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The directory below is a reverse chronology of significant company announcements.  This company was set up in fall 2001, with preparatory R&D and launch work through 2004.  Additional background about this business is at the bottom of this page.

In addition to the custom Search tool for this website, refer also to our custom Google search tools at  and to research topics of interest.  These make it easy to search thousands of relevant websites in this niche.

By the nature of this business as a professional referral service for top executives, somewhat like an independent concierge to support major capital investment project decisions, much of our work is necessarily private and confidential rather than openly reported here. Our primary service is to provide independent referrals in response to enquiries by executives, but we also openly share information about professional services and business locations so that it is easier for executives and their advisors to find such resources on their own.


We specialize in personal, independent introductions to relevant professional service providers such as business location strategy consultants and our many economic development contacts according to the project interests of the executives we serve.

See also and  for unique business location research tools.  Please contact us to discuss our services or introductory referrals related to capital investment projects by companies.


The International Business Introduction Service

for Technology-Led Business Cluster Development

Topic (and link to details) Synopsis Date, and for more information
February 25, 2008 - Research is in progress for a presentation at the BIO 2008 convention in San Diego about US and Global Business Clusters and Investment Trends.

This will be the opening presentation in the Doing Business Globally track at BIO on Wednesday, June 18.

Business location strategy consultants Robert Hess of Cushman & Wakefield and Douglas Clark of Tenon techlocate will present research about bioscience clusters and recent location selection trends in the industry in a panel session moderated by fDi magazine Editor Courtney Fingar.  Special guest speaker Sean Reilly of the US Department of Commerce will discuss the Invest in America initiative and Open Economies policy launched by the White House in 2007, and the implications for US biotech companies and foreign companies expanding into the USA. BIO 2008 Event details - June 18 at 8:15am

Please contact Bruce Donnelly if you are interested in more information about this session.

TEL 847-304-4655

December 31, 2007 The new Search: Americas tool makes it easy to research any regions of the USA, Canada, and Mexico as places to do business.

A similar Search: Europe tool has been prepared, and others for professional services related to this niche market.

Over 2000 economic development websites can now be searched by region or state to find local information about business site selection considerations in North America.

Other innovations will follow in 2008 for research about potential business locations and services in the USA and worldwide.

Search: Americas   Search: Europe

Search: Canada  Search:  Mexico  Mexico CRE

Search: Global Commercial Real Estate

Search: Global Executive Search Firms

December 24, 2007 We added a custom search tool for 2008 US presidential election candidate campaign websites.  This makes it easy to compare their stated positions on any topic on their websites, without third party analysis or commentary (news media, bloggers, critics, opponents, etc.). International executives in particular may find it hard to find useful information about the potential impact of the US presidential election and the announced policies of the candidates.  This tool makes it easy to research the official and campaign websites of the candidates for any topic of interest. Search: 2008 US Election
May 20, 2007 - A new website related to this business - will be launched in July.

Unlike publisher websites, this is not driven by an editorial agenda or journalists according to what they believe will interest their readers to attract and retain free or paid subscriptions.  The community of active participants and feedback from users will drive the content selections, research work, and links.

The website is now available for reference, but still remains at an early development phase.  It is designed as an edited platform for the open but selective sharing of press releases and news in this niche through contributions by qualified professionals.

This differs from blogs or publishers as a channel for collaboration among leading professionals in this niche to openly share timely local market knowledge with executives and their advisors worldwide.  The scope of content will be developed in consultation with such participants.

Unlike this global reference website and the related tools for business site selection research work at, relevant advertising is expected to help support the work behind the ShortListNews website.  Instead of rotating banners or buttons, advertising may include thumbnail images linked to searchable copies of larger display ads.  Multiple banner ads can appear as fixed placements on relevant pages of content.  This is designed to help assure greater relevance to visitor interests so that ads are more likely to be helpful as visual shortcuts rather than ignored as irrelevant.

May 15, 2007 - fDi magazine has launched the new fDi Atlas online.  This organizes sponsored presentations about business regions worldwide in a consistent way for easy reference by top executives and their professional advisors, with contact details and links to details on their websites.

Initial sponsors: A-Z list

Related article: Top 100 global investors

Pre-launch ads in the Financial Times and background about the fDi Atlas service

To sponsor a presentation about a US region, contact Bruce Donnelly  TEL 847-304-4655

May 10, 2007 The White House has issued a new "Open Economies" policy statement and press release which includes the new Invest in America initiative at the US Dept of Commerce International Trade Administration (ITA). In the past, Commerce Department officials in the International Trade Administration, including Foreign Commercial Service officers and staff at US embassies, have been tasked primarily with US export promotion and trade policy tasks.  Now they will also focus on the attraction of foreign direct investment to the USA. White House press release and policy statement about Open Economies

See also background on

May 7, 2007 - The North American Cities of the Future awards were presented to the winners during BIO 2007 in Boston after they were featured in a full page ad in the Financial Times on May 4, and in the April 2007 issue of fDi which was distributed at BIO. List of winners   Background

fDi also hosted a special event about global investment trends in the biotech and life sciences industry.

Event background - speakers, presentations.
April 23, 2007 - fDi - Foreign Direct Investment magazine has announced the winners of  the 2007 North American Cities of the Future competition.  There were 108 cities nominated in the USA, Canada, and Mexico for this 9 month research project. List of "Cities of the Future" selections by fDi, as published in the April issue.

Additional background about the winners and selection process.  fDi is a specialty publication of the Financial Times group for C-level executives about the business of globalization and business location strategies for corporate expansion.


Copy of the fDi press release of April 23

March 7, 2007 - A new "Invest in America" initiative has been announced by the US Department of Commerce.

It will take time for this new policy to have a significant impact, but it seems to be a major change in policy which may attract both bi-partisan support and criticism.

This is a major change in US policy.  Other countries proactively seek to attract and retain foreign direct investment projects.

The US has left that almost entirely up to US states and local areas until now as a very fragmented approach with very limited resources.

See also background on

We're expecting over 120 attendees at the IEDC Annual Conference in New York for the session which fDi magazine has sponsored about North American investment trends.

The Editor of fDi magazine, Courtney Fingar, will moderate an expert panel presentation.  This is similar to a very popular session hosted at BIO 2006.

RSVPs filled the available space to capacity in just the first 5 days after invitations were sent out, so there will now be two sessions at 7am and 8am on Tuesday, September 19, 2006.

This precedes the IEDC general session at 9am, where Mayor Bloomberg of New York will be the guest speaker.

Guest speakers include Roel Spee, site selection consultant at IBM Plant Location International, and a speaker from Oxford Intelligence.

August 31, 2006

IEDC NY event invitation details , including speaker bios and contact information.  Copies of the presentations will be published after the event.

IEDC website - International Economic Development Council, Annual Conference, Sept. 17-20, 2006

2007 North American Location Guide

Search back issues of fDi magazine

Nominations are now open for the 2007 North American Cities of the Future award.  We are helping to promote this useful editorial feature of fDi magazine, but do not influence the selection process at all.  Winners will be announced in the April 2007 issue.


Previous awards : June / July 2005 cover story


US Winners and US Regional finalists

Canada winners and finalists

Award presentations

August 31, 2006

For more information and an entry form:
Charles Piggott, fDi magazine - research
TEL: 011 +44 1843 594 589

We now handle US advertising sales for fDi magazine, in addition to our existing business which serves as an online channel and "concierge service" to introduce executives to the economic development and professional service provider contacts they need for their investment plans. This is a very strategic fit with our specialty.  fDi is the global leader in this niche market as a publisher of high-quality, C-level editorial content about the business issues of globalization as a specialty magazine of the Financial Times group, FT Business. June 1, 2006

State economic development agencies in the United States have been invited to provide informative articles (with content and size entirely at their own discretion) on a simple topic :

"Why should a business invest in your state?"

