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This directory highlights organizations which provide business-to-business partnering resources or organize professional technology business networking events, typically in a particular industry sectors or geographic areas, so that it is easier for executives and their advisors to find such resources and meet potential business partners when needed. Suggestions are welcome for additions or updates to this directory.
A separate directory will highlight professional service providers which proactively search for potential business alliances, joint ventures, or opportunities for technology transfer and commercialization.  See also : law firms and corporate development There will also be a section to highlight potential sources of venture capital, and legal services specialized in intellectual property.
International business introduction services and technology networking events Website Phone

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(e-mail if available)

Executives can use the ongoing "Partners For Technology" - P4T -service to summarize their business and the type of cooperation being sought or offered, and the specific technology sectors or "cluster clubs" in which their interests are focused.  In short, they need not wait for the periodic InterTech networking events to actively pursue their interests.

Think of P4T as a B2B matchmaking service, both online and through InterTech networking events organized to meet the interests of participants in specific industry sectors.

The Partners4Technology (P4T) networking of business executives and professionals is supported by the InterTech Global Alliance network of local economic development organizations - EDO - and investment promotion agencies - IPA - around the world, as well as professional service providers who sponsor or participate in this unique network.


The International Business Introduction Service

for Technology-Led Business Cluster Development

+44-191-415-7340 (UK)

Phil Eadon - e-mail


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InterTech Global Alliance - (IGA) is an online technology business partnering service for various industry clusters and special interest groups ("cluster clubs") with periodic InterTech events organized to facilitate a full schedule of relevant introductory meetings.

IGA sponsors help to identify potentially useful introductions for InterTech events and P4T participants through their own networks of contacts, including local business retention and expansion services, trade development missions, associations and professional services which help growing companies within their service areas to find potentially relevant business contacts and partners elsewhere.

  InterTech 2007 will be in the Netherlands.

+44-191-415-7340 (UK)

Phil Eadon - e-mail


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The "Biznet" software technology developed for the automatic web-based scheduling of introductory meetings among InterTech event attendees is also available for licensing to other partnering event organizers, such as industry associations and trade shows or special business networking events and conferences.  Services are also available to assist economic development organizations directly with their European marketing interests. Delta Promotions & Marketing +44-191-415-7340 (UK)

Phil Eadon - e-mail


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InterTech 2005 (link for details) was held with an international engineering trade fair - ELMATEC 2005 - in Magdeburg (about 140 kms from Berlin) in the Saxony Anhalt region of Germany.

SME's in the following engineering and science based sectors were invited to participate :

  • Mechanical and Plant Engineering

  • Automotive

  • Electro-Technologies

  • Speciality Fine Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals

  • Biotechnology

  • Health and Healthcare

  • Food and Drink

  • Wood and Paper

InterTech networking events (such as InterTech 2005 and InterTech 2004) will be hosted in sponsor locations worldwide periodically to bring P4T and IGA contacts (below) together through many pre-scheduled introductory meetings according to their specified interests.

Based in Durham, England, home of the prestigious Durham University, InterTech is global rather than limited to contacts in Europe or the UK.  Future InterTech event plans for 2005-2006 include Germany, England, Finland, The Netherlands, and China.  North American and other future venues are being discussed with potential sponsors.

October 10-11, 2005

Magdeburg, Germany


Fly there on EasyJet

+44-191-415-7340 (UK)


Phil Eadon - e-mail


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InterTech 2004 technology business partnering event in County Durham, England, was October 11-12, 2004.  This is an example of an InterTech event (see above) in a sponsor location with specific industry focus related to the interests and capabilities in that region.

The event focus was on pre-scheduled, personal introductory meetings among technology-related enterprises and technology transfer programs for innovation in fields such as :

  • Digital technology and media
  • Biotechnology, life sciences, medical products and healthcare
  • Nanotechnology and microsystems
  • Photonics

+44-191-415-7340 (UK)

Phil Eadon - e-mail


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Biotechnology and Life Sciences - events and partnering resources Website Phone

Suggested Contact

(e-mail if available)

