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CAI Corporate Affairs International

Contact :   TEL   847-304-4655

Bruce Donnelly    (Biography)

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GUIDE Service Profile - Example : Location Consulting and Economic Development Consulting

This illustrates the typical GUIDE Service Profile structure and content so that it is easier for corporate executives and other potential participants to visualize the potential benefit as a convenient, independent tool to introduce specialized professional services and key contacts who may sometimes be hard to identify otherwise.  This information, in the absence of a closer working relationship, remains incomplete at this time.

CAI : Corporate Affairs International
Executive Summary

Details not available at this time.  Refer to their website, or just call Howard Silverman, and please let him know how you found him!

The company works closely with leading Canadian investment promotion and economic development organizations, as well as companies interested in site selection for investment in Canada or investment elsewhere in North America.

Contact information


Howard R. Silverman

President & CEO

Corporate Affairs International

1000 Sherbrooke Street West, Suite 2400

Montreal, Quebec    H3A 3G4   Canada


TEL      (514)982-0095

FAX      (514)982-0096

e-mail :


Alternate contacts :

Website : 


Relationship Disclosure

There is no relationship at this time beyond general awareness of prior experience as a respected consultant in this niche.

For details about services, please contact Howard Silverman directly as indicated, and please let him know how you found him !

Relationship leader at GDI Solutions for potential clients :

  •  Bruce Donnelly    (based in the Chicago area)

  •  There is no working relationship at this time

Scope of Services

Refer to their website for service descriptions at this time

Biographic Information
  •  Howard R. Silverman - not available at this time
  •  Douglas McConnachie - not available at this time
Specialties : Types of projects



Illustrative project summaries

Not available at this time

Illustrative client list

Some examples include :

Other related services of the firm
Alliances with other firms

None known at this time.

Feedback from participants or clients

None available at this time.

Standard legal disclaimer : about professional service provider participants, contacts, and information

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