This was explained personally to many of the state officials at their BIO 2006 exhibits, but is not limited to that industry.

Replies will be published here as they are received, and can be updated by such officials on request at any time.

We expect most states to reply with relevant articles in May, which we will publish to openly share the point of view of top state economic development officials who are responsible for business investment attraction and retention.

This should illustrate their current priorities among the types of businesses which they are actively trying to attract, with some examples of what they have successfully attracted in recent years, and explain their perceptions of what differentiates their own state as a competitive business location for such firms.

In short, what makes their state a competitive location, and what types of company projects are they trying to attract?

April 17, 2006

"The Long List : Why invest in This Business Location?"

Replies will also be found through

Contact - Bruce Donnelly : TEL 847-304-4655 Chicago

We have published our latest trend analysis of the distribution of major capital investment projects among US states relative to their population.  We have also shared some of our marketing ROI research into the cost of lead generation work by economic development agencies relative to jobs created.  There are also some surprises in the relative rankings of some of the states. Total projects per million population have fallen roughly in half from 41 to 22 between the 1999-2001 and 2003-2005 periods.  This reflects a decline in total projects from around 12,000 to 6,000 per year.  New manufacturing projects have not yet recovered to their "boom" levels, but this is a lagging indicator in any economic recovery.  Expansion projects have returned to roughly 2/3 of the earlier levels during the "boom" years. April 3, 2006

Download our April 2006 newsletter (4 pages with graphs), which summarizes this market research and trend analysis, including rankings among the states over a 7 year period.

Bruce Donnelly recently shared his views about the new OECD Policy Framework for Investment initiative on the basis of many years of experience with the planning of foreign direct investment projects by companies.

The comments, along with others who responded to the OECD Investment Committee request for feedback, are now shared through the OECD website.

See more about the Policy Framework for Investment.

This October 2005 OECD Observer article by the chair of the OECD Investment Committee may also be useful background.

The reply stressed the importance of developing better business climates at both the national and local levels in developed and developing countries, rather than becoming too complacent about success in a fast-changing global market.  There were other interesting responses from various points of view.

The response focused on the perspective of business executives who invest in capital investment projects, rather than just national government or multilateral policy leaders, as in the context of our Global Direct Investment Forum initiative to support innovative approaches to local business cluster development.

March 8, 2006


Our reply and others are found at


Investment Division, Directorate for Financial and Enterprise Affairs

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development


We have no affiliation with the OECD.  We were just sharing our point of view with their Task Force in reply to their open request for feedback about the Framework since foreign direct investment projects are our specialty.

We are in the process of launching two new non-profit organizations to organize corporate leaders across the USA and worldwide as an action-oriented network to support local community and business leaders through their experience and early-stage support of innovative initiatives which grow globally competitive business environments and industry clusters.

We will be launching a campaign over the months ahead to attract the active participation of top executives in this initiative and raise the funds necessary to have an impact in many communities soon through rapid growth to scale.

This is an opportunity to demonstrate to positive social impact of business, and to work with motivated leaders at the local community level on practical ways to develop sustainable prosperity in their areas.

This should grow the social impact of business investment attraction, expansion, and retention initiatives as well as local entrepreneurship initiatives, including "social entrepreneurs" which focus on key social needs for economic development as a non-profit organization or business with "social ROI" goals.

March 1, 2006

Global Direct Investment Forum - - is the new network of executives committed to creating better business environments through early support of innovative local initiatives in the many places where they have interests.

The Global Direct Investment Foundation -  - is the related organization to select, help, fund, and share knowledge of local community initiatives supported by the Forum members.

Service fees have changed slightly for 2006, reflecting a review of the usual time required to perform the services.

Most standardized service fees remain unchanged.  As more organizations participate, fees may go down again.

Daily billing rates for custom marketing services remain unchanged.  Standard fees for GUIDE Area Profiles and Service Profiles have been reduced.  Area Surveys have gone up a little because they are taking more time than originally anticipated. March 1, 2006


Standard service fees are in the Order Form (.pdf)

Some work involves custom proposals.  Contact us with any questions about standard or custom services..

We have updated our analysis of the distribution of state economic development page views.  The graphics illustrate the diverse distribution of interests among the visitors to our website from around the world.  We use this information to help guide our research work to improve the directories according to latest trends in market demand by visitors. The new graphic compares January - February 2006 views of our Invest USA state economic development directories to the distribution in 2005.  Since visits are up from 320,000 per year in 2005 to a 500,000 visits per year pace by March 2006, we wanted to review any recent changes in interests. March 1, 2006

Graphics : Distribution analysis of state and regional economic development directory views from 2003 - 2006

Our website visits have now reached a 500,000 per year pace, after breaking through a 400,000 pace in late January as our 2006 marketing plan moves forward.

This now exceeds some of the top economic development magazines in this market which have been in free circulation for many years.

The website has only been promoted actively for 2 years, growing from 200,000 visits in 2004 to 320,000 in 2005.

Visits are now roughly 150% above the 2004 levels.

March 1, 2006

Graphic - comparison of daily visits and moving averages for 2004, 2005, and 2006

Graphic - monthly website visits from fall 2003 to date.

Viewpoint : Economic Value Destroyed - a personal essay on corporate social responsibility, the "triple bottom line", and the competition for economic development through private business investment flows.  Private capital grows or goes elsewhere.  Social choices matter.  Governments don't drive development.

Investment incentives are in effect a direct business tax on government for the competitive consequences of their social choices.  They help offset the economic value destroyed by the cumulative impact of adverse choices over time.

Sustainable community development depends on the development and maintenance of a globally competitive business environment, but short-sighted government leaders may neglect the legacy of economic success which they have inherited, or harm it through choices which seem justifiable at the time without careful review of their business impact.

Some activists are using the economic power and influence of their charities or lobbying work to openly attack businesses with almost complete disregard or scorn for the value which they deliver to the communities where they operate.  It is time for business leaders to defend their high social value, as should be self-evident in any areas which have lost major employers.

Nobody talks about Governmental Business Responsibility, or the Triple Top Line impact of strategic business location choices as executives consider whether or not to change the configuration of their operations in response to future growth expectations rather than past choices. 

There is no process yet to report the benefits or costs of staying in the same business environment versus moving elsewhere.

If companies must give greater attention to the reporting of their social and environmental impact, then government should also measure and report on the business impact of their social and environmental choices, taxes, or regulatory actions so that government and community leaders fully recognize that impact.

It has become fashionable to talk about the obligations of business to society, but there is still little dialogue about the social importance of developing and maintaining a globally competitive business environment.

Business leaders are often criticized by government officials, activists, and news media when they choose to expand elsewhere, or as they close uncompetitive operations to sustain their own business development.  Executives confront a competitive world, in which past success is no assurance of future success.  Community leaders also need to also think about how to sustain the prosperity of their own communities.

December 18, 2005

Related content :

Viewpoint on "Exporting America" book by Lou Dobbs



A new directory of International Business Forums has been added, and will continue to develop in 2006.  This is mainly intended to help international investors and executives in other regions to become aware of such resources in places where they may plan to do business.  Such websites can also be a useful resource for market research and contacts. The directory is a convenient regional list of organizations which engage business leaders in discussions about topics such as foreign relations, world affairs, international trade, economic development, and humanitarian issues such as health crises, disaster relief, poverty reduction, etc. December 16, 2005

Humanitarian and Philanthropic Services

We have set up a new Opt-In page which links to forms at for users to share as much information as they wish to help guide our research work.

