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Area Development magazine

Contact :   TEL   847-304-4655

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Area Development magazine

Executive Summary

Area Development is well known among economic development agencies in the USA, Canada, and Mexico as a free circulation monthly magazine in this niche.  Articles are fairly well-researched, and although contributed articles are published, these are generally edited rather than pure "advertorials".

The publisher also exhibits and distributed copies at various trade shows each year, and does significant custom publishing work for economic development organizations.

Some site selection consultants have contributed articles to address specific topics according to the editorial calendar and current interests of readers.  These may demonstrate their expertise for such issues, but are generally professional presentations rather than simply PR pieces for their services.  The editor is known to have rejected such contributions when not considered appropriate or adequately researched to meet the interests and quality expectations of readers.

Information for various states, with related advertiser content, can be obtained through their website.  Available industrial building property listings from current advertisers are found through the website.

Contact information


Websites:    property listing service for area representatives


Dennis Shea, Publisher, Halcyon Business Publications

Geraldine Gambale, Editor


Area Development

400 Post Ave., Suite 304

Westbury, NY 11590-9672


TEL 516-338-0900

Toll free in US : 800-735-2732

FAX 516-338-0100

email : general

subscriptions :


Advertising contact :

Richard Bodo, VP Sales & Marketing


Relationship Disclosure :

There is no relationship at this time beyond informal contacts.  Any purchase of advertising by GDI Solutions has been at the same rates available to all advertisers.

We now perform US ad sales work for one of the other magazines in this niche market - fDi magazine - published by the Financial Times group.  These magazines are targeted at different audiences, but attract some of the same advertisers.

Advertising and PR history :

October 2002 issue   1/2 pg BW ad in annual directory

Our "Advertising Recall" service highlights advertising in this or other media by economic development representatives and other professionals in this direct investment niche.  This enables executives and their advisors to find the advertisers when they need them for their projects, regardless of when and where the ads appeared.

We do not list all advertisements, as there is a small fee for them to be highlighted through this annual service.  The websites of the publishers will usually list only their recent advertisers for reference.  We make it easy to find their ads at any time through searchable text and thumbnail images in relevant directories and other content.

Regional directories of economic development organizations and contacts, websites.  See also : Invest USA and USA Search - Area Search - CRE Search
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State directories of US regional, county, city, and utility economic development organizations and chambers of commerce which promote new business investment


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Economic development directory - alphabetical list by state for convenience

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