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IBM Consulting, Plant Location International, Brussels

Contact :   TEL   847-304-4655

Bruce Donnelly    (Biography)

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GUIDE Service Profile - Global Location Strategy, Site Selection, and Investment Incentives Consulting

IBM Business Consulting Services, Plant Location International (PLI), Belgium
Executive Summary

This information, in the absence of an agreed working relationship, remains incomplete at this time.  See former relationship disclosure, below.

Plant Location International has been providing location consulting services for 45 years, with an emphasis primarily on projects in Europe, but also with some experience in Asia Pacific markets and elsewhere.  In recent years this has included US location strategy and site selection consulting as well as services to economic development agencies.

The group was part of the PWC Consulting organization in Belgium (a business of PricewaterhouseCoopers, previously of Price Waterhouse).  PWC Consulting was sold to IBM, so from October 2002 PLI has become part of IBM Business Consulting Services.  PLI provides services both to corporate investors and to many investment promotion agencies, especially in European regions. 

PLI consultants are frequent speakers on the subject of investment trends in Europe and the location selection process for investment projects at events such as CoreNet Global (formerly IDRC) summits.

Contact information


Roel Spee

Leader for EMEA and Asia-Pacific, Global Location Strategies

IBM Business Consulting Services, Plant Location International

Woluwe Garden, Woluwedal 22 (Brussels)

B-1932 Sint-Stevens-Woluwe, Belgium


TEL   (011)+32 02 416 5928 (or 5942)  or + 32 475 915 832 mobile


e-mail :


Website :


Relationship leader at GDI Solutions for potential clients :

  •  not applicable, no working relationship at this time

  •  routine contact maintained by Bruce Donnelly on an informal basis

Scope of Services - details not available, contact directly
  •  international business location strategy and selection
  •  services to investment promotion agencies
Biographic Information
  •  not available, contact directly
Specialties : Types of projects - not available, contact directly Illustrative project summaries - not available, contact directly
Illustrative client list - not available, contact directly Other related services of the firm - not available, contact directly
Alliances with other firms - While it was part of PwC Consulting in Brussels, this group formerly collaborated for some projects with the US credits and incentives consultants of PricewaterhouseCoopers, which is now a completely separate firm.  IBM is a major audit client of PricewaterhouseCoopers, which may complicate any further collaboration for independence reasons (Sarbanes-Oxley regulations).  Some of the former PwC incentives consultants left the US firm in 2004 and set up a new business, Incentis Group.

Contact them directly for any current details about US incentives work.

Feedback from participants or clients - not available

Relationship Disclosure

In late 2001 GDI Solutions withdrew a proposal to work with PwC-PLI after failing to reach agreement on several important conditions about how to help introduce PLI's capabilities on an independent basis to executives in North America.  A five year relationship as their North American sales representative ended in July 2001 (see biographic profile).

There is no relationship at this time other than periodic contact as former colleagues.  The prior working relationship preceded their 2002 acquisition by IBM as part of the larger global acquisition deal for PWC Consulting.

For explanation of their services, please contact them directly, and please also let them know how you found them !  Standard legal severance agreement terms from PwC preclude the sharing of any prior knowledge about their capabilities, clients, and performance. 

GDI Solutions maintains a relationship in Belgium with the original founder of Plant Location International, who sold it to Price Waterhouse and now leads a competing service.

Standard legal disclaimer : about professional service provider participants, contacts, and information

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