Using the Amazon Honor System, we have also added a new way for visitors to make donations from $1 to $50 to help support our research and referral work.  In effect, this is somewhat like tipping a helpful concierge for assistance, except that Amazon collects the tip anonymously for us.

There is no required registration process or fee for access to any of the content shared through our websites.  Instead, there is a voluntary process to "opt in" so that we can take the interests of visitors into consideration in our research, or respond privately to specific interests as new information becomes available.  We do some work for communities and service providers on a fee basis, but now there is now an optional process for satisfied visitors to make donations. December 2, 2005

Amazon Honor System - Donations are processed in confidence - we receive no information about the donor unless the donor contacts us separately.  Donations are limited to payments of $1 to $50 by US credit cards, which are processed securely by as for their other types of transactions - so we never receive such information.

Our November newsletter elaborates on our new services, such as the launch of our website, and The Professional Site Selection Tour and Meeting Point. Our October newsletter gave additional background about the use of Google for business location selection research.  The latest newsletter further demonstrates this process through the new custom search tools on . November 7, 2005

Newsletter - November 2005 (.pdf)

We are in the process of launching two new services for 2006 - The Professional Site Selection Tour and Meeting Point, both of which are featured through a new website.

These are being developed in both North America and Europe by Bruce Donnelly in cooperation with our European colleague, Phil Eadon.  Phil recently organized the InterTech 2005 event near Berlin for B2B networking, and his Partners4Technology service can introduce executives to relevant contacts at any time.

We have already developed networks of contacts among top location consultants and economic development organizations.

These new services will now help to bring these contacts together more efficiently to develop more timely and useful knowledge of business locations and professional services in this market through field research trips (similar to "familiarization tours") and pre-scheduled meetings at events such as major trade shows and professional association events.

October 28, 2005

As this business prepares to support 2006 investment projects by companies, we have prepared a newsletter which highlights some of the 2005 developments.  The website continues to attract 300,000+ visitors per year, up from 200,000 in 2004, and links to 20,000+ resources. This brief newsletter explains with examples how this website uses the Google site search feature to make it easier for executives to find the business locations and services they need for projects.  It also invites areas and services to participate in our 2006 marketing plan. September 26, 2005

Newsletter - October 2005  (.pdf)

Former Presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton have announced the creation of the Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund.

The governors in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama will be able to use this for disaster relief and medical services.

September 5, 2005

We have added information related to the Hurricane Katrina disaster in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.  This includes storm images and maps to visualize the affected areas, as well as historic hurricane information for this region to put this catastrophe in perspective.

Hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced by this storm, and many will have no homes or jobs to which they can return for a year or more. Business operations and logistics, including not only the highly publicized impact on the oil industry but also regional business activity which affects the entire country and US exports, such as food, will be affected by the considerable infrastructure damage.

Although coast cities such as New Orleans, Gulfport, and Biloxi have captured much of the media attention because of the extent of the devastation in these areas, the damage actually covers many other counties and communities.

Our state directories of economic development agencies, which are sorted by zip code, make it easy to recognize which organizations represent affected areas.

As disaster recovery moves into cleanup and rebuilding, and the challenge of attracting businesses back to these areas to create the jobs residents will need, these organizations which traditionally rely heavily on local contributions to fund their non-profit development work will need support.

August 29, 2005

Hurricane Katrina background

Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama Gulf Coast regional maps

Our BRAC directory of locations affected by the work of the 2005 Base Realignment and Closing Commission has been updated for many of the changes which were made as the Commission voted on the Pentagon recommendations.

President Bush is likely to approve the recommendations by September 23, followed by a period in which Congress can also review them.  By November, however, the changes are expected to be final.

The BRAC process will affect many communities which face military base closures or "realignment" - shifting missions between bases - for many years.  Jobs will be lost in such areas, and the attraction of alternate investment to bases as they are closed, cleaned up, and redeveloped for alternate uses will take considerable time.  Our work can help to highlight such progress, and promote what is available which might attract the interest of executives and their advisors for future capital investment projects in these locations. August 26, 2005

BRAC 2005 military base changes



We're doing marketing work in preparation for the BIO 2005 event in Philadelphia, June 19-22 and the related AURP BioParks event on June 18.

We're also organizing a directory of research parks, science and technology parks, business incubators, regional technology cluster initiatives, and related services which may be of interest to executives and their advisors as potential business locations, especially for R&D projects

The BIO 2005 convention in Philadelphia is the annual conference, like BIO 2004 in San Francisco and BIO 2006 in Chicago next April, of this leading biotechnology and life sciences association.

We maintain a selective "event recall" directory of BIO exhibitors because of their relevance to our work and the focus of many areas on targeting companies in the biotech, biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, environmental, health, life sciences, and medical product sectors for future growth.

May 5, 2005

Biotech and Life Sciences industry clusters

Business incubators, science and technology research parks

We added several new website features in recent weeks.
  •  BRAC 2005 Directory - military base closure and realignment locations and contacts for areas affected by prior rounds in 1988, 1991, 1993 and 1995.  There are also links to useful sources of information about the BRAC process, and to professional services providers with experience in prior BRAC locations.
  •  Foreign Trade Zone directory - to make it easier to find these locations, websites, and contacts.  We have also been expanding our directory of ports, railroads and airports worldwide as time permits.  Many former BRAC locations such as airports and port facilities are now FTZ's or offer other types of special incentives for companies to invest there.
On May 16 Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld is scheduled to release the 2005 BRAC list of recommended military installation closures or realignments as part of the force transformation process, both to eliminate surplus military base capacity, encroachments issues, and realign the military infrastructure to meet future needs.  The focus this time isn't just on cutting waste, as in the past, but rather on addressing service integration and effectiveness issues, new threats, and growing needs for joint missions.

We will update our BRAC 2005 Directory as soon as possible after the announcement, and provide helpful links to the economic development organizations of the affected areas, whether facing closures, realignment, or growth.

May 5, 2005

BRAC 2005 military base changes

Example : Survey of a former BRAC location - the Red River Commerce Park in New Boston TX near Texarkana

Have you seen our recent ad campaign?

We revised and expanded our online advertising campaign in April and early May.

The daily visit statistics also hit a new high of nearly 1500 visitors on May 4 alone.

The ads have already been served over 100,000 times since April 1, and are now being served at a pace of 8,000 to 12,000 per business day.

We launched this business with a deliberately low profile during the research and development phase during 2003, and because we specialize in personal referral work for major project plans which may be confidential.

May 5, 2005

Summary of 2005 online ad campaign statistics

We recently prepared a GUIDE Service Profile to describe the capabilities of alliantgroup, which specializes in R&D tax credits which many US companies may not realize they are missing as a potentially very large tax incentive program. These specialists in US federal R&D tax credits generally come from backgrounds with the "Big Four" accounting and tax firms, but now specialize in helping companies to obtain the new R&D tax credits. April 2, 2005


There were roughly 30,000 visitors to this site in March.  This continues the trend of a 60% increase over 2004, with more than 300,000 visits expected in 2005 now.

We have also updated our analysis of the distribution of visits to the various regional directories of contacts.

This information may be of interest to potential sponsors of our work, advertisers, or professional organizations which want to work together more directly to support their targeted marketing interests in this specialty.

The latest analysis of the distribution of visits to the various regional directories of contacts reflects some interesting changes since 2003 (Q4) to 2005 (Q1), as can be seen at a glance.  In general, the volume of visits to each of the regional pages has increased sharply along with the total volume of visits to this website, but some regions are showing a growing share of the total visits to such pages.

Unlike general visit statistics, this provides a picture of the geographic interests of our visitors, and how such interests seem to be changing over time.

