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Please follow this link to the Research section for development magazine content.  The directory of editorial calendars below is no longer being updated.  Instead, you can use the Google search tool in the Research section to find content directly. Disclosure : GDI Solutions may, in the performance of our work to develop relationships among corporate executives, area representatives, and professional service providers in this market, advertise or be quoted for publication in these or other magazines on general topics. 

We do not, however, disclose our discussions with executives about their specific investment interests.

Please let us know if you discover any broken links in the table below.

The table of links below summarizes the editorial calendars for many feature articles.  It  is for the convenience of executives who may wish to refer to recently published or upcoming articles in leading magazines whose readers and advertisers share interests in the market for direct investment projects.  The events list shows where to look for the publishers and their magazines at trade shows.  Their main website is listed for links to other current articles, archives, or reader services beyond the direct links provided here, which only reflect very selective content.

Refer also to the list of location consultants for professional help with specific location decisions beyond the scope of what these magazines and their advertisers can offer to readers as a free service, or contact us for relevant introductions (see how to participate) to area representatives or professional service providers according to your interests.

Although there are global investment features in these publications, this list is focused mainly on features about investment in North America. 

Other information sources for specific countries or areas may be found at the bottom of the regional tables of area representatives.  See Participants

For example, websites with more information about investment in Europe or China would be found in our list of contacts for Europe or China, where there are also links to specific regional maps for convenience.

Some magazines which publish articles about direct investment projects and locations use staff writers, free-lance writers, and leading professional contacts to develop reasonably independent and thorough, well-researched articles about investment considerations. 

Executives should note that not all magazines do this.

In any case, some articles may be of a heavily promotional nature, highlighting positive attributes about areas, with special coverage of areas which advertise and maintain close working relationships. 

It is not necessarily objective, investigative journalism to provide a more balanced overview or to identify problems which may prove to be critical for the interests of a specific investor.

The articles can be useful background, but readers should be cautious in their review of the content.

Some magazines publish articles which, although similar in appearance to independently researched reports, are more comparable to paid "advertorials" based mainly on content provided by advertisers, whether or not such relationships are disclosed openly to readers.

Investors are cautioned in general about reliance on content in such magazines which may be less objective than it sometimes appears.

The tendency of some publications and advertisers to promote their services as equivalent to, or a substitute for, the work of independent location consultants or other professional services is unfortunate in this regard.

These can all be useful services, but they are not the same.  In the same context, professional location consultants are generally very reluctant to be quoted publicly on any negative knowledge about areas.

Magazine content is generally planned and prepared according to the objectives, choices, and scope of knowledge and contacts of the publisher, editor, and writer or researchers involved, which may not always be what is necessary to address the needs of executives who are planning specific investment projects. 

The content of any published information should therefore be read in this context as potentially useful background information for investment planning purposes, but the content is not warranted as reliable information on which to base specific investment decisions.

Investors responsible for major projects are cautioned to do their own "due diligence" work thoroughly to confirm that their decisions are based upon timely and accurate knowledge of all critical issues for their projects.  The direct investment market is dynamic, so historical information should be used in that context.

The website design of Area Development magazine does not offer the ability to link directly to specific articles, which is why it does not appear in the table below even though it is a leading publication in this niche.  Refer instead to their home page for access to any articles.  The same is true of most articles in Site Selection magazine, so refer to their website for details, given the editorial calendar as summarized below.


Some other leading magazines require registration by users to view articles through their websites, so direct links are not available to be provided here for convenience. 

Relevant features may also appear in many other publications (See List In particular, note that The Economist publishes many useful country and industry reviews, as does the Financial Times.

Regions (as defined on this website)  The magazines may organize their regional overview features differently Detailed State or Metro Area Features Expansion Management (Penton) Site Selection (Conway Data) Business Facilities  
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Event Distribution (trade shows or sponsored events)

SAE International, Detroit

MIPIM, Cannes

National Mfg. Week (NAM), Chicago

Bio 2003, Washington CD

CoreNet Global, Toronto

NPE Plastics 2003, Chicago

Comdex Fall, Las Vegas

CoreNet Global, Atlanta

refer to website or editorial calendar - probably includes (typical)

