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Professional Awards and Comparative Rankings

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There are many sources and variations of awards and ratings related to the direct investment field.  This is not a comprehensive list.  Details are generally available on the website of the organization which provides the award or rating, or the recipient.

The purpose of this section is to make it easier for executives and their professional advisors to quickly find such information when relevant to investment project planning activities, and to facilitate the sharing of "lessons learned" and "proven solutions" or what might be called best practices or professional leadership and results.

We welcome suggestions of other relevant awards or rankings which should be highlighted here for convenient reference.  For example, there may be relevant awards related to logistics services, facilities design, or other aspects of project planning.  Awards which are more local in nature would appear in the relevant Area Profiles.  This list focuses on major regional, national, or international awards or rankings.

Magazines in this field provide ranking lists almost every month according to one criteria or another to support feature articles or attract advertising placements.  Some reflect very useful research and reporting, but the rank orders can be misleading as a basis for investment planning unless the criteria coincide with the business needs for a specific project.  Such comparisons may be helpful at an exploratory stage of project planning, such as to help identify some interesting areas for closer scrutiny.

Such rankings often reflect the volume or size of past projects, the market visibility or perception of areas, or combinations of statistical attributes which may not match project search criteria.  Such rankings have a tendency to favor large areas which advertise heavily or which, by the nature of their size or general economic conditions (regardless of promotional efforts) attract a large flow of projects.  This doesn't mean that such features are not valuable research work or interesting for comparisons, but their relevance or importance for specific project location decisions may be minimal.

Area Representative Awards See also : "Consultant Tips" about direct investment
2004 Economic Development Leadership and Accomplishment Awards

2003 Economic Development Leadership and Accomplishment Awards

From CoreNet Global Learning, sponsored by Global Direct Investment Solutions

Winners were announced in the September 2003 and May 2004 issues of Corporate Real Estate Leader, the official publication of CoreNet Global, and the awards were presented before an estimated 3400 attendees at the CoreNet Global Summit in Atlanta on October 14, 2003 and a similar number in Chicago in May 2004. 

If you missed it, plan ahead for January 2006!  The 2005 award will be presented at the May 2005 at the CoreNet Global Summit in Toronto, so requests for nominations went out in January 2004.  Nominations are not limited to CoreNet Global members.  We did not sponsor the 2005 awards in Toronto.  Refer to the CoreNet website for current details.

Economic Development Awards, from IEDC - International Economic Development Council.  There are many award categories to recognize different aspects of economic development work, as well as to distinguish between economic development organizations of different sizes and resources.  These reflect recognition of members among their peers in the profession for creative initiatives, leadership, and development performance for their communities.  They do not attempt to rank member areas relative to one another from the perspective of potential investors. The 2003 Awards were presented in September at the IEDC Annual Conference in Cincinnati.  See also Events.  Similar awards were given at their 2004 Annual Conference in St. Louis, as available for reference on their site.

The Awards are listed at

Before IEDC was formed by the merger of CUED and AEDC, there were separate award programs in both organizations according to a wide variety of criteria.  Some of these may still be of interest for reference as an indicator of professional leadership. Past award winners - before IEDC (AEDC, CUED) are listed at

Rankings of Business Locations see also : magazine features by region or by topic for editorial calendars
Site Selection magazine, the official publication of IAMC, has many features to compare areas and also reports on any IAMC awards 
Expansion Management magazine features various types of rankings on a regular basis, with fairly objective editorial coverage and good research, but these features can be somewhat difficult to track down through their website, and direct links to such content are not available to highlight here.  The printed magazine is still easier for reference, and some website features are only available by registration. 
IndustryWeek magazine does not rank locations, but it does publish features about "Best Plants" which may be relevant background, and there is also a "Location" column which selectively highlights one investment project, including major new investments as well as expansions.  Finalists are generally announced in the July issue, and the winners in October.  The winners are also featured at special events.
Morgan Quitno Press publishes a variety of rankings of state and local areas, such as "Smartest State", "Safest/Most Dangerous City or State", "Most Livable State", "Most Improved State", and "Healthiest State", based on data and statistical trend analysis.  In 2004 they rated Camden NJ as most dangerous (previously Detroit MI), and Newton MA as the safest.  Their reports may attract some press interest and disputes about their analysis, but may not really be very meaningful for business location decisions.
Area Development magazine features various types of rankings on a regular basis, but direct links to the features are not available

Plants Sites & Parks magazine (a Reed publication) provides good research and fairly independent, objective coverage with useful statistics readily available on their website, but direct links to their features are not available to highlight here, and some content is only available by registration.
Business Facilities magazine has various features, such as the "Biggest and Best" story in December for their Economic Development Achievement Award.  Their editorial content is heavily concentrated on current advertisers.
Corporate Location (a Euromoney publication) concentrates heavily on European and other international areas, with website content only available by a registration process.
Professional Services Awards  
The 2003 Global Innovator's Award, by CoreNet Global Learning, sponsored by Gensler, Equis, and Deloitte & Touche.  Applicable to professional service providers (corporate real estate and others), economic development professionals, and corporations, typically focusing on creative ideas for corporate real estate functions. To be announced in the September 2003 issue of Corporate Real Estate Leader, the official publication of CoreNet Global, and presented at the CoreNet Global Summit in Atlanta, October 11-15.  Deadline for nominations : May 20
Rankings of Professional Service Providers see also : associations and publishers which may do awards or rankings
National Real Estate Investor publishes a "Best of the Best" feature in July which presents their own rankings of various types of commercial real estate services (brokers, industrial and office developers, industrial and office REIT's or owners, property managers, financial services, etc.)
Corporate Awards  
See also The 2003 Global Innovator's Award, above (focus on corporate real estate professionals, whether at leading companies or service providers)  
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