April 2, 2005

Website visit statistics

Daily  Monthly  Regional

Analysis reports

US investment projects  - distribution by state

Newsletter - summary of our analysis (April 2006)


US states - population distribution (approx)

We are developing a new "On The Short List" feature at the same time as more detailed "long list" directories of state economic development organizations (EDO's) and professional service providers, as shown by the initial example of Utah EDO's, Utah professional services, and the outline of the "Utah On The Short List" report, for whch research work is in progress along with similar reports for Illinois and North Carolina. 

Other states will be featured through similar research work later in the year.

Unlike annual magazine articles, this service is intended to be updated as new information becomes available so that the content remains timely as a reference source, and easy to browse or search for recent developments in locations or by service providers which support this work.

This complements the regional and state directories of economic development organizations and professional service providers, which are basically "long lists" to make it easier to find organizations which are not highlighted through more detailed GUIDE content services.  The closer working relationships of the GUIDE Area Profile or Service Provider work are necessary to keep the "Short List" content more timely and useful.

April 2, 2005

New : "On The Short List" Reports - under development - see also under "The Long List" for contributed articles by various states as provided later in 2006

We have added a Google Search feature to our site, which now makes it easy to find relevant content quickly and easily among the hundreds of pages of specialized content and thousands of contacts for this niche market.

This should be a fast, intuitive, and powerful way for users to find any relevant content on this website.  Our analysis of visitors to our website already showed that a very high percentage of visitors find us through Google searches which take them directly to relevant pages of content.

We have added the Google Search to the home page, and the "For Executives" page.

There will be a Search button in the header at the top of every page which leads to the Search feature.  For now, this Search button remains in the lower left column while we work on some further improvements to our site.

We had deferred implementation of a Search feature on this website in the past because we were not yet satisfied with the performance of the services we had tested.  We are also testing some other Google features which are in "beta".

February 14, 2005


New Google search features we are testing

Since there are many large pages on this site, remember that a simple [Ctrl][f] can be used on any page to quickly "find" any character string or word once a Google site search identifies the page where a relevant word appears.

We reached roughly 25,000 visitors to this site in January 2005, a major increase over 2004 levels.  Visits were steadily rising throughout 2004.  The initial version of the website was launched quietly in September 2002, but it was improved dramatically in 2003 and 2004. The 12 month total for visitors now exceeds 210,000, and the 30 day moving average is running at 60% more visits than at this time in 2004, so at this time we forecast more than 300,000 visits during 2005.  We believe this reflects a significant increase in activity in our market in general, as we have also received more project enquiries recently. February 2, 2005

Monthly website visit statistics

We have released our 2005 service pricing.  This applies to economic development organizations which choose to take advantage of our standard services.

We can also do custom projects through special proposals upon request, and there are various "success fee" options to motivate and reward performance, such as to develop very relevant and well-qualified referrals for major projects.

The Order Form summarizes all current pricing.  Many 2005 prices have been reduced because, as more organizations choose to participate in our work, this enables us to drive down the cost as planned for these standard shared services.

There are services which only cost $300 - 600 per year, and others with are valued at $500 - $4000 per month, which is just a fraction of the cost of one professional in this niche.

December 13, 2004

Order form - standard service pricing

We have set up new "Google Groups" for discussions among executives, business advisors, and area representatives.

The archived content of topic postings and replies is openly available to anyone, although only Group members can post content (as a very basic quality control measure).  Content can also be searched by Google.  Members can choose to have new content e-mailed to them or not as they prefer.

Google is at the "beta" testing stage of a new "Groups" feature which is similar to the old "Usenet".  We have set up special interest or discussion Groups on several topics for this niche.  This makes it easier for participants in our work to openly share their market knowledge, ideas, and suggestions with peers and executives who may value their insights.

We moderate who joins the Groups, but these Groups are generally open to any relevant contacts who will respect the intent of the Groups to share useful market knowledge rather than just promote their own areas or services.  We do not generally moderate the topics or replies posted by members, although we can remove inappropriate archived content.

December 13, 2004

Google Groups we have set up

Other Groups may be added over time in response to interest and suggestions among our many contacts.

A special trial offer has been extended to area representatives for participation in our GUIDE Network Survey and Area Profile services, which include executive summary content designed to support quick research for "long list" or "short list" decisions for business site selection.

All areas are encouraged to respond to our Survey so that we will have timely knowledge on file for internal reference, whether or not they choose to publish it or work together.

The flow of investment projects is clearly picking up again, so many areas can potentially benefit from both the reach of this website as well as our direct contact with many executives and advisors about their project interests.

We also offer other shared and custom services to support investment promotion programs, but this special offer will economically introduce and demonstrate in practice how we may be of assistance to both economic development professionals and other service providers in this niche.

November 29, 2004


We have set up a new NAFTA Directory feature to make it easy to find economic development contacts quickly anywhere in North America.

This complements our existing global contacts directory and various regional directories of economic development organizations (also known as investment promotion agencies - IPA's).  We provide links to thousands of organizations.

Relevant reciprocal links in this niche are always welcome.  Irrelevant link solicitation broadcasts are routinely refused.

The initial content of the regional and state directories is the same, but over time the regional directories will become more selective, and the state directories more comprehensive.  This reflects the overwhelming amount of information which is now readily available for many regions.

The regional directories will be used to highlight areas and services which are found to be of frequent interest to the executives and advisors we serve, or which actively support our work, while the state directories will be a tool to find many other relevant resources as they are needed.  Both are designed to be easy for search engines to process so that users can directly reach the most relevant content.

November 29, 2004


Some of our website visit statistics have been made readily available for quick reference. Our supporters sometimes request such information as one indicator of our market reach.  Our analysis of the available statistics is now shared openly for convenience, even though this is not a performance metric for our work.  We focus on personal working relationships to support specific projects, rather than the maximization of website visit statistics. October 11, 2004
A new "Let's Meet" directory makes it fast and easy to contact professionals who actively support our relationship development work among executives and advisors (SICR).

This service will develop over time as more organizations take advantage of our capabilities to identify and introduce relevant contacts.

Out of the thousands of resources available through this website, this is a convenient directory to reach those who actively support our work with just one or two clicks from any page.  See also :
  •  Highlights, which provides logo or button links to websites and Area or Service Profiles for background about their capabilities,
  •  GUIDE Tools which organizes content by area, industry and common topics of interest through a simple matrix
  •  Contacts, organized by professional specialty
  •  Biography, about specific professionals.
July 6, 2004


We have added a new "Seek Advice" section to suggest a basic structure for the enquiries we receive from executives.  This helps us to respond quickly and effectively by outlining important considerations or topics of interest which may need to be discussed. In our experience, executives don't generally like to fill out forms, and that is not our approach, unlike "bingo" direct response cards in magazines or user registration and information request or subscription request forms on websites.  The simple fax-back form we have provided just outlines key topics which should guide our response through a personal, professional dialogue. July 6, 2004


Our home page has been revised as planned to reflect the next stage of business development.

The content aimed at area representatives and professional service providers has now been relocated to separate pages.

The home page will now focus on our corporate relationship development work and services to support their direct investment interests worldwide.  In short, we are moving beyond our initial R&D and business launch phase.

Until now the home page was divided into three columns for the three networks of contacts we serve - executives, area representatives, and professional service providers.

The latter two groups are basically suppliers to the corporate executives who are responsible for investment decisions.  During the launch of this business, we had to build up those networks first.  As a simple analogy, we had to build the store and stock the shelves by developing a good base of suppliers with interesting "products".  We now offer thousands of valuable resources worldwide.

Now, as we go to market more proactively in both North America and Europe to support global corporate direct investment interests, our home page and other aspects of our website will change in response to the interests of the executives and business advisors we serve.

