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Bruce Donnelly    (Biography)

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GUIDE Service Profile - Location and Incentives Consulting, Project Planning Technology and Data Resources

Executive Summary

This section will be updated soon as more information becomes available.  Refer to their website, or just call Rhett Weiss, and please let him know how you found him!

DEALTEK works closely with US executives as well as foreign investors for projects primarily in the United States, notably including investors from the Asia Pacific region.  The work ranges from the early stages of strategic planning for capital investments to the details of location selection, including the financial modeling of alternatives and the support of incentive and other project negotiations and approvals.

Their work with leading economic development agencies also contributes to timely knowledge about many leading business locations, including timely data for use in their financial project planning model, also known as DEALS : Development, Expansion and Location Solutions. 

In addition to their consulting services, they also offer DEALS as a software product which helps executives or communities to compare business locations through a model for estimating the financial impact of alternative project scenarios.  It can also be used to support the comparative weighting of locations by important selection factors for a project.  This can support the early stages of planning as well as the comparative analysis of specific locations to help narrow the alternatives for a project.

DEALS is part of DEALZone, which includes a process for maintaining data about local areas as inputs for the model.  Such information can be updated by the local area representatives through their website by submitting suggested changes.

Another aspect of DEALZone includes support for the project definition process, such as to clearly define what is important for a project.  There is also an electronic conferencing process to share planning information and analysis in confidence, such as when project teams are spread across various locations, or need to be supported more rapidly, flexibly, and efficiently than through travel to meetings by the team members, their professional advisors, or other participants in the planning process.

DEALTEK has also worked closely with the National Association of Manufacturers to provide professional location consulting and incentives support for projects beyond the free information-gathering work offered by NAM member services through NAM's relationships with many participating communities as the sponsors of such work.

The professional background of Rhett Weiss includes both legal and "Big 4" financial services experience from the strategic planning level through the comparative analysis and financial modeling work for project location alternatives.

Contact information


Rhett Weiss                       (see Biographic Profile)

Chairman and CEO


31 Jordan Street, Suite 100

Skaneateles, New York 13152

TEL      (315)685-1177   Toll-Free in US: (866)DEALTEK


e-mail :


Alternate contacts :

Website :  


Highlights of their website :

Area representatives are encouraged to review the data which is maintained for use by DEALS subscribers, and to suggest updates for their areas as necessary.  This can be done directly through their website to facilitate more reliable comparisons of areas.


Subscriptions for use of the DEALS software model are sold on a "per project" basis through their website, or contact them directly for any questions about this tool or their related services.

Relationship Disclosure

There is no relationship at this time beyond general awareness of prior experience as a respected consultant in this niche.  For details about services, please contact Rhett Weiss directly as indicated, and please let them know how you found them !

A proposal was recently made to DEALTEK about participation in the SICR service, and is in the review and approval process.  It is on the same basis as proposals to other location consultants, namely, a non-exclusive and independent, success fee relationship to get to know their capabilities better and therefore be well-prepared to introduce executives who might otherwise be unaware of their existence and their relevant capabilities to support investment project decisions.  Service proposals would be agreed directly between DEALTEK Ltd. and the investor.

Relationship leader at GDI Solutions for potential clients :

  •  Bruce Donnelly    (based in the Chicago area)

  •  There is no working relationship at this time.  A proposal is pending.

Scope of Services

Refer to their website for service descriptions at this time.


Biographic Information
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Illustrative project summaries

Their website has a section which highlights success stories from past projects

Illustrative client list

Some examples include : (list not available at this time)

Other related services of the firm

In addition to their location consulting work, the DEAL ZONE and DEALS technology products can be used separately as economical tools for project planning work and comparative analysis of location alternatives.  Refer to their website for details.

Alliances with other firms

Refer to their website for descriptions of their alliances, and related links

Feedback from participants or clients

None available at this time.

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