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Location Advisory Services, Inc.

Contact :   TEL   847-304-4655

Bruce Donnelly    (Biography)

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GUIDE Service Profile - Location Consulting and Incentives Consulting

Location Advisory Services, Inc.
Executive Summary

Details are not available through their website at this time, as it is going through changes.  Call Ron Ruberg, and please let him know how you found him!

In the interim, we have recovered information from their old website for reference below.

LAS is a relatively small "boutique" consulting firm, but has served some major clients, as indicated below, and has been successful for many years as a well-respected specialist.

One area of focus is labor market analysis.

They work with GIS applications and databases as well as linear programming for facility network optimization, such as for US distribution operations.

Projects have included corporate and divisional headquarters and "back office" operations, computer and data centers, customer contact centers (call centers), R&D facilities, industrial and distribution operations.

Contact information


Ronald N. Ruberg ("Ron")


Location Advisory Services, Inc.

265 Highway 36, Suite 202

West Long Branch, NJ  07764


TEL      732-389-0211

FAX      732-389-0212

e-mail : 

Alternate contacts :

  •  Saul E. Grohs,  Partner

Website :  is being changed - see below
Scope of Services

Refer to their old website below

Biographic Information
  •  Ron Ruberg - update pending
  •  Saul Grohs - not available at this time, prior experience includes work at other leading site selection consulting firms in this specialty.  Well known among peers.
Specialties : Types of projects

Refer to their old website below

Illustrative project summaries

Not available at this time

Illustrative client list

Refer to their old website below about the experience of the partners, plus there are lists for specific services of LAS.  Some examples include :

Other related services of the firm

This is a niche consulting business for location decisions, including specialties such as logistics network optimization using linear programming techniques, particularly in the US.

It generally does not stretch outside this specialty into other types of services which are not their main focus and, unlike some of the larger firms, doesn't have related in-house services or "downstream" work on a project to cross-sell.  They focus on the location issues.

American Express Hugo Boss
AIG - American Int'l Group Lechters
BMW MicroAge
Caterpillar Neiman Marcus
Citibank Ross Stores
Fidelity Investments Teradyne
First Data Corporation Win-Holt
GE Capital Verizon
Alliances with other firms

None known at this time.  They may sometimes work with independent specialists as appropriate for unique project details, and have established relationships in several specialties for this purpose but can work flexibly with clients to assemble a team as appropriate to the project..

Feedback from participants or clients

None available at this time.

Relationship Disclosure

There is no relationship at this time beyond general awareness of prior experience as a respected consultant in this niche.

For details about services, please contact Ron Ruberg or Saul Grohs directly as indicated, and please let him know how you found him !

Relationship leader at GDI Solutions for potential clients :

  •  Bruce Donnelly    (based in the Chicago area)

  •  There is no working relationship at this time

Standard legal disclaimer : about professional service provider participants, contacts, and information

The following content has been recovered from their old website for convenient reference until their new website becomes available.
Location Advisory Services (LAS) is an independent management consulting firm specializing in business location and relocation, site selection and other location-related issues.

The consulting philosophy and qualifications of LAS help differentiate our practice.

LAS is a specialist firm, focusing solely on location consulting, with particular emphasis on evaluation of labor markets.

Both LAS Partners work directly on every project, insuring that senior-level knowledge is applied at every step of a client assignment.

The experience of the LAS Partners is unmatched, having counseled leading corporations for a combined total of over 60 years with location advice on virtually every type of facility, circumstance, and issue in a broad mix of industries, both white and blue collar.

We work interactively with clients, helping to clarify needs, identify opportunities and build consensus.

We continue to invest capital and time in superior resources to support our practice including up-to-date databases, a comprehensive GIS capability, and sophisticated computer models.

Our objectivity is guaranteed; location consulting is our only revenue generator with no potential conflicts from brokerage or other commissions or shared incentives, and no interests in downstream business or other consulting practices.

About LAS

Location Advisory Services is a team of seasoned management consultants providing the most extensive experience available in business location consulting. LAS' goal is to provide our clients with the highest quality advice and counseling to assist them in positioning their corporate resources -- labor, facilities and technology -- to optimize operating costs, satisfy corporate goals, achieve project objectives and gain competitive advantage. The partners of LAS have advised corporate executives charged with making hundreds of major strategic decisions for many of the world's leading companies.

