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WDG Consulting, LLC (The Wadley-Donovan Group)

Contact :   TEL   847-304-4655

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GUIDE Service Profile : Business Location Strategy, Selection and Incentives Consulting

 WDG Consulting (Wadley-Donovan-Gutshaw)

(formerly known as The Wadley-Donovan Group)

Executive Summary

WDG Consulting (formerly known as The Wadley-Donovan Group) has specialized in advisory services for business location strategy, location selection, and the relocation of business operations since 1975.  It grew to become the largest independent location consulting firm in North America, competing directly against the services of larger firms which do not specialize entirely in this niche, such as the major accounting and tax firms, corporate real estate networks, and engineering firms.

In response to the changing needs of major clients, it has expanded capabilities directly and through alliances in recent years to support direct investment projects in international markets.  The firm was originally specialized primarily in North American location decisions, especially for office projects, but in recent years has also performed more manufacturing projects.  In Europe, it has collaborated with Buck Consultants International as the largest independent location consulting firm in that market.  Similarly, in Asia it has collaborated with Tractus.

Dennis Donovan teaches professional certification courses for corporate real estate executives in the business location selection specialty, and is a frequent guest speaker at professional conferences in this niche, including CoreNet Global and other organizations.

The firm also provides some advisory services for economic development agencies, especially in North America, which contributes to more detailed and timely knowledge of many leading business locations.  Most of the work, however, is for corporate clients.


Contact information


Dennis J. Donovan


WDG Consulting, LLC

991 US Highway 22 West, Suite 202
Bridgewater, NJ 08807


TEL         908-864-5580
FAX         908-575-3269

e-mail :


Alternate contacts :

  •  K. John Gutshaw, Operations Director        

  •  Katie S. Burdorf, Principal

Website :


NOTE - Economic Development Organizations : refer to the Comments section for remarks about the information which they typically need to request from EDO's.  They already know where to find most of the information they need, but some standard questions require timely local market knowledge which isn't readily available through published sources.  It would be helpful to provide such information through the local EDO websites, and make it easier to find quickly through this channel.

Scope of Services - refer to their website for detailed descriptions

Their Corporate Location Services include

  •  Strategic planning : how the operations of a firm are deployed geographically
  •  Relocation feasibility : whether to relocate existing or future operations
  •  Location selection : picking the areas in which to grow business operations
  •  Site selection : finding, picking, and negotiating for specific properties
  •  Labor market studies : analysis of HR factors in existing or new locations
  •  Logistics : warehouse network analysis with a strategic alliance partner, Synergy Solutions
  •  Human resources mobility consulting (e.g., employee relocation) with a strategic alliance partner, Enterprise Achievement Services
  •  Incentives negotiations, with a strategic alliance partner
Biographic Information
  •  Dennis Donovan - biographic sketch available on their website
  •  Katie S. Burdorf - biographic sketch available on their website
  •  K. John Gutshaw - biographic sketch available on their website

Published articles

The "Press Room" on their website highlights recent articles.

Refer also to our Consultant Tips section for various articles.

Specialties : Types of projects -

Their website includes a summary of the typical decision process which they follow for location selection services, and the benefits of their services to clients, at :

"The Site Location Decision Process"

"Why Use Wadley-Donovan-Gutshaw Consulting?"

Illustrative project summaries -

Refer to their website for a few "project case studies" or contact directly.

Their project experience covers a wide variety of industries and types of projects, such as headquarters, regional offices, customer contact centers, manufacturing, and distribution. 

Illustrative client list -

Refer to their website list or contact them directly.  They have served many prominent companies and economic development agencies.  The latter work enhances their knowledge of many attractive business locations while also helping such agencies to provide better services to corporate investors and their communities.

Other related services of the firm -

Unlike accounting, tax, or general management consultancy firms or real estate firms which offer a wide variety of other services, WDG Consulting is specialized in this niche of corporate direct investment projects and just teams up with specialists at other firms for specific project requirements beyond their own capabilities.

Relationship Disclosure

There is no relationship at this time beyond general awareness of prior experience through many years of informal contact. This is a leading consultant in the US market.  For details about their services at this time, please contact Dennis Donovan directly, and please let him know how you found him !

Relationship leader at GDI Solutions for potential clients :

  •  Bruce Donnelly

  •  There is no working relationship at this time.

Feedback / Comments from Dennis Donovan

It would be helpful, for quick reference, for more economic development organizations to share timely information through this site as a summary of major recent developments and what really differentiates their area for potential investors.

  •  Why should it be on the long list or short list?
  •  What advantages can the area offer?
  •  What types of projects would be most relevant to the strengths of the area?

In particular, what I would really like to be able to find quickly is the typical information that we must verbally or electronically request, which should be standard offerings by EDO's.

This includes a factual executive summary with direct links to verify details for :

  •  major employers by sector,
  •  new and expanding firms, or downsizing firms,
  •  tax practices and rates,
  •  synopsis of incentives,
  •  electric power supply, reliability, and cost,
  •  telecommunications infrastructure, matrix
  •  summary of available sites and buildings, market averages for occupancy costs,
  •  median wages for 15-20 occupations,
  •  environmental attainment / non-attainment, and
  •  SAT or ACT scores.

This information is needed for almost all projects and yet in the vast majority of instances we have to do one-on-one data collection from long-listed area economic development groups (often 10).  The process is inefficient for all parties. That is why posting these data at a central site would be so beneficial for the customer.

Alliances with other firms - see their website for additional details

By the nature of this specialty, the group often needs to work with other specialists to offer a more complete service, and has therefore developed alliances with :

There are also other informal relationships for specialties such as move management, call center design, architectural / engineering work, and telecommunications.

In 2002 the Wadley-Donovan Group became part of the worldwide corporate real estate services firm of Grubb & Ellis Knight Frank to offer a more integrated solution for business location decisions, real estate transactions, and related corporate real estate advisory and management services.  The group separated again from Grubb & Ellis in March 2004, and is now known as WDG Consulting, LLC.

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