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This section provides insights shared by leading site selection consultants and other professionals in this market.  Follow this link for an explanation of this section.

Copies of many presentations made at various CoreNet Global Summit conferences are available for reference through their website.

Refer also to Professional Awards and Comparative Rankings for information about leading professionals and organizations in the direct investment field.

Article topic and link, Author, and publication where it appeared or event at which it was presented Summary Consulting Firm, GUIDE Service Profile link for background, contact Consultant, Biographic Profile Date written or last updated
"Life Sciences Sector Drives Real Estate Growth"

Related August 2007 article in fDi magazine - "Europe and North America Equal in Pharma Survey"

July 2007 Cushman & Wakefield research report about real estate trends in the Life Sciences industry in Europe and North America Cushman & Wakefield - Research and Global Life Science Practice Group Bob Hess July 2007
Book : "Location Location Location - A Plant Location and Site Selection Guide"

Contact us about how to buy a copy

Includes site evaluation questionnaire and location profiling tools for business location selection decisions and corporate location strategy and expansion planning by this veteran global site selection consultant. Business Location International Marcel De Meirleir March 2006
"Site Selection in the New Europe", in Expansion Management magazine.  The article is not yet available online, and article access is now restricted only to subscribers.  Contact directly for a copy. Investment trends in the changing European market, and implications for the location selection process. Buck Consultants International René Buck March 2003
List of various articles posted on their website.  Note their DEALS financial model and data for project planning. Incentives negotiation, site selection process, comparative financial modeling tools and local data for project planning DEALTEK, Ltd. Rhett Weiss various
The Role of Websites in Facilities Location , by Dennis Donovan Overview of the use of websites in the business location selection process, with specific examples of available resources for various selection factors, both from independently published sources and local area representatives. WDG Consulting, LLC (The Wadley Donovan Group) Dennis Donovan May 16, 2002
Emerging Corporate Location Trends , by Dennis Donovan, written for CoreNet Global's "Corporate Real Estate Leader" magazine Describes the location strategy and planning process, critical selection factors, and some Internet data sources. WDG Consulting, LLC (The Wadley Donovan Group) Dennis Donovan Nov. 5, 2002
The Latest in Data for Site Selection , by Robyn Domber Another review of available websites and their appropriate use for research on selection factors for site selection WDG Consulting, LLC (The Wadley Donovan Group) Dennis Donovan Nov 2001
Disaster Risk and Site Selection , by Dennis Donovan, for Business XPansion Journal Overview of enterprise risk management issues for business continuity (natural disasters, war, terrorism, fire, etc.) and the impact on location decisions WDG Consulting, LLC (The Wadley Donovan Group) Dennis Donovan Sept. 23, 2002
Due Diligence for Brownfields , by James Wadley "Brownfield" sites may offer advantages such as established labor pools, but require due diligence because of some of the risks from prior use of a site WDG Consulting, LLC (The Wadley Donovan Group) Dennis Donovan  
Non Metro Areas for Customer Contact Centers , by Dennis Donovan for Contact Professional Magazine Using the politically correct term of the moment for call centers, this article explores the location selection issues for such centers as they have needed to find labor markets beyond the more traditional and familiar urban centers.  Many of the same issues apply to "shared services centers" or other types of "back office" operations which can be shifted to low cost locations. WDG Consulting, LLC (The Wadley Donovan Group) Dennis Donovan Nov. 11, 2002
On The Fast Track, for Business Facilities magazine   The Austin Company, Facilities Location Services Don Schjeldahl February 2001
Choose a New Site in 15 Easy Steps, for Business Facilities magazine Overview of the site selection process, but it's not as "easy" as it looks at first The Austin Company, Facilities Location Services Don Schjeldahl January 2001
Getting The Most From Your Community Visit, for Business Facilities magazine Planning and performing visits to a potential business location The Austin Company , Facilities Location Services Don Schjeldahl July 2000
Tapping The Resources of The EDO, for Area Development magazine How to work with economic development organizations for project planning The Austin Company , Facilities Location Services Don Schjeldahl May 1997
Graphical "Funnel" for Corporate Executives, on this website Overview of the investment decision process, from the high-level, exploratory "long list" of alternatives to the final "short list" choices, negotiation, and implementation, showing how the SICR and GUIDE services apply. Global Direct Investment Solutions Bruce Donnelly Feb. 5, 2003
GUIDE : Graphic Executive Summary, on this website Graphic illustrating how the various GUIDE services address the need for factual data as well as prior investor experience to support investment decisions in a consistent way by organizing local knowledge in advance with participating area representatives. Global Direct Investment Solutions Bruce Donnelly Feb. 5, 2003
Economic development strategy        
Tips for fundraising success Suggestions for how to develop more effective fundraising campaigns STELLAR Fundraising Executives Inc. Terry Cusack Dec 2003
Regionalism and Public/Private Partnerships, for BizSites NewsFlash (Plants Sites & Parks sponsored newsletter for development agencies) Encouraging local economic development agencies to work together, not just for fundraising purposes, but to promote investment more efficiently by thinking in terms of economic areas rather than political or geographic ones STELLAR Fundraising Executives Inc. Terry Cusack Oct 2002
Investment trend analysis        
FDI Confidence Index, Vol. 5 Periodic survey of executives plus secondary source research and analysis into FDI trends The Global Business Policy Council, by AT Kearney (an EDS company) AT Kearney Sept 2002
FDI Confidence Index, Vol. 4 Periodic survey of executives plus secondary source research and analysis into FDI trends The Global Business Policy Council, by AT Kearney (an EDS company) AT Kearney Feb 2001
AT Kearney / Foreign Policy Magazine Globalization Index 2003 Periodic analysis of global trends, published in Foreign Policy magazine Jan/Feb 2003 AT Kearney AT Kearney Jan 2003
Foreign Direct Investment Survey Study for The World Bank - MIGA Investment Marketing Services Deloitte & Touche Fantus Deloitte & Touche Jan 2002

Executives may find articles by consultants, or articles which quote them about their experiences with clients, to be helpful as general background. 

The articles listed here may include market research, trends, case studies, descriptions of the investment decision process, project tips and pitfalls to avoid, or many other topics.

We seek articles for this section which provide actionable insights for executives.

Suggestions are welcome for additional articles.  We will generally feature articles by consultants who participate actively in our services, as their work is more familiar to us.  Such relationships are openly disclosed in the linked Profiles, with contact details.

In effect, think of this as a clipping service featuring top consultants in this niche market, except that we have also made it very easy to contact such consultants directly, and can suggest other sources of information or related services, such as other types of specialists.

We are not a publisher, but will include links to articles which we believe will be of common interest.  This should make it easier to find such articles - and the specific consultants behind them - when they are needed.

Some articles may be published directly as part of this website, but most will be links to published articles found on other websites, including the websites of the consultants and leading business publishers. 

The list will be selective, at our discretion.  The appearance of an article here does not represent an endorsement of the author, consultant, publisher, or article on our part, nor by them about our services.  This section is simply intended to consolidate access to many useful sources of market knowledge into one place for ease of reference by executives.

Note that there are other processes for sharing knowledge, such as to share "lessons learned" and "proven solutions" among executives.  There is also another section with development magazine features by topic or by region, which may also be of interest.

Send questions, suggestions, or comments about this site to Disclaimer.

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