June 23, 2004
A new "GUIDE Tools" button has been added to the website for convenience.  This is a unique new way to navigate through the global base of shared knowledge about participating business locations and professional service providers worldwide. This organizes a global matrix of GUIDE content services on typical topics of interest as shortcut buttons to find information even faster about participating areas, such as those with our SICR or GUIDE Area Profile working relationships to share knowledge about their areas, or even users of specific GUIDE services (publishing Area Survey replies, property listings, project profiles, etc.). June 1, 2004


A new "Highlights" button has been added to feature links to the growing number of leading organizations in this market whose participation makes our services possible.  These are, in effect, featured service providers in this market, like a "point of sale" display in a large store. As new participants take advantage of our GUIDE work to highlight the capabilities of their professional services or business locations, we will feature them on this simple page through logo or button links.  This is analogous in some ways to a list of "sponsors" or "clients", including strategic alliances or other reciprocal relationships. June 1, 2004


Our standard "Order Form" (.pdf  file) has been updated to add three new "pay for performance" options for SICR participation by areas which may prefer this success fee approach.

SICR is our proactive, ongoing relationship development work among corporate executives and their advisors as an independent service by a growing professional team of relationship leaders with regional and industry specialization.

SICR differs from the traditionally exclusive consulting projects for telemarketing, PR, event, or advertising services to seek a few "leads" at one time for a client at their own high expense.

SICR pricing has generally been on a flat monthly fee basis as an ongoing service.

We still believe the flat fee will prove to be a better value for most areas, but recognize that some potential participants may prefer to work together on a more limited basis at first.  The new options provide a way to participate until the high value of the SICR service for their interests has been demonstrated in practice through well-qualified and relevant referrals which fit with their own capabilities.

The new pricing options illustrate how this can be done, and custom proposals for specific situations are available.

A new 2 page article (.pdf) explains our SICR work.

June 1, 2004

Bruce Donnelly is the contact for all SICR proposals.  TEL 847-304-4655


EU enlargement has many objectives, but one is clearly to promote the rapid economic development of the 10 countries which have now joined the European Union, including the attraction of foreign direct investment and business alliances.

We have been preparing for this, since we already know from experience that it is of interest to the executives and professionals we serve, including economic development professionals in Europe and worldwide as well as leading business location consultants.

Since our work and the work of many of our professional services and leading economic development contacts is confidential, given the sensitivity of future corporate investment plans, we have been quietly preparing for the global recovery in foreign direct investment projects and business alliance interests.  We now expect to become far more visible, but with the same respect for confidentiality.

Bruce Donnelly and Phil Eadon have been involved in the attraction of foreign investment projects to Europe since long before the 1993 "single market" changes.  We have been quietly preparing to support corporate investment interests in an expanded Europe.

Indeed, Bruce served as a US Foreign Service Officer in Germany in the early 1980's, when many accused President Reagan of risking nuclear war in Europe at a time when few could foresee that the stage was really being set for German reunification and the many other changes in central and eastern Europe, as well as the development of greater unity across western Europe.

Only twenty years ago, the idea of EU enlargement to include these 10 countries was virtually unthinkable, as recent foreign direct investment trends in China, India, Russia, Brazil and elsewhere would have been.

We have been preparing for an even faster-changing networked world than the 1980's and 1990's, and a renewed flow of projects as companies, communities, and professional service providers respond to the many new opportunities and challenges for growth ahead.

May 1, 2004

Area Surveys and other information resources as a special directory of websites and contacts for direct investment projects in the EU enlargement countries, set up for the convenience of our contacts.

See also : our main directory of European contacts and GUIDE Area Profiles, including European areas

Service Profiles, such as for Location Consultants and other professional service providers, to highlight their capabilities and how to reach them


As the EU enlargement takes place, we are also pleased to announce our own expansion into Europe through an expanding working relationship with Phil Eadon, President of InterTech Global Alliance.  Phil is based in County Durham, northern England, which will host the InterTech 2004 networking event for knowledge-based technology alliances, as for a similar event organized there in 2003. Phil will join us at the CoreNet Global Summit in Chicago and participate in upcoming events about EU enlargement and European economic development.

Together, we will serve executives worldwide with existing or potential capital investment or business alliance interests in Europe, as well as the investment promotion organizations which are motivated to work together as they seek to attract and retain business investment projects or alliances with local companies.

May 1, 2004

Biographic Profile : Phil Eadon

InterTech 2004 event :

Durham, northern England

October 11-12, 2004

The 2004 Global Corporate Development Interests Survey is now in progress among the top executives of many companies.

The responses are confidential.  An analysis of the research conclusions will be shared on request with the executives who participated.

This research supports our ability to be responsive to future investment and alliance interests worldwide across most industry sectors.  It can identify valuable "lessons learned" and suggest "proven solutions" through feedback about their experiences working with professional service providers and area representatives so that we can offer well-qualified referrals to assist similar executives with their future project plans. April 30, 2004

Meet us at the CoreNet Global Summit, Chicago

Global Corporate Development Interests Survey

Download : Survey and explanation (Adobe .pdf)

CoreNet has announced the 3 winners of the 2004 Economic Development Leadership and Accomplishment Award which we sponsored again to recognize exemplary professional work during 2002 and 2003.

Congratulations to the 2004 award winners !

Congratulations again to the 2003 award winners, too.

Refer to the CoreNet Global Learning website and the May issue of Corporate Real Estate Leader  magazine, which will feature the winners.  There will also be coverage on the CoreNet website and in the CoreNet Global News newsletter.

We have also highlighted the winners here since we were the exclusive sponsor of this new award program.  We will present the awards at the CoreNet Global Summit meeting in Chicago on May 18.  (Events).

The award for leadership during 2004 will open for nominations early in 2005, and be presented at the spring 2005 Summit.  See details about the award.

April 30, 2003


Contact :

Bruce Donnelly  847-304-4655 (Chicago)

2003 award winners at CoreNet in Atlanta with Bruce

We have added a new feature as planned to highlight responses to the GUIDE Network Survey by economic development professionals who choose to have their Survey responses published here.

This complements the existing links to Survey responses through the regional tables of economic development contacts.  Some Survey responses are not published, as there is a small fee for the work involved.

To demonstrate this new feature, we have temporarily listed many of the attendees at the Roundtable in the Rockies event who we met or interviewed in Vail.  This demonstrates how the GUIDE Network Survey service can be used to highlight basic facts about an area.

This complements the GUIDE Area Profile service which involves a closer working relationship throughout the year to develop and maintain more timely and detailed knowledge of participating areas.  Like the Area Profiles, this also provides an easy shortcut for executives and advisors to identify relevant contacts and reach them quickly about their interests.

April 5, 2004

To participate in the GUIDE Network Survey


There have been minor updates to service pricing as reflected in the Order Form.  We openly disclose our standardized service pricing for consistency and transparency in our proposals to similar area representatives. Few prices have changed from the planned 2004 levels, but the payment terms have been revised to reflect initial and ongoing costs of participation, such as monthly fees for the SICR or Area Profile services.  The discount on services to participants for providing reciprocal links to our website has also been clarified. April 5, 2004
We were among several consultants invited to address a select group of leading economic development professionals at the Roundtable in the Rockies event in Vail. Download an Adobe PDF copy (0.5 MB) of our presentation of April 2, 2004 at the Roundtable in the Rockies event organized by Expansion Management.

 "We all want to be irrationally exuberant again ..."

April 2, 2004

Roundtable in the Rockies event information

Information for Roundtable in the Rockies attendees.

