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Sharing Proven Solutions

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GDI Solutions can help to share the "good news" when the work on investment projects identifies valuable capabilities which can be shared "on the record" or anonymously with other organizations which may be facing similar needs.  Please share your experiences so that others can benefit from the good solutions you have already found.

The effective sharing of both "success stories" (proven solutions to specific needs, such as valuable services) and "lessons learned" (good or bad experiences, whether alone or with service providers) can contribute to the practical value of this entire support process, while also helping and challenging the participating organizations to improve.

By sharing knowledge about the impact of valuable services, other companies can also benefit and service providers can improve their own capabilities.  We can't publish all feedback, but we apply such knowledge to our work.  Refer also to publishers and associations, features by topic or by region, and the "Consultant Tips" section.

UNDER DEVELOPMENT :  Suggestions are welcome

Please help us to improve the value of this section to all participants by sharing feedback about "proven solutions" you have found to be beneficial.  That would include suggestions about B2B alliances.

This table summarizes and may provide further links to feedback from participants such as corporate executives, service providers, or area representatives

The following illustrative examples demonstrate the concept so that potential participants in the feedback process can visualize the scope, focus, and value of this service as a flexible way to share positive experiences on many topics.  As the list grows, we will improve this process for participants, and categorize the knowledge shared for easy reference.

This list will always reflect only a very selective sample of such feedback, typically on topics which are regarded as most likely to be of widespread interest, and which the participants involved have agreed in advance can be identified or shared openly in this manner.  Some feedback will necessarily remain confidential.

The presence, absence, or position of any feedback on this list, or their position on the lists, does not imply any endorsement or opinion about such feedback, which is shared on a selective basis according to our judgment about the interests of participants.

We do not assume liability for the accuracy of such feedback, but expect participants to act responsibly both in the sharing of experiences and in any reliance upon them.

The highlights in this list are simply intended to be helpful to executives who may be unaware of such experiences, and may benefit from the open sharing of such insights.

Please contact us directly to share feedback about "proven solutions", or for relevant introductions or any additional contacts, market knowledge, and research and feedback details which we may not or cannot publish.  Refer also to the "Sharing Lessons Learned" section.

We can also share open requests when executives tell us that they are searching for a particular type of solution to their needs which we may not have already identified or be able to find easily.  See : open requests for project support in our referral work.

Topic (link to details)

links to another page with details or how to request more information


identify with contact info if authorized to do so

Participant Type


role of the source?

level of authority

Scope of service

location, service provider, and how to contact them


benefit of what they did, quantify impact when possible


what they did to deliver a valuable solution

Local teamwork (company) Corporate (location) High value Made the project planning process much faster and easier, and worked creatively to solve complex needs and save money
Incentives (company) Corporate (provider) Valuable Helped to negotiate valuable incentives
Utility support (company) Corporate (provider) Helpful Helpful coordination of local support made the process easier
Site selection (company) Corporate (provider) High value Consultant compared alternatives quickly and helped negotiate a very good choice
Legal issues (company) Area Rep (provider) Valuable Has helped many investors to deal with local complexities
Real estate Confidential Corporate (provider) Valuable Creative approach to reduce occupancy costs nationwide
Finance Confidential Corporate (provider) High value Structured valuable project finance deal
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