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This directory selectively provides links to organizations which perform direct or indirect research work to maintain timely market knowledge and publish reports or analysis about major investment project decisions.

The "Projects" section will also selectively include information about specific projects, organized by location and industry.  This may identify EDO's or service providers involved.

Suggestions are welcome for additional sources of project research.

The presence or absence of any organization on these lists, or their position on the lists, does not imply any endorsement or opinion about their services, nor by them about our own.  The selections are simply intended to be helpful to executives and advisors who may be unaware of such services, or how to reach them or their websites quickly.

Note that vertical trade publications (Chemical Week, Plastics News, etc.) as well as economic development magazines often report major project announcements.

The "Search Americas" and other research tools at make it easy to do research across many economic development websites.
Source (link to Service Profile) Description Availability, Purpose Website
Industrial Information Resources, Inc. Tracks news and projects for energy. heavy manufacturing, and industrial process industries such as oil, pharmaceutical, chemicals and others.  This is intended to support sales by professionals who provide services to these industries. Even free access to their reports requires subscription and a legal agreement about how the information is used.  Much of the timely content is "premium", involving a paid subscription for access.  There are also special reports for purchase.
Oxford Intelligence Research heavily but not exclusively about European project announcements, and project leads qualified through telemarketing research and other methods such as a network of independent reporters. Available to clients in the economic development and professional services field to support "lead generation" or benchmarking marketing activities, and also for PR (quoted by Conway Data, MIGA, and fDi magazine)

fDi Intelligence Formerly part of OCO Consulting, acquired by the Financial Times group (publisher of fDi magazine). Subscription service for market research and corporate location benchmarking related to foreign direct investment projects.  Typically used by IPA's for benchmarking against other areas

OCO Consulting Tracks FDI projects worldwide as well as government initiatives to attract FDI.  Consulting services related to economic development and investment attraction.

IBM Business Consulting Services - Plant Location International, Brussels Maintains GILD (Global Investment Location Database) to track major project announcements worldwide.  Specific project details and sources behind the analysis are generally not reported. For internal reference by location consultants and to report trends for PR purposes in trade publications and events, and to reinforce development agency or investor relationships  
Project Development Services


The company buys and sells surplus and used industrial equipment, and therefore tracks plant closures as well as announced expansions in the USA and Canada. Publishes Plant Closing News, Plant Bankruptcy News, and Plant Expansion News as paid subscription newsletters.
Conway Data


Maintains "New Plants Database" of project announcements, and e-mail newsletter "Site Selection Insider" highlighting recent project announcements. Subscription fee-only access to project database, free access to the e-mail newsletter.  Research is related to stories in Site Selection magazine and IAMC association membership.
Deloitte Periodic survey research among investors about investment plans and issues.  Specific project details are generally not reported.  For internal reference by location consultants and to identify project leads for sales purposes, reporting trends for PR purposes in trade publications and events.
The World Bank - MIGA Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency Has funded research work regarding international direct investment activity and plans among US and other investors worldwide Check availability.  Focus is primarily to support the improvement of investment promotion programs in targeted developing countries, such as in Africa

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