A new feature makes it easier to find sources of information about investment incentives, credits, project finance, and taxes. The new GUIDE service highlighting information resources about investment incentive programs will continue to evolve, but already makes it fast and easy for executives and their advisors to find official website presentations about many locations. March 19, 2004


We're very pleased to announce our new working relationship with Invest Korea.



Area Profile for Korea (to be updated shortly)

Invest Korea is helping US and other international investors to establish or expand operations in South Korea.  They can also be of assistance for some of the major social infrastructure projects in Korea, such as port development, transportation projects, etc.  We now work together to support potential investors in Korea.  Our work as an independent service helps to introduce them to more executives who would value their assistance as they consider investment in Korea.

March 4, 2004

Other contacts and resources about Korea

Contact Bruce Donnelly as above for details

We have made it easier to quickly reach the GUIDE Area Profiles and Service Profiles.

This was planned for this stage of business development, as we expand our contacts among executives and their advisors in 2004.

Highlights : 2004 GUIDE Area Profiles and Service Profiles .  This shows how, in addition to the listings among regional contacts or professional service providers by specialty, we will highlight participants in our services to openly share market knowledge with executives and the advisors for their projects. February 6, 2004
We're launching a market research process during 2004 to look beyond current media headlines about foreign investment trends and outsourcing to focus on how real capital investment project experiences and needs of major companies are changing in key Asian, European, and Americas markets.  We will look back at recent changes, and focus on future plans and project planning needs.

Watch for details of the 2004 Survey of Global Direct Investment Strategy and Plans.  The analysis will be shared with participants, but specific responses will be confidential.

The world of direct investment projects has changed radically in the last 10 - 20 years.  Who would have predicted the trends we take for granted today?  Do we really have a firm grasp of global risks and trends for the next 3 - 5 years, or even a well-defined range of plausible scenarios for long-term strategic planning?  How are executives dealing with such uncertainty?

Capital investment projects generally reflect long-term strategic commitments in areas with uncertain risks, exit costs, and limited flexibility, unlike the mobility of capital, technology, people, and other resources.

How is this reconciled as commitments are planned?  We will research investment challenges posed by a fast-changing and unpredictable "networked world".

February 3, 2004


As in 2003, we're sponsoring the Economic Development Leadership & Accomplishment Awards, which will be presented at the CoreNet Global Summit in Chicago in May. The call for nominations from CoreNet Global's official magazine, Corporate Real Estate Leader, went out on February 3 and the deadline is March 15.  Winners will be chosen by April 8, and featured in the May issue, and at an award presentation ceremony during a general session of the Global Summit. February 3, 2004
Executives at more than 500 companies will be interviewed during the first quarter of 2004 to introduce GDI Solutions and discuss their investment interests.  This should coincide with the apparent increase in the flow of projects as the economy has finally shown signs of recovery in capital investment activity recently.  The last two years were used to prepare for this stage. Although preliminary marketing work in 2003 identified many project leads already, the proactive relationship development work to reach many executives and support their project interests through effective referral work and knowledge-sharing is ramping up now in 2004, after the necessary preparatory research work of 2003 has been finished.  This is the third network in the plan (after doing the work in 2002-3 to establish good networks among top professional service providers and area representatives). January 2, 2004
Service pricing for 2004 has been updated. Discounts which were available for early participants during 2003 have been discontinued as planned with the start of the 2004 marketing plan.  The Summary of Services, Order Form, and other pages reflect this. January 2, 2004
STELLAR Fundraising Executives has used their FUNDamentals e-mail newsletter to highlight the 2004 services of GDI Solutions to the economic development organizations they serve, and we are also helping to make it easier to learn about their services. STELLAR has rapidly become a well-respected firm for the challenging professional niche of raising funds to support economic development programs.  They also provide other related advisory services.

A GUIDE Service Profile on this website summarizes their work, as elaborated on their own website.

December 15, 2003

Some new advertising will appear in Site Selection magazine and their website to raise awareness of GDI Solutions in 2004.  This is just one step in a larger 2004 marketing plan.  Future media plans will differ from this introductory ramp-up stage. Advertising is not our main focus for reaching potential investors, but it has a role to play in the marketing mix to quickly raise the visibility of this service to a large number of executives as the general economy and flow of investment project activity picks up early in 2004. December 1, 2003
An expanded relationship with IEDC has led to new links from the DevelopmentAlliance portal which they developed with Conway Data, publisher of Site Selection magazine. IEDC and Conway Data have been promoting their portal for several years, including a cooperative advertising campaign in Forbes magazine with various members.  A new link from the portal, as well as from the IEDC website and weekly e-mail broadcasts to members, also reflects reciprocal links from this website to their services.  A special offer is available for IEDC members until 12/31/03. October 20, 2003

IEDC - International Economic Development Council - professional association for economic development

As reported below (Sept 8), we presented the 2003 Economic Development Leadership and Accomplishment Award at the CoreNet Global Summit in Atlanta.


The CoreNet website includes an article about the award, as highlighted to members through Corporate Real Estate Leader magazine and a subsequent e-mail broadcast by the CEO, Peggy Binzel.  This award program will repeat in May 2004 in Chicago.  The winners were recognized before a general session of approximately 3400 event attendees. October 14, 2003

A new GIS Map Makers service has been added to help executives and their advisors find GIS mapping services, tools, and maps to support data analysis and presentations for business location decisions. Many communities are investing in the development of GIS applications, both for their local services and to support their economic development programs.  We will selectively highlight and provide links to the websites of participating areas which offer useful maps or GIS mapping tools to support the potential interests of investors in the area.  This should also make it easier for communities to see what other areas are doing, and continue to improve such services. October 2, 2003


A new "Data Pointers" service has been added to help executives and their advisors find data about communities in a consistent way even though the data may be published through a variety of services or presentation formats.

This complements the new service to highlight "point of view" presentations which provide analysis of business locations on the basis of data which can be independently verified.

This service relates to the "D" dimension in GUIDE (Globally Uniform Investment Data and Experience), reflecting the need to help investors find comparable data about location selection factors.

Various services are highlighted as potential sources of data, such as data which conforms to the guidelines developed by IEDC and leading location consultants.

We also provide direct links through our regional tables of contacts to data and other knowledge about areas.  Whether areas publish data through their own local websites or other database publishing services, we can provide links to help executives find such data.  The "point of view" service complements such data with the availability of presentations which analyze verifiable data to highlight specific aspects of an area for investors.

September 29, 2003


CoreNet has announced the 4 winners of the 2003 Economic Development Leadership and Accomplishment Award which we sponsored, recognizing exemplary professional work during 2002.

Congratulations to the four award winners !

Refer to the CoreNet Global Learning website and the September issue of Corporate Real Estate Leader  magazine for details once they announce the winners.  There will also be coverage on the CoreNet website and in the CoreNet Global News newsletter.

We have also highlighted the winners here since we were the exclusive sponsor of this new award program.  We will present the awards at the CoreNet Global Summit meeting in Atlanta on October 14.  (Events).

The award for leadership during 2003 will open for nominations early in 2004, and be presented at the Chicago summit in May.  See details about the award.

September 8, 2003


Contact :

Bruce Donnelly  847-304-4655 (Chicago)

We are already contacting several hundred leading economic development organizations as final preparations begin for our 2004 marketing campaign to ramp up in October.

Introductory pricing for new participants who want to highlight their areas through our work ends Sept. 30 as the 2004 campaign begins.

Several top professional service providers will already take advantage of our independent referral work to reach new clients who might otherwise be unaware of their capabilities.

We will work with economic development professionals on a similar independent basis to highlight their capabilities appropriately to top executives and their professional advisors through more than website content and links.

Our first year of preparatory research and development work after our business launch in Fall 2002 is now over.