BIO - Biotechnology Industry Association - organizes Business Forum events at their annual meeting and provides other services or regional events to facilitate introductory meetings between biotech companies as well as service providers to the industry 202-962-9200  
Biotechnology and Life Sciences - US West Coast and Mountain Regions      
BIO Emerging Company Investor Forum (replaces the BIO VentureForum West), in San Francisco CA, October 13-15, 2004, hosted by Lazard and Banc of America Securities, co-hosted by CIBC Oppenheimer, Pacific Growth Equities, and CitiGroup; aimed at biotech executives seeking funding and the venture capital and financial community 202-962-6632 Brian Loew
Arizona BioIndustry Association (Bio affiliate organization) 480-473-4673
The Life Sciences Venture Conference (March), sponsored by Burrill & Company   415-591-5408 Burrill & Company
The Life Sciences Partnering Meeting (September)   415-591-5408 Burrill & Company
The Biotech Meeting at Laguna Niguel, in southern California (October) - exclusively for biotech CEO's, sponsored by Burrill & Company and Kleiner Perkins Caulfield and Byers   415-591-5408 Burrill & Company
Colorado BioSciences Association      
Biotechnology and Life Sciences - US Great Lakes, North Central regions      
The Midwest Life Sciences Meeting (November)   415-591-5408 Burrill & Company
BIO Mid-America VentureForum 2005 - dates and venue to be announced; aimed at biotech executives seeking funding and the venture capital and financial community 202-962-6688 Candace Eastman
Illinois Biotechnology Industry Organization (iBIO)    
Indiana Health Industry Forum 317-278-9970  
Iowa Biotechnology Association      
Kansas Bioscience Association    
Kentucky Life Sciences Organization    
MNBIO (Minnesota)      
MedEdge 2004 international conference, June 23-25, 2004 Minneapolis, organized by MedEx Partners LLC and Medical Alley 952-582-2970 The Event Group, Inc.
MichBio (Michigan)      
Missouri Biotechnology Association      
Omeris (Ohio)    
Wisconsin Biotechnology Association      
Biotechnology and Life Sciences - US South Central region      
Biotechnology and Life Sciences - US Northeast, Mid Atlantic, Southeast      
BIO CEO & Investor 2005, New York, February 23-24 - aimed at biotech executives seeking funding and the venture capital and financial community    
Biotechnology and Life Sciences - Australia, Japan, Korea, China, SE Asia      
AusBiotech 2004 "Going Global" national conference, Brisbane, Nov 7-10, 2004    
The Japan Biotech Meeting (April), co-sponsored by Burrill & Company and Mitsubishi Corp.   415-591-5408 Burrill & Company
MEDIPHAR Taipei trade show on medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology, Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall, November 4-7, 2004 TaipeiTradeShows +866 2 2725 1111  
BioTaiwan International Exhibition, Taipei, July 21-24 2004 +886 2 2659 6000 #162 Chanchao Int'l Co.
BioBusiness Asia 2004, in conjunction with APEC Biotechnology Conference (July 19) and BioTaiwan International Exhibition above, in Taipei, July 20-21, 2004 +866-2-2593-5279 K&A Int'l Co. Ltd.
Biotechnology and Life Sciences - South America      
BioLatina 2004, in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, August 16-20, 2004, organized by the Brazilian Association of Biotechnology Companies (ABRABI) with the Latin American Federation of Biotechnology Companies (FELAEB)

+55 21 2220 1109

(Rio de Janeiro)

Joo Paes de Carvalho
Biotechnology and Life Sciences - Atlantic, Quebec, Ontario, Western Canada      
Business of Science Symposium 2004 : Thinking Beyond Borderes, in Winnipeg Canada October 26-27, 2004    
InnoVet - International Veterinary Business Conference, in Quebec November 8-9, 2004 450-471-8310 Esther Pelchat
Biotechnology and Life Sciences - Europe      
BIO-Europe 2004, Cologne Germany, November 8-10, 2004 - partnering conference    
BioSquare 2005, Lyon France, April 13-15, 2005 - international partnering conference      
BioEquity Europe, May 2005, co-organized by BIO, BioCentury, and E.B.D. Group    
BIO Nordic 2005, Uppsala Sweden, August/Sept 2005    
CC-NanoBioTech - Center of Competence in Nanobiotechnology, Kaiserslautern Germany provides some local small business partnering services +49(0)631 205 2856 Dr. Kerstin Krau
European Biotech Crossroads, Biomediterranee event in Marseilles, Oct. 27-29, 2004 +04 91 39 58 06 Nicolle Weber
Belgian BioIndustries Association (BBA), Brussels - online directory +32 2 646 0564  
Holland Bio-Delta, Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency, technology matchmaking service for finding biotechnology business partners in the Netherlands matchmaking



Leontien Ruttenberg
Regional directories of economic development agencies and foreign direct investment (FDI) or investment promotion agency contacts, and related sources.

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