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InterTech Global Alliance, Partners4Technology

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For details about InterTech events or Partners4Technology, please contact :

Phil Eadon - Biographic Profile

TEL (011)+44-191-415-7340

or TEL +44 (0) 78 34 730 929   EU mobile   


in the UK, dial as 0191-415-7340

44 is the country code, 191 is for Durham, northern England


from US dial as 011-44-783-473-0929 

e-mail :


Visit his websites for details about future InterTech or other event plans InterTech 2007 will be in the Netherlands.


In the USA, we would also be glad to answer any questions about the InterTech 2005 event, the InterTech Global Alliance behind it, or the Partners4Technology service.


Bruce Donnelly - Biographic Profile

TEL 847-304-4655 (Chicago)


The International Business Introduction Service

for Technology-Led Business Cluster Development



Executives can use the "Partners For Technology" website to summarize their business and the type of cooperation being sought or offered, and the specific technology sectors or "cluster clubs" in which their interests are focused.


Contact Phil Eadon for details about future InterTech event plans or sponsorships, including the hosting of such events anywhere. 


Plans for 2006 include England, The Netherlands, Finland, and China.  North American and other venues are under discussion with potential sponsors.  Enquiries from potential co-sponsors of such future events are welcome.

Think of Partners4Technology (P4T) as a B2B matchmaking service, both online and through periodic special events organized to meet the networking interests of participants in specific industry sectors.

It is supported by sponsorships from economic development organizations and professional service providers, through the InterTech Global Alliance.

The local sponsor partners can recognize potentially useful introductions in their own local networks of contacts according to the interests of P4T or event participants.

As a network of such local business development networks, P4T integrates with existing programs, events, and networking initiatives by linking such efforts together on a global basis, instead of duplicating their efforts to support companies in their areas.

The InterTech Global Alliance is sponsored by a global network of local economic development organizations and other professionals.

It supports the online technology business introduction services and organizes events for business to business (B2B) networking and partnering among technology companies and R&D organizations.  Host locations for InterTech events typically integrate such partnering programs into existing events.

This includes governmental and university research programs for technology development, technology transfer, R&D commercialization and related services.

It is also relevant to cluster development initiatives, business incubators and accelerators, and business retention and expansion programs as a global service.

Phil organized the INTERTECH 2005 international technology business partnering event in Magdeburg, Germany.

Please contact Phi Eadon to discuss participation or co-sponsorship for future InterTech or similar events, or the ongoing Partners4Technology service.

The 2005 program details are at :


Who is Phil briefing?


The next InterTech event will be October 17-19 in Wujiang, Jiangsu Province, China - within a 1 hour drive of Shanghai.

October 10-11, 2005

Magdeburg, Germany



This event was an opportunity to develop new business contacts with like minded Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SME's), companies and organisations from not only the Saxony Anhalt region of Germany but also with SME's from the North East of  England and from several other regions of Europe and the world.

INTERTECH 2005 provided participants with a schedule of pre-booked 30 minute meetings with potential commercial partners which will create an ideal forum for businesses to exchange ideas and to explore areas of mutually beneficial cooperation.

See the Event Program


INTERTECH 2005 was held in conjunction with an international engineering trade fair - ELMATEC 2005 - which took place in Magdeburg during the same week.

The City hosts planned a week long 'Festival for Business'.  InterTech delegates were able to participate in these events. Refer to the website for more details .

INTERTECH 2005 represented a unique opportunity to help SME's to establish a number of new business contacts and explore potential markets not only in Germany but also across Europe and beyond.  Future events are being planned in other regions of the world, including North America and China.

SME's who operate in the following engineering and science based sectors were invited to participate ...

  • Mechanical and Plant Engineering

  • Automotive

  • Electro-Technologies

  • Specialty Fine Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals

  • Biotechnology

  • Health and Healthcare

  • Food and Drink

  • Wood and Paper

INTERTECH 2005 was specifically geared to help SME's who may lack the time or resources to seek out the kind of contacts an event like this can provide.

