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Ady International Company

Contact :   TEL   847-304-4655

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GUIDE Service Profile : Site Selection and Incentives Negotiation, Economic Development Consulting

Ady International Company
Executive Summary Contact information

Robert Ady, former President of The Fantus Company, has reportedly identified prime locations for more businesses in the United States and around the world than any other person during his career of more than 40 years as a leader in this specialty. 

Ady International Company specializes in corporate site selection and incentive negotiations for companies seeking to expand or relocate operations in the United States.  This has included work for both large and small US companies as well as foreign direct investment projects.

Robert M. Ady                     


Ady International Company

315 East Evergreen Avenue

Mt. Prospect, IL 60056


TEL      (312)560-8355

FAX      (847)818-1239

e-mail :

Biographic Profile : Robert Ady

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Website :  

Highlights of their website :

  •  Site search and selection methodology
  •  Company client relationship
  •  Illustrative client case study
  •  Project specification checklist
  •  Industrial building checklist
  •  Industrial site checklist
  •  Incentive negotiation checklist
Scope of Services -
  •  corporate location assessment
  •  strategic planning
  •  negotiating incentive location packages with state and local governments, utility companies, land owners, and service providers
  •  facility competitive review
  •  training in site selection techniques and methodology
  •  assist in implementation and startup
Biographic Information
  •  Robert Ady

Published research, promotional materials, or articles


Specialties : Types of projects - Highlights of unique service capabilities

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Illustrative project summaries -

Information not available at this time.  Refer to their website or contact directly.

Illustrative client list -

Refer to their website or contact them directly.

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Relationship leader at GDI Solutions for potential clients :

  •  Bruce Donnelly

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