IEDC Annual Conference, Cincinnati


refer to website  

Roundtable in the Rockies, Vail

Media kit: Advertising rate card, ad specs, circulation statistics, and editorial calendar refer to website refer to website refer to website  
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Regional or state reviews refer to website

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Nov 03 Review of state legislative action

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Industry reviews see website or Features By Topic calendar see website or Features By Topic calendar refer to website  
Directory of information sources and contacts Jan 03 Utility contacts Sep 03 Top Utilities Jan 2002 directory issue  
Apr 03 Atlas & Guide with facts and contacts for all 50 US states

May 03 Annual Area Development Directory

Northeast US

and maps

Regional overview   Mar 03 Northeast Region

May 03 New England Region

New York State Dec 03 New York Ratings      
NY City        
Massachusetts State        
Connecticut State        
Rhode Island State        
Maine State        
New Hampshire State        
Vermont State        
Mid-Atlantic US and maps Regional overview

Jul 03 Mid-Atlantic Region

Pennsylvania State May 03 Pennsylvania Ratings      
New Jersey State        
Maryland State        
Delaware State        
Washington DC District Nov 03 Report      
Virginia State Sep 03 Virginia Ratings      
North Carolina State        
West Virginia State        
Southeast US and maps of Florida and other states Regional overview

Jul 03 Southeast Region

Florida State Jun 03 Florida Ratings    
Nov 03 Report
Georgia State        
South Carolina State        
Tennessee State Jan 03 Tennessee Ratings    
Alabama State        
Mississippi State        
Great Lakes US and maps of the eastern and Midwest areas Regional overview   May 03 Upper Midwest Region    
Ohio State    
Kentucky State        
Michigan State        
Indiana State        
Illinois State Apr 03 Illinois Ratings      
Wisconsin State        
Minnesota State        
North Central US and maps Regional overview   Jan 03 Central Plains region    
Iowa State        
Missouri State Feb 03 Missouri Ratings      
Kansas State Jul 03 Kansas Ratings      
Nebraska State        
North Dakota State        
South Dakota State        
South Central US and maps Regional overview   Mar 03 South Central States    
Texas State Oct 03 Texas Ratings      
Oklahoma State        
Arkansas State        
Louisiana State        
Mountain US and maps Regional overview   Sep 03 Rocky Mountain region    
Colorado State Nov 03 Report      
Arizona State Nov 03 Arizona Ratings      
New Mexico State Nov 03 Report      
Utah State Nov 03 Report      
Wyoming State        
Montana State        
Idaho State        
West Coast US and maps of the Northwest, California, and Alaska, Hawaii Regional overview   Jan 03 Pacific Northwest region    
California State Aug 03 California Ratings    
Oregon State        
Washington State        
Nevada State        
Alaska State        
Hawaii State        
Annual review of major projects     May 03 "Top Deal" feature about 2002 projects    
US national investment trends          
US State rankings & awards     Mar 03 The "Governor's Cup"

May 03 Top Economic Development Groups

US City / Region rankings   Jan 03 Hot 50 cities Mar 03 Top metros and small towns    
Jun 03 Top US cities for EU investors
Canada and maps National overview Mar 03 Canada Ratings

May 03 Canada 2003

Nov 03 Canadian High Tech insert
Atlantic Canada Provinces    
Quebec Province        
Ontario Province        
Western Canada Provinces        
Europe and maps Regional overview EU Region Jun 03 Expanding in EU vs US Jul 03 European Project Update    
Dec 03 European Outlook
EU cities Nov 03 Europe's Cities report      
UK and maps Country Nov 03 United Kingdom      
Ireland and maps Country        
Netherlands, Belgium, Lux. Countries        
Germany, Austria, Switzerland Countries        
France Country        
Spain, Portugal Countries        
Other Western Countries        
Eastern Europe Countries        
 Mexico and map Country Dec 03 Mexico Outlook      
Major cities        
Central America & Caribbean   Nov 03 Caribbean update      
South America Region Dec 03 Latin American opportunities      
Australia, New Zealand and maps   Nov 03 Australian ICT      
China and Taiwan and maps   Dec 03 Hong Kong / Asian Report      
Japan and maps          
Korea and maps          
Southeast Asia and maps          
South Asia and maps          
Middle East and maps          
Africa and maps          
Global direct investment trends     Sep 03 Global Infrastructure Report and Global Superprojects    
Global location rankings          

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