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The directory below selectively highlights sources of published information, contacts, or networking opportunities (events, etc.) relevant to direct investment project planning work among corporate executives, area representatives, and professional service providers.

Sources which focus on a particular geographic region may be listed separately, following the table of area representative contacts for that region, as can be seen in the Korea section (under "other information resources") as one example.  Some states or chambers publish their own business magazines, which would be listed as other resources in the regional lists of contacts or a state directory, after the list of economic development representatives.


These reference lists are very selective, rather than a comprehensive directory. 

See also :  Research and Bookshelf section

Suggestions are welcome.  Please report any broken links. 

The presence or absence of any organization on these lists, or their position on the lists, does not imply any endorsement or opinion about their services, nor by them about our own.  Their position or presence on this list may change.

The selections are intended to be helpful to executives who may be unaware of such contacts, or how to reach them or their websites quickly.  We are not a publisher or association.   This list makes it easier for us to respond to enquiries by executives about such additional sources of published information to address their interests.

Please contact us directly for relevant introductions or any additional contacts, market knowledge, and research which we don't publish on this website.  Our focus is to introduce corporate executives to relevant area representatives and professional service providers for specific needs such as major direct investment project plans.

Please let us know whether this directory or the capabilities of the organizations listed in it were helpful to you.  If you use their services, please let them know how you found them.

Organization Name, Description - and link to Service Profile if available Website Suggested Contact

Publications about business locations

See also : Consultant Tips and Media Search

Site Selection magazine, published by Conway Data, which also publishes Site Selection Insider weekly e-mail broadcast and a website directory of economic development agencies.  See also IAMC association, which Conway Data created and manages.

Ron Starner, Director of Publications

Area Development magazine

Dennis Shea, Publisher

Geraldine Gambale, Editor


Business Facilities magazine.  Their editorial content generally seems to be fairly advertorial in nature.  Today's Business Facility Manager is another one of their publications.

Karim Khan, Editor in Chief
Business XPansion Journal, affiliated with various service providers Rachel Duran, Sr. Editor
GCX - Global Corporate Xpansion Rachel Duran, Mg. Editor
fDi Magazine, by FT Business (The Financial Times group)

Southern Automotive Corridor - a publication of Southern Business & Development magazine with a focus on automotive industry locations and economic development in the southern US; based in Alabama

Expansion Solutions magazine.  Content seems to be advertorial in nature. 800-663-8791
Expansion Management magazine.

Gorton Wood, Publisher
Plants, Sites & Parks magazine was published by Reed Business Information, and was a well-respected leader in this field for decades, but ceased publication in November 2004 .  The website, which had several thousand pages of useful articles, is no longer available.  NO LONGER IN USE  
Corporate Location magazine (also known for a while as SDI - Strategic Direct Investor ) was published quarterly by Euromoney Institutional Investor Plc.  In the past they also organized events for investment promotion agencies in Europe and the US.  They were to publish a new annual magazine for WAIPA (UNCTAD) called GlobalExchange, at the UNCTAD XI summit in Brazil.

no updates since May 2004

Business Development Outlook magazine, published by WEDA.  Content is largely advertorial, attracting economic development participants to WEDA services (advertising and trade show events).  
The Economist Intelligence Unit, publishes market research for subscribers replaced IPAnet, Investment Promotion Network, published by MIGA (Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency - ), part of The World Bank, which also publishes FDI Exchange and PrivatizationLink, with a focus on less developed countries

Economic Development America - new journal created for the US Dept of Commerce EDA "Economic Development Information Coalition", consisting of IEDC, NARC, and NADO  
American Journalism Review - site with links to local papers in many areas of the US  
PricewaterhouseCoopers "Doing Business In ..." - series of published country reports, available for a fee, prepared every few years by local offices.  Largely tax focus but with a wider perspective for investors and consistent structure.  Often available in public libraries  
Professional Associations (see also business associations and chambers, below) see also Event Search  
Utility Economic Development Association - association of investor-owned utilities actively engaged in economic development work in their service areas.  Organizes summer and winter events as well as special educational programs for senior executives in economic development (not limited to utilities), such as in cooperation with Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management.

NRECA is the National Rural Electric Cooperatives Association, known by the Touchstone brand.

Touchstone Energy Cooperatives provides a commercial and industrial real estate property listing service,,  to promote business sites and buildings in their service areas nationwide.  They serve 75% of the United States as a network of more than 900 local electric utility systems in 46 states for electric distribution or generation and transmission.

Tim Sullivan

TEL 651-686-7477

based in Minnesota

NAIOP - National Association of Industrial and Office Properties - corporate real estate association, also publishes Development magazine  
SIOR - Society of Industrial & Office Realtors  
NAFTZ - National Association of Foreign Trade Zones ( FTZ )  
International Facilities Management Association - organizes World Workplace event in October   David Brady, President & CEO
Association for Facilities Engineering - professional association for CPE (Certified Plant Engineer) and CPMM (Certified Plant Maintenance Manager), publishes Facilities Engineering Journal and Facilities America event - in 2003 jointly with IFMA event

Gerald Hagen, President

Gabriella Jacobs, Editor

Industrial Asset Management Council is a new association launched by Conway Data in October 2002 with Site Selection magazine as its official publication, endorsed by their own joint venture with IEDC.  The focus is on networking and educational programs for the management of industrial facilities, such as typical functions of a corporate real estate department in a major company.

Ron Starner, Conway Data
CoreNet Global (formerly IDRC and NACORE) - professional association for corporate real estate executives, related service providers, and economic development agencies worldwide.  Organizes networking and professional development events, certification programs, and educational programs, publications, and awards to share knowledge among corporate real estate professionals and related service providers.  Contact us if you would like to meet at CoreNet in Orlando, November 2006.