The event was held on October 10th and 11th 2005 in the City of Magdeburg, (about 140 kms from Berlin) in the Saxony Anhalt region of Germany.

More information on this city and region of Germany is on the InterTech 2005 site.

The event was designed to encourage new business partnerships and ventures between Small and Medium sized Enterprises. SME's are defined by the EU as businesses that employ less than 250 employees.

It was being part financed by the European Union under the RFO TouriSME project of the INTEREG IIIC programme.

County Durham, England hosted the InterTech 2004 event, October 11-12, 2004.  Details are at

The event brought together entrepreneurial executives with interests in new business alliances, joint ventures, strategic partnerships and technology transfers.

Many 30 minute meetings were pre-scheduled to introduce participants to other relevant attendees according to their indicated interests.

This followed a successful InterTech event in fall 2003, and similar prior events.

The participants at InterTech 2004 were involved in innovative knowledge-based technologies and R&D programs, alliances, and commercialization initiatives as well as business support services in fields such as :
  • Digital technology and media
  • Biotechnology and Life Sciences
  • Medical and Healthcare
  • Nanotechnology and microsystems
  • Photonics
Economic Development Professionals :

InterTech can be a resource to support your business retention and expansion programs.  You may be aware of local companies which would be seeking business contacts in other locations.  By encouraging them to register on the InterTech Global Alliance website, potential matches with their interests can be found at any time by other users of this service anywhere, without waiting for the next partnering event.

Similarly, other local area representatives can encourage companies in their areas to participate.  As a sponsor, you can screen Partners4Technology listings from elsewhere for potentially relevant matches in your own area.  In this manner, the network builds up between companies which are known through local working relationships to be interested in finding potential partners in other locations.

A simple way to do this is to download the Partners4Technology registration form and distribute it to relevant executives in your area, or send them an e-mail with the link to the registration page.

For other business partnering event organizers :

The "Unite" software technology developed for the automatic web-based scheduling of introductory meetings among event attendees is available for licensing to other partnering event organizers for use through their own event websites.

The complexity of coordinating the personal meeting schedules of hundreds of event attendees is sometimes underestimated.  It is somewhat analogous to air traffic control or airline scheduling, in which a few changes can alter much of an efficiently planned schedule because of the "many-to-many" data relationships involved.

InterTech Global Alliance can bring this technology to existing events, either as a separate service or by incorporating an InterTech partnering event into a planned regional business promotion or industry event, such as a trade show.

Relationship disclosure :

Global Direct Investment Solutions is very familiar with the organizer of InterTech Global Alliance, and we will work together to help arouse awareness of it among our contacts because we think it may often be relevant to the interests of the executives, professional service providers, and economic development organizations we serve.

The InterTech Global Alliance and related services (InterTech events and the online Partners4Technology service) are being developed as an independent professional business. 

The 2004 InterTech event was in northern England, where we previously helped to promote direct investment during the transition of this region from traditional heavy industries to a more diversified and globally competitive base of successful companies.  The region has attracted a high concentration of US, Japanese, and European business investment and has many innovative programs to support business attraction, retention, and growth.

We have registered with InterTech Global Alliance as a sponsor because this service is relevant to our own global work with executives and economic development organizations in support of direct investment projects, typically by larger companies.

The InterTech focus is largely on small and medium-sized enterprises (SME's) for technology transfer or alliances such as various forms of R&D collaboration or commercialization.  The initiatives of such firms often interest larger ones, too, as well as many service providers which are also relevant to our own work for larger firms.  The cluster development initiatives of such communities may also interest the executives we serve.

This is related to our specialty in the support of direct investment projects anywhere in the world, because some of these small companies grow up and need operations elsewhere.  InterTech typically supports early stage business development and expansion initiatives within participating local areas, but does so by networking companies across many participating areas and service providers as a local-to-local partnering resource.

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