From October we will quickly ramp up a large and very carefully targeted marketing campaign to reach the top executives at many large and fast-growing companies.

This will make them aware of our free services so that we can refer them to appropriate professionals in this market at any time according to their current interests by developing ongoing working relationships to support their planning of capital investment projects anywhere.

Based on past experience doing similar work for more than a decade (see Biography), and work in progress, we should provide hundreds of good referrals in 2004.

We are also planning cooperative advertising, PR work, and event work in 2004 to help participating areas reach more top executives and expand our ability to quickly reach and serve more such executives.

September 2, 2003


Contact :

Bruce Donnelly  847-304-4655 (Chicago)

Two more new services have been launched to help highlight the promotional activities of participating area representatives. 

These are an "Event Recall" service for event sponsors and exhibitors, and a service to feature area familiarization tours and special events such as those which target professional advisors who may influence investment decisions.

If the marketing strategy of an area includes the use of event sponsorships, trade shows, familiarization tours, or special events such as hospitality functions for networking and presentations to executives and their professional advisors, then we can highlight such activities to expand their market reach and impact, both before and after the event.

For example, how would anyone know which areas invested in exhibits at trade shows after the shows are over?  It can even be hard to track down who will be an exhibitor at future events, such as to meet there.

We can make it fast and easy for executives and their advisors to reach those who are targeting their industry or specialty, thereby making the typically large investment in such marketing activities more productive at a nominal cost for the limited work we do to share knowledge about who is doing what, where, and when.

September 2, 2003


An innovative "Ad Recall" service has been launched to make it much faster and easier for executives and their advisors to find published advertisements or online ads (buttons, banners, etc.) and reach the related websites and contacts when they actually need them, regardless of where and when they advertised.

In effect, this functions like merchandising or product packaging at the point of sale in a store to make the visual link between an advertising campaign and the product at the time and place when a buyer is interested.

We are not a publisher, and do not accept or sell advertising.  Our role is to help executives and their advisors to find the locations and services they need.

In that context, we have created a new service to archive thumbnail images of ads or copies of online ads (when possible) to provide an efficient presentation, analogous to a photo viewer, to visually find the links to advertisers.  This can leverage the value of their major investment in advertising by reinforcing the recall and response rates through our "point of sale" display for executives who are planning investment projects, as well as reach additional executives who may never have seen the advertisements, wherever or whenever they were published, or were not interested at the time.

July 28, 2003


A special offer for economic development organizations to participate in our services has been extended until Sept. 30, 2003.  Refer to the Order Form (PDF) for summary details. After the CoreNet Global Summit in Toronto was cancelled, we decided to sponsor a new award as indicated below, and it seemed appropriate to extend the discount to early participants in our services through the remainder of our first year of operations. June 12, 2003
There were many good nominees for the new award (below) despite the short notice. Agencies which missed it this time should plan ahead for next year, when it should be repeated in the fall. June 5, 2003
We're pleased to announce that we are sponsoring the new 2003 Economic Development Leadership and Accomplishment Award created by Corporate Real Estate Leader magazine, the official publication of CoreNet Global.

This fits our own interest in sharing local area knowledge, best practices, and lessons learned among leading area representatives from the perspective of corporate investors and the professional advisors who serve them.

Winners will be selected by July 1 and announced in the September issue of Corporate Real Estate Leader magazine, and then recognized before an estimated 2500 attendees at the CoreNet Global Summit in Atlanta, October 11-15 (see Events).

Details are available from Tim Venable at CoreNet Global Learning, TEL 404-589-3221 or by email .

The deadline for nominations is June 4, and the award is not limited to CoreNet Global members.

For more information or other awards and rankings

May 9, 2003

See also: CoreNet Global website

Nomination process : closed for 2003

A new "Tombstone" feature has been added to highlight service outcomes related to major project announcements , and provide links for more details. Professional services frequently announce the conclusion of their work on major projects, but such news is soon forgotten, if noticed at all by potential clients.  We're making it easy for executives and their advisors to find such knowledge when planning major projects.  Instead of traditional advertising, this is more comparable to "point of sale" merchandising. March 12, 2003
New features have been added to make it easier for executives and their advisors to find and obtain useful Promotional Materials, and to share local market knowledge through the GUIDE HR Market Profiles. The Promotional Materials may be from area representatives or service providers.  The GUIDE Human Resources Market Profiles are a high level summary of timely local knowledge about the workforce on a variety of topics of typical interest to potential investors in an area. March 12, 2003
As the corporate launch work continues, two new features have been added for economic development organizations to highlight their areas through GUIDE Project Profiles and GUIDE Testimonials.  The focus will be on major project announcements and major existing investors in an area or service. The Project Profiles provide a consistent structure for the summary of recent investment projects in any area.  The Testimonials highlight the experiences of established investors in an area.  Both will be found under the Experience Report column of the regional tables of contacts as these services are implemented, and will also link to the regional lists of companies and the GUIDE Area Profiles or Service Profiles. March 3, 2003
A new section has been added to the website to highlight major corporate real estate sites and buildings anywhere.  It will take time to build up this selective list, but it should become a valuable service for executives and the communities which are seeking major investment projects, whether at new sites or to replace business closures.  Such closures do not necessarily reflect on the quality of the area as a place for others to do business.  In fact, they may make valuable skills available. This is not intended to duplicate what other listing services and brokerage networks provide, and will include cross-referencing to other information about the location.  Refer to the examples in Belgium, England, North Carolina, and Washington to see how this will work to feature unique opportunities which may be relevant to plans for major projects.  It will make it easier to browse through information about major properties in any region.  Note that there are already separate listings of CRE firms as well as regional tables of area representatives (below). February 18, 2003
Promotional mailings go out to start introducing the company and website to top executives at many of the largest companies in the USA.  This process continued for several months, targeting different companies and different types of executives. A simple postcard mailing was used to make a select group of executives aware of the business quickly.  This simple mailing tested the initial reaction and response among top executives to quickly identify their interests and focus work to improve the services.  It also updated our knowledge of who to contact in the future as the launch of this business proceeds. February 7, 2003
Further website enhancements, adding a new Bookshelf feature in association with, as well as special pages for use by executives and their professional advisors. As the business launch moves beyond the initial contact and research work among professional service providers and area representatives, new features are being added to make the website more valuable "For Executives" and "Professionals" (see new buttons at left), and to make additional content available.  In addition to the new Bookshelf feature, development work is in progress on lists of research sources beyond the many already listed in the Participants section or at the bottom of regional tables of area representatives.  That includes a new feature to list companies and their websites by location, to be cross-referenced to the local area representatives. January 27, 2003
Significant website enhancements launched in preparation for contact with many corporate executives during 2003. We launched the website in September 2002 as we introduced our services to many professional service providers and area representatives.  Now we are moving into the launch phase among executives, so we have improved the website content for that purpose. January 11, 2003
GUIDE Area Profile and SICR services launched at CoreNet Global Summit 

The business launch process continues as planned at the CoreNet Global summit in preparation for an intensive campaign during the year-end and early 2003 business cycle to reach executives about their project plans as economic activity picks up again.

While the GUIDE Network Survey is a free process available to any area which wants to participate in the work of GDI Solutions, some of the leading professionals may choose to participate more actively through services such as the GUIDE Area Profile and SICR work.

These services highlight what their areas have to offer, and make it possible to reach more executives for relevant project referrals.

November 12, 2002


Booth at CoreNet Global, San Diego

November 16-20, 2002

GUIDE Network Survey Launched at CoreNet Global Summit, San Diego

Seven easy questions for response by e-mail are being used to gather timely local market knowledge through a survey of roughly 1000 economic development organizations.

