the market.  I think it certainly meets a need."

Roel Spee - IBM Global Business Services - Plant Location International
TEL : + 32 2 416 5928   - in Brussels,  Belgium


"Articles from fDi magazine often turn up in Google searches on topics I am researching for various clients, such as FDI trends, special economic zones, and much more. Almost invariably, these articles are relevant, well-researched and well-written."

Charles Krakoff, Managing Partner
Koios Associates LLC - Emerging Markets Investment and Trade
Tel: 978-263-7738    in Acton, MA


Audited circulation

Available on request.  In summary, it is 15,500 qualified subscribers, with research estimating total readership of 45,000.

This is roughly 40% in North America, 40% in Europe, and 20% in Asia and elsewhere.  The editorial focus is reaching "C-level" and other top executives who are directly responsible for strategic business location decisions.

Although some other magazines in this market report a larger subscriber base, a closer review of their statistics will generally reveal that only 6,000 - 12,000 of their readers work at companies with over 500 employees, and those are almost entirely in the USA, and not necessarily at the most senior levels.

They may reach many top executives at small firms, but there are only a few thousand major projects each year (over 50 new jobs).  Small projects add up, but reaching many thousands of small company executives is not the same thing as reaching the C-level of multinationals with the resources to develop major projects.


Website visit statistics

Available on request.  As of January 2006 there were roughly 32,000 visitors to each month.

This has been growing rapidly since the launch of the website in April 2003 after the magazine in 2001.  As of November 2005 Google statistics reported that it had already indexed 1970 pages of content on their site.

Since our own websites now attract 500,000+ visitors per year, and prominently feature fDi magazine's website through many relevant links, we expect that many of our visitors will discover the quality of fDi magazine content and make use of their research and reporting as they search online for useful information and contacts for their own project plans.

See also :


FT Business also publishes The Banker :

May 2006 : The Banker

Includes a cover story about Goldman Sachs, whose CEO - Hank Paulson - was appointed later in May 2006 as US Secretary of the Treasury by President Bush.

FT Business and The Financial Times Group are owned by Pearson Plc.

Pearson PLC also owns a 50% share of The Economist (over 1 million circulation) and has interests in many other business media in countries such as China, South Africa, Germany, France, India, Russia and elsewhere.

Relationship Disclosure

We have an informal working relationship for reciprocal links between our websites and collaboration on research work as appropriate, such as on request, since we have developed many relevant contacts, directories, and unique global content after many years in this field.

We also have a contract to provide US marketing services, assisting the publisher with US advertising sales as an independent representative (not as an employee).  We may also assist the publisher with promotional events and sponsorship choices in the USA, including the planning of marketing activities to reach top executives and professional advisors personally.

GDI Solutions is not responsible for US editorial coverage, content, or market research.  Given our own extensive networks of contacts and market research in this niche, we simply offer our suggestions on request as we do for executives or business advisors who are seeking advice.

Our relationship makes it easier for executives and advisors to find this respected source of useful global market research for foreign direct investment projects, and vice versa.  The main focus of our work together is to grow their US advertising sales and market reach.

Relationship leader at GDI Solutions for potential clients :

  •  Bruce Donnelly, President

    Please advise regarding any necessary corrections to this Service Profile. 


    The relationship leader is responsible for maintaining sufficiently frequent contact and knowledge at GDI Solutions about participating services.  The leader keeps published GUIDE Service Profiles timely and consistent, and serves as an initial point of contact for any investors who may choose not to contact the service provider directly yet about their interests, such as at a very exploratory or confidential stage of project planning or information gathering.

Advertising and PR history :

- None at this time : Global Direct Investment Solutions is not yet an advertiser in fDi.

- We have had reciprocal "partner" links from their website from May 2006.

- We may be quoted from time to time because of 15 years of experience in this niche market, but we will usually just refer fDi staff to our most relevant contacts for their research work.

Standard legal disclaimer : about professional service provider participants, contacts, and information

Regional directories of economic development organizations and contacts, websites.  See also : Invest USA and USA Search - Area Search - CRE Search
US : Northeast US : Great Lakes Canada Mexico
US : Mid Atlantic US : North Central US : Mountain South America
US : Southeast US : South Central US : West Coast Central America, Caribbean
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State directories of US regional, county, city, and utility economic development organizations and chambers of commerce which promote new business investment


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Economic development directory - alphabetical list by state for convenience

Same links as provided by the abbreviations at left (not familiar to all foreign visitors)

See how to request a relevant directory listing

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