Together the partners of LAS have over 60 years of combined management consulting experience, having practiced in five diverse consulting firms. In addition to having specialized expertise in business location consulting, the experience of LAS's principals covers a broad background of related areas, forming an essential base of knowledge for dealing with diverse client issues.

LAS is committed to hands-on senior-level consulting for our clients, with both Partners personnally involved in every assignment. This provides our clients with expert guidance and counsel based on both years of insight and practical experience in every task throughout the project.

LAS maintains in-house the latest databases as well as utilizing a sophisticated GIS (Geographic Information System) program to profile and map demographic and other geographic information. We utilize a sophisticated, extremely versatile linear programming, mixed integer optimization model for facility network analysis.

Our expertise covers the entire spectrum of location-related issues - from strategies through labor market analysis and site selection to incentives negotiations and project implementation. Assignments have involved corporate and divisional headquarters, industrial plants, distribution centers, R&D facilities, computer and data centers, call centers, and back offices, extending across all industry lines.

Partner Biographies - Saul Grohs

Saul Grohs, Partner
Saul Grohs has served industry for more than 35 years as a management consultant and industrial engineer. He is a founding Partner of Location Advisory Services, Inc., a business location consulting firm specializing in the positioning of corporate resources.

Mr. Grohs was formerly a Principal of Fluor Daniel Consulting and prior to that a Partner and member of The Executive Committee of PHH Fantus Corporation. He was responsible for Client Services worldwide, including development and management of all practice consultants, delivery of services for all client engagements, business planning, strategies and budgets, and direction of administrative support services.

In his more than 25 years of location consulting, Mr. Grohs has been directly involved in developing geographic strategies for corporate clients and in numerous facility location projects representing individual investments of up to $600 million. These assignments include new and relocated plants, offices, call centers, computer facilities and distribution centers ranging from 20 to 5,000 employees. He has also conducted relocation feasibility studies, labor market evaluations, site analyses, and production/warehouse facilities network modeling projects.

Mr. Grohs' earlier consulting experience, mainly in the field of physical distribution, was achieved as Vice President of RLS Unitrans and Senior Associate with Drake Sheahan/Stewart Dougall. Prior to entering the consulting profession, Mr. Grohs served Allied Chemical Corporation as Manager of Industrial Engineering in both the Fabricated Products and Barrett Divisions.

Among the hundreds of client companies that have been counseled directly by Mr. Grohs are such well-known firms as AT&T, Best Foods, Boeing, Boy Scouts of America, Carrier, Citibank, CPC International, Dun & Bradstreet, Federal Reserve, Fidelity Investment, General Electric, IBM, Lord & Taylor, Mack Trucks, Merrill Lynch, MicroAge, Nabisco Brands, National Starch, NationsBank, Nestle, RJR Tobacco, Stanley Tools, Stouffer Foods, TWA, and Western Electric. Representative clients outside of the U.S. include BMW, Bridgestone Tire, Ferrero, Hitachi, Volvo, and Zahnradfabrik Friedrichshafen.

Mr. Grohs received his Bachelor's degree in Management Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and holds an MS degree in Computer Science and Operations Research from Stevens Institute of Technology. A senior member of the Institute of Industrial Engineers, he is a former Vice President of the Metropolitan New Jersey Chapter. He is active in the International Development Research Council (IDRC) and is a member of the Warehouse Education Research Council (WERC). Mr. Grohs has been a speaker, panelist and workshop chairman for various organizations and the author of articles on business location. He frequently serves as a reference source for the business press and is quoted on location-related issues.

Partner Biographies - Ronald Ruberg

Ronald Ruberg, CMC, Partner
Ron Ruberg has served industry for 30 years as a management consultant and in operating management positions in a wide variety of industries and environments. He is one of the founding partners of Location Advisory Services, Inc., a business location consulting firm specializing in the positioning of corporate resources.

Mr. Ruberg was formerly a Principal of Fluor Daniel Consulting and, prior to that, Vice President and a member of the Business Assessment Committee of PHH Fantus Corporation. He was responsible for all consulting engagements undertaken at the company's East Coast office. With his direct exposure to a multitude of projects, Mr. Ruberg became very familiar with corporate drivers currently active in the location/relocation decision process. As a director, he had project responsibility for the full gamut of location related activities: from feasibility studies, to field work including assessing sites/communities, to implementation management of an R&D facility build-out.