The responses will be used to support introductory referrals to executives.

A survey which fits on a business card or a postcard is part of a much larger process to expand the knowledge-base which is already available to support direct investment projects.

This knowledge will be used to help executives who need to choose where to establish, expand, or restructure operations anywhere in the world as their markets or plans change.

This fits into other work (GUIDE Area Profile and SICR) for more active participants in the services of GDI Solutions.

November 12, 2002


Direct mail to roughly 1000 economic development professionals to introduce the business and website Features the website launch and the GUIDE Network Survey, plus other services. November 2002
Advertising begins in the IEDC quarterly ED Journal Features the website launch and the GUIDE Network Survey, plus other services November 2002
Advertising continues in Expansion Management magazine related to the launch process, in the Strategic Moves (NAM) issue and November issue Features the website launch November 2002
Advertising in the annual directory issue of Area Development magazine Features the website launch October 2002
Forty years ago, Marcel De Meirleir launched and led the development of a global leader in business location consulting. 

Now, he's at Ernst & Young in Brussels, where he is the first participant announced by GDI Solutions as this new business is launched with an ambitious plan to transform this specialized niche on a global basis.

Ernst & Young - International Location Advisory Services (ILAS) in Belgium is the first participating service provider to take advantage of independent relationship development work (SICR) as a new approach to the challenge of reaching executives who may need, but be unaware of, their specialized capabilities in the location consulting niche.

(link is to a sample GUIDE Service Profile to illustrate this new feature, similar to the sample GUIDE Area Profile for County Durham, England or for TRIDEC)

September 21, 2002


Business and website quietly launched at IEDC annual conference to finally demonstrate the concepts which have been discussed with many potential participants privately during the past year to transform the direct investment planning process on a global basis. As this website goes live, the focus shifts to building relationships among the potential initial group of participants in parallel with the work to start introducing the service to top executives at prominent companies.  The initial release of the website will continue to be improved over the months ahead and highlight new participants as they join. September 21, 2002

Download an Adobe Acrobat Reader version of the Press Release

Booth at IEDC Annual Conference in Oakland CA

First website launched quietly. Preliminary advertising in Plants Sites & Parks annual directory. Preliminary, simple website launched to deal with growing interest during the final development work on the new website. Not yet actively promoting the website.  Focus remains on personal contact work. July 5, 2002
Ernst & Young ILAS, Belgium contract is completed as agreed Additional proposals pending, action deferred while new website is developed as designed during fall / winter 2001-02.  Preliminary contacts begin with top executives to introduce the new services. June 2002
GUIDE Network development work continues among area representatives and service providers.  Advertisement in the top projects feature of Site Selection The first CoreNet Global summit (formerly an IDRC member for many years) was used to continue identification of potential participants in this new service in preparation for launching the business in July / August period May 2002
GUIDE Network development work continues in Washington DC and Vail among leading location consultants and area representatives An IEDC meeting in Washington DC and the "Roundtable in the Rockies" event by Expansion Management magazine were used to continue developing contacts and potential participant relationships and refine the initial launch plans in the context of deteriorating general economic conditions March, April 2002
Initial recruitment begins to identify additional potential relationship leaders, and sales work confirms strong interest in the business model Several dozen leading economic development and location consulting professionals are identified as potential employees or initial participants as clients, while proposal process begins with Ernst & Young ILAS aiming for July 2002 launch February 2002
First advertising appears in Strategic Moves annual directory issue for NAM members by Expansion Management magazine Withdrew proposal to help identify potential clients for the US location and incentive consultants of PricewaterhouseCoopers after prior verbal agreement was not confirmed in writing after months of delays.  Other consultants confirm initial interest, but Arthur Andersen collapse complicates progress. January 2002
GUIDE Network development work continues in Dallas through networking events and market research as other GUIDE service concepts are also introduced to prospective participants A booth at the IDRC World Congress in Dallas was used to raise awareness of the business plan, services, and promote informal collaboration with to identify potential participants, as well as reevaluate market conditions for the formal launch of the business in 2002 November 2001
Preliminary test marketing of the new business model in Philadelphia was halted by events, but GUIDE Network development begins to expand base of contacts The IEDC Annual Conference in Philadelphia was being used to launch the business among area representatives when this was overtaken by events.  Informal collaboration was agreed with IEDC and Conway Data to help improve and promote the portal September 11, 2001
Business registered in Illinois, privately funded S corporation Decision taken to invest in creation of this new business after representing the Plant Location International consulting group of PricewaterhouseCoopers for five years August 30, 2001

Recent Media Coverage

This section will be used to highlight recent media coverage about Global Direct Investment Solutions.  Refer also to Consultant Tips and Awards

It may include direct links to the relevant articles when available on their websites, or reprints with permission of the publisher.

Title (link if available) Synopsis Publication Date
Winning Investments Quoted in cover feature story about the impact of major sports events on business site selection for new capital investment location decisions fDi magazine, published by FT Business - the Financial Times group, about foreign direct investment June / July 2006 fDi magazine
  Feature story about the winners of the Economic Development Leadership and Accomplishment Awards which we sponsored in 2003 and 2004 Corporate Real Estate Leader, the official magazine of CoreNet Global September 2003 and May 2004 issues
Trends in Site Selection : Call in the professionals to help you relocate or expand How the site selection process is changing, what is driving location decisions, and how to find the professional service providers who can support the work of a project team. Site Selection magazine, pg. 113

January 2004 issue
Other pages of potential interest - see Directories

The news directory above is a reverse chronology of significant events from setting up this company shortly before the events of September 11, 2001 through the preparatory and launch work of recent years.

It highlights the latest developments, including any press releases.  We issue few press releases in general, because most of our work involves private and confidential professional services to executives and clients about future capital investment project plans worldwide.

This is a privately held company, set up by Bruce Donnelly (see Biographic Profile).  It is now ramping up to scale as planned after the quiet phase of initial market research and relationship development work.  There has been steady progress while general market conditions have gradually recovered for domestic and foreign direct investment projects (new factories, offices, distribution centers, R&D operations, etc.) in North America, Europe, and other regions. 

We now attract website visitors at a pace of roughly 500,000+ per year, up 150% from 2004 when we started to promote this service.

The flow of corporate investment projects worldwide has not yet returned to the "boom" or "bubble" levels of capital investment activity in the late 1990's, but companies still invest billions of dollars on thousands of projects to grow each year - somewhere in the world.

Our role is to make it faster and easier for the executives and business advisors involved to find the contacts they need for such projects, including personal referrals according to their interests through our extensive network of contacts and research capabilities.  In short, we function like a global concierge service in this niche in response to project enquiries, but we also proactively "go to market" to find more such projects and assist more executives.

Refer also to the Google site search feature on this website (button - upper right in header) or use our website to research topics of interest.  It makes it easy to search the websites of many professional resources in this niche market.

The Directories section provides directories with links and content related to over 20,000 economic development organizations, professional service providers, and other relevant resources worldwide.  This includes leading location consultants

Our new website for 2006, , provides more details on a selective basis and also offers some unique search tools and new services to support business location research.  Our April 2006 newsletter (4 pages with graphs) summarizes some of our recent market research and trend analysis, including comparisons among US states.

Our custom Google media search feature makes it fast and easy to find relevant articles in leading economic development magazines and business publications for this niche market.  This helps the executives and advisors we serve to quickly find such background information about business locations and services according to their interests in a globally consistent and intuitively easy way.  It may also help reporters with their background research.

We also maintain a Research directory which may be helpful for reference.

There are directories of links to other pages of frequent interest at the bottom of most pages, as well as "Consultant Tips" for project planning (articles by professionals in this market).

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