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STELLAR Fundraising Executives, Inc

Contact :   TEL   847-304-4655

Bruce Donnelly    (Biography)

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GUIDE Service Profile : Raising Funds and Advisory Services for Economic Development Organizations

Executive Summary

STELLAR Fundraising Executives plans and conducts fundraising campaigns on behalf of economic development organizations and also provides related advisory services.  They don't just provide advice about how to raise money.  They do it.

A brochure (Adobe PDF file) describes their fundraising services, as outlined below.

The planning work includes analysis of the impact of the economic development services from a corporate perspective, such as return on investment analysis, which can reinforce the case for the value of corporate support of such activities.

A brochure available through their website (Adobe PDF file) describes their new Economic Development service division, which extends beyond their traditional fundraising work.  The scope of such services now includes the following areas.

  •  Site Selection
  •  Community Audits
  •  Economic Development Strategic Plans
  •  Targeted Economic Development Marketing Plans
  •  Workforce Strategic Plans and Cluster Analysis
  •  Organizational Analysis and Plans
  •  Cost Comparison Reports
Contact information


Terry J. Cusack                              (Biographic Profile)

President and CEO

STELLAR Fundraising Executives, Inc.

13245 Atlantic Blvd, Suite 4-375

Jacksonville, FL  32814


Toll free  (888)897-4667

TEL       (904)270-0153

FAX       (904)270-0189

e-mail :


Alternate contacts :


Economic Development Division

Jack Allston, CEcD, FM, Senior VP and Managing Director

Chris Clifton, CEcD


Website : 

Scope of Services

The fundraising work involves :

  •  Strategy development for actionable fund-raising plans
  •  Return on investment analysis to develop a persuasive case for support
  •  Professional solicitation of funds on behalf of the client organization
  •  Development of public / private partnerships
  •  Post-campaign investor relationship management
  •  Flexibility to adapt the fundraising services to special situations
  •  Top management actively engaged in the work throughout the process
  •  Networking for other purposes, such as to support executive searches
Biographic Information

Biographic Profiles are available on their website

Articles published

Refer to the Consultant Tips section

Tips for fundraising success


Their website has testimonials from clients for fundraising services.

Illustrative project summaries

They publish an e-mail newsletter, FUND-amentals, about their work.  This may highlight new clients, work in progress, and successful projects, among other topics.

Illustrative client list

Their website highlights some of their clients.

Sponsorships - events, professional publications, etc.


Exhibitor at IEDC Annual Conference

Speaker at professional events


Relationship Disclosure

There is no relationship at this time beyond general awareness of prior experience through informal contact as a leading fundraising service in the US market.

For details about their services at this time, please contact Terry Cusack directly, and please let him know how you found him !

There have been informal discussions about referring opportunities to each other as appropriate.  That is on the same basis as other consultants, namely, a non-exclusive and independent referral relationship to get to know their capabilities better, and thereby be well-prepared to introduce area representatives who might otherwise be unaware of their existence and capabilities to support fundraising programs.  Service proposals would still be agreed entirely between STELLAR Fundraising Executives and the client organizations involved.

Relationship leader at GDI Solutions for potential clients :

  •  Bruce Donnelly

  •  There is no working relationship yet at this time, although there have been informal discussions about referring opportunities to each other as appropriate, as explained at left and below

We facilitate introductions when we become aware of areas which need their services.  Likewise, they may independently inform their contacts about our services as appropriate, without any obligation to promote our services, nor any endorsement by them or by us about each other's services.

Alliances with other firms - none known at this time.

See the ACCE Marketplace listing about STELLAR

See also Capital Strategists Group (CSG) - Tom Ralser.  This relationship is explained on the STELLAR website.

Feedback from participants or clients - not available at this time

This would be selective feedback from executives with direct experience working with this service provider.  We do not propose to publish all such feedback, but may quote such feedback when authorized to do so by the executive involved, and when the comments seem appropriately reliable and relevant to other executives.

We welcome feedback from executives who have worked with STELLAR Fundraising Executives for their own fundraising initiatives.

Standard legal disclaimer : about professional service provider participants, contacts, and information

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