We were past sponsors:

2004 Economic Development Awards

Urban Land Institute - community development planning, publishes research reports (some books on  

IEDC : International Economic Development Council - professional association.  Publishes links and some information about sponsors and member areas through their website.  Organizes events and professional development and certification programs, including peer recognition awards.  Publishes member newsletters and magazines to share knowledge among economic development agencies.  See, below.

Jeff Finkle, President


(Washington, DC)

National Association of Regional Councils (NARC) - for regional development  
National Association of Development Organizations (NADO) - for regional development  
World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies - supported by UNCTAD, UNIDO, OECD as well as MIGA and FIAS of the World Bank Group Patricia Francis, President
EURADA - a European association of development agencies  
EDAC - Economic Development Association of Canada  
BURA - British Urban Regeneration Association - a forum to exchange private and public sector ideas and best practices about regeneration of urban areas; collaborates with IEDC John Walker, Chief Executive

Location data publishers - see also : DataPointers and GIS maps

Some of the location magazine publishers above offer data on their websites is a portal intended for reference by executives as a joint venture of IEDC and Site Selection magazine (published by Conway Data), originally intended to selectively publish standard data profiling local communities in one place for a small fee.  It has many links, mainly to other Conway Data content.

Few areas have chosen to publish and maintain their community data through this portal's centralized database service, instead of through their own promotional websites.  This portal has been promoted to executives through an advertising deal by IEDC with Forbes magazine, plus some publicity through Site Selection magazine and various Conway Data websites.  Banner ads seem to be the main focus now.  
USA Trade's Country Commercial Guides (US Govt) - annual guides to doing business in specific countries, prepared by the commercial sections of US Embassies  
Stat-USA, source for various US government publications such as the National Trade Data Bank, Country Commercial Guides, etc.  

The PRS Group - Political Risk Services

International Country Risk Guide

Country Data

Business Monitor International - Emerging Markets Online - macroeconomic research on many countries, subscription  
Corporate Real Estate media - see also CRE service providers    
Real Estate Forum (by Real Estate Media Inc.), which also publishes and various regional magazines for corporate real estate professionals, such as Real Estate New York, Real Estate New Jersey, and Real Estate Southern California, as well as organizing the RealShare conferences in various major cities such as Boston, Chicago, New York, Phoenix, Orange County, San Diego, and elsewhere

Commercial Property News - newsletter for real estate services  
National Real Estate Investor (Primedia)  
Corporate Real Estate Leader - official publication of CoreNet Global Learning for members

Corporate Real Estate Leader

Journal of Corporate Real Estate - new journal produced by CoreNet Learning and Henry Stewart Publications in the UK  
Other business media    
BBC World Service, and Global Business Programme

Country Watch international news alerts  
Emerging Markets Online  
The Financial Times, often publishes supplemental reports about the business environment in particular countries or industries and about FDI - and publishes a related fDi magazine with location features  
Foreign Affairs magazine - foreign policy, with more governmental than business focus  
Foreign Policy magazine - note related publications such as the Globalization Report prepared with A.T.Kearney, and the Insiders Guide to Global Research on the Web

Global Finance magazine - frequent features about leading banks, and special country reports about political - economic and finance issues  
The Globalist - online features on global economy, politics, history, culture  
IndustryWeek magazine, by Penton Media, for manufacturing executives.  It includes a "Best Plants" awards feature in July and October, and related events featuring the winners, plus a "Strategic Siting" column about location choices for specific projects. provides practical advice about IT and business process outsourcing (BPO), including location and service provider selection.  
World Trade magazine - focus on trade, logistics and recent market changes - recent news reports  
Other resources    
MIPIM - Reed Midem, International Property Market organizer of trade show in Europe (March, in Cannes) for corporate real estate, investment promotion  
Computer Systems Policy Project - industry policy group, developed "readiness guide" tool potentially useful for community planning of infrastructure "for living in the networked world"  
National Association of Manufacturers - Site Selection Network - a free service to NAM members, compiling basic presentations about participating areas in response to their specified search criteria for projects, and offering introductions if interested  
Foreign Policy    
American Academy of Diplomacy  
Foreign Service Journal - by the American Foreign Service Association, which is basically a professional association of the US diplomatic service, but this magazine reaches a larger audience with diverse views about current issues in foreign policy  
Georgetown Journal of International Affairs - from the Edmund A. Walsh School of the Foreign Service at Georgetown University  
Public Diplomacy - by USIA Alumni Association (US Information Agency)  
American Diplomacy - quarterly journal by U of N Carolina Diplomacy Dept  
Coalition for American Leadership Abroad (COLEAD) - with links related to US foreign affairs institutions  
National Strategy Forum  
US Council for International Business  
Council on Foreign Relations - New York and Washington DC  
Chicago Council on Foreign Relations  
Chatham House - The Royal Institute of International Affairs in London is now referred to as Chatham House.  It addresses political, business, security and other international issues.  
The Heritage Foundation for Policy Research and Analysis  
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace  
Ethics & International Affairs - journal from the Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs  
Brookings Institution Press  
Business Associations and Chambers

Refer to regional or state directories for local chambers, or international business forums

The World Economic Forum

      and World Link magazine

World Trade Centers Association  
Organization for International Investment  
Partners for the Americas  
World Trade Organization  
International Chamber of Commerce  
US Chamber of Commerce  
The Conference Board  
The Business Roundtable - see our analysis of their quarterly CEO Survey  

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