Assignments covered a wide range of locales: BHP Steel (WA); Boy Scouts of America (NC); CPC-Knorr Swiss (NC); Fulflex (Pacific Rim); Hitachi (NJ); Metal Leve (SC and Europe); Quickie Manufacturing (El Paso/Juarez); etc.
Recently, Mr. Ruberg has become known for his work in sophisticated labor market analyses for call centers, back offices and distribution centers throughout the United States. His clients have included AIG (FL, NY), American Express (Mexico), BMW (MS), Chase Insurance Agency (DE), Citicorp (FL, KY, NJ, NM, TX, VA), Fidelity Investments (KY, MA, NH, RI, TX, UT), Hecht's (MD), Lechters (PA), Lord & Taylor (PA), MicroAge (NJ and Europe), NationsBank (AL, FL), Neiman Marcus (TX), Reprogenesis (MA), and Venture Stores (TX).

Mr. Ruberg's previous consulting experience (seven years) was in the field of physical distribution. While at W.F. Friedman & Company (an ACME firm), he was lead consultant on projects that covered the full range of business/technical issues involved in logistics: strategy and network planning, state-of-the-art facility design and computer support systems.
As a seasoned management consultant, Ron is sensitive to the differing needs and perspectives of the various departments/groups that must interact efficiently in a firm. The ability to develop consensus among these diverse entities and move a company forward to a decision and appropriate action is an important skill he brings to each consulting engagement.
Prior to entering the consulting profession, Mr. Ruberg served Polygram Distribution, Inc. as the East Coast Manager for this worldwide entertainment company. During his seven years at the Rye Distribution Branch of Avon Products, Mr. Ruberg was responsible for many projects including overseeing the installation, personnel training and debugging of the first computerized automated picking system in the company.

Mr. Ruberg received his Bachelor's degree from Columbia College and, after six years in the US Navy, his MBA from Columbia Business School. He has been a Certified Management Consultant at the Institute of Management Consultants (IMC) since 1985. He has completed the intensive leadership course at the Center for Creative Leadership.

LAS Services/Expertise
Location related issues are among the most complex a business can face. A single location decision not only can have a dramatic effect on operating costs, profitability and capital expenditures, but it can impact virtually every aspect of a company's ability to operate successfully including customer service, capacity to grow, corporate image, quality of staff, ability to recruit, and labor-management relations.

While every location project is unique, they require similar techniques and generally can be grouped into three (sometimes overlapping) categories: strategies and planning, location selection and evaluation, and project implementation. LAS has expertise in all three of these practice areas.

Advise and assist in exploring locational options, determining their feasibility, and evaluating alternatives. Develop plans for strategic, geographic positioning worldwide of people, facilities, and technology to meet corporate objectives and achieve competitive advantage. Examples of assignments include:

  • Corporate needs and opportunities assessment
  • Relocation feasibility - office, production, distribution, R&D, computer units
  • Impact of corporate headquarters relocation
  • Planning for production/distribution facilities network (optimization model)
  • Consolidation/decentralization of office operations
  • Long range facilities utilization plan
  • Effect of economic geography on business plans
  • Decision support and consensus building

Representative Client List - Strategies/Planning

Among the many clients served by individual LAS principals as project leaders and/or consultants on strategies or planning assignments are:

Australian Trade Commission Chanel Fidelity Investments NBA
BMW Chase Insurance Agency Freightliner Quickie Manufacturing
Boy Scouts of America Citibank Hitachi America, Ltd. Treasure Chest Advertising
LAS Services/Expertise - Location Selection

Recommend the most suitable location(s) for your office, plant, distribution center, laboratory, computer center or other business operation. Determine key locational criteria, identify viable candidates, and screen for preferred alternatives reflecting your specific goals and needs. Select and evaluate final contenders based on a detailed review of geographically variable costs, labor shed analysis, real estate opportunities, and potential for incentives. Representative project components, which also can be done on a stand-alone basis, are:

Regional/international (country) comparisons Comparative operating costs Evaluation of incentive programs
Community comparisons and screening Community evaluations Employee retention/defection analysis
Search for available buildings/development opportunities Site selection and evaluation Infrastructure assessment
Labor market analysis Quality of life appraisal  

Representative Client List - Location Selection
Among the many clients served by individual LAS principals as project leaders and/or consultants on facility location or relocation assignments are:

American Express Elf Atochem N.A. Metal Leve Quickie Manufacturing
American International Group (AIG) Emcore MicroAge Reprogenesis
Best Foods (now Unilever) Fidelity Investments National Starch Ross Stores
BHP Steel First Data Corporation NationsBank Shell Chemical
BMW Hechts NBA SOC Corporation
Boy Scouts of America Hitachi America, Ltd. Neiman Marcus Teradyne
Caterpillar Lechters OCWEN Financial Treasure Chest Advertising
Citibank Lord & Taylor Outokumpu U.S. Bancorp
    Win-Holt Zahnradfabrik Friedrichshafen
LAS Services/Expertise - Project Implementation

Plan, develop programs, and provide guidance on all aspects of relocating an entire or partial business operation or establishing a new unit. As the project proceeds assistance can be in the form of oversight, selection and management of vendors, direct management participation as desired, or an advisory role. Some of the key areas addressed in the implementation process include:
Incentive negotiations Community relations & economic development interface Development of a move plan program
Property acquisition Vendor selection and management  
Employee communications Project management  
Representative Client List - Project Implementation
Among the many clients served by individual LAS principals as project leaders and/or consultants on implementation assignments are:
Best Foods (now Unilever) Caterpillar Lord & Taylor Treasure Chest Advertising
BHP Steel Citibank Neiman Marcus Zahnradfabrik Friedrichshafen
BMW Hitachi America, Ltd. Shell Chemical  
LAS relies on a time-tested combination of in-house resource tools and external contacts.
Contacts In The Field

Over the years LAS has developed an extensive array of contacts at the international, state, and local levels of economic development and government agencies. These contacts, as well as allies at utility and transportation companies, allow LAS quick access to accurate and "up to the minute" information on the myriad topics involved in a location decision. They also assist in providing us access to local companies for interviews in order to establish current information on labor issues.
Extensive In-House Database

LAS' in-house database provides the precise, timely information we need to develop the results you expect. We have extensive data collections on demographics, labor, cost indices, utilities, business climate, NLRB election results, quality of life issues, cost of living elements, and incentives, just to name a few. In addition to North American data, we have key information on Central America, Europe and other international locations.

Geographic Information System (GIS)

GIS graphically combines economic, demographic, transportational and physical geography data, creating a powerful tool for site selection and location analysis.
Our in-house GIS allows us to perform macro-geoanalysis (international and national site selection issues) as well as micro-geoanalysis (localized site selection issues).
We've provided a few low-resolution examples of our GIS capabilities.
LAS Expert Resources (LASER)

LASER allows clients to benefit from the advantages of working with our small, focused consulting firm, while seamlessly having access to specialized expertise needed to address related business location, relocation and site selection project needs and issues in more depth. All LASER consultants have had business relationships with the LAS Partners going back at least 10 years. Each LASER consultant is the Principal in an independently owned small consulting firm or sole proprietorship. All have had experience in applying their specialized expertise to location-related problems and have participated in a number of projects with LAS. Disciplines covered by these expert resources are centered on:

Agribusiness issues
Computer model development
Data center equipment and operations
Employee retention estimates and relocation packages
International location issues
Telecommunications services

LAS Alliance Partners

For complex projects requiring a multi-disciplinary consultant team, LAS is prepared to work with selected groups in whatever configuration the client desires -- as part of a joint venture, in the role of lead consultant, or as a subcontractor. Over the years, we have developed relationships with independent consulting firms in fields that often prove relevant to location projects, and we can offer the best combination necessary to meet any project needs. Assignments have included team efforts with consultants in logistics, warehouse design, data center planning, environmental engineering, move implementation, personnel relocation, public relations, and economic development. We also can work as part of a project team assembled by the client.
Optimization Model

LAS utilizes a highly sophisticated computer model to assist in determining the optimum number and location of facilities in a production and/or distribution facility network. The optimization model, which is customized for each client project, can be used to determine the impact of opening new facilities at alternate locations and/or closing existing locations. It also provides information on reallocating customers, reassigning product lines, revising customer service levels, and projecting a capital investment schedule. Our optimization model uses a combination of linear programming and mixed integer programming to provide results which can be used to plan facility network strategies as well as identify optimal areas for new facilities. Inbound and outbound freight costs, all operating and facility costs, and one-time costs for opening and closing facilities can be included, and the LAS location database can be used to develop cost figures for potential new locations.
Contact Us

Contact Saul Grohs or Ron Ruberg to discuss in more detail how LAS can best meet your needs, or even if you just want to discuss an issue of concern...
no obligation... confidentiality guaranteed... and we would be happy to prepare a proposal for you at no cost.

(see updated contact information above)
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