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Bruce Donnelly    (Biography)

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What is GDI Solutions?   Who does it serve? 

The vision of "Corporate Development for a Networked World" means adding value through personal introductions, research work, and innovative services which benefit three related networks of participants and contacts :

Top executives facing strategic choices about where they do business, such as where to establish, expand, move, or restructure their operations or alliances as markets or plans change.
Professional service providers for faster and better planning and implementation of capital investment projects by companies in North America, Europe, Asia or worldwide.
Economic development professionals representing areas such as local communities or regions - county, city, state, province, country - which are motivated to attract and retain companies.
GDI - Global Direct Investment - is where cross-border collaboration comes together between organizations with mutual interests in successful business development in communities.
Benefits to participants  (note that subtitles and graphics usually link to details) and how to request a relevant directory listing

GDI Solutions shares market knowledge and research, and introduces these three groups to each other as requested by the responsible executives so that direct investment projects can be developed faster and with better outcomes such as:

  • successful investment even in previously unfamiliar but very advantageous locations for a project,
  • lower initial capital investment and lower ongoing costs to achieve the project objectives faster and more profitably,
  • fewer unforeseen issues and unexpected project delays, with less "red tape" and reduced risk exposures,
  • better use of valuable executive time and other limited resources to achieve the corporate objectives, and
  • avoidance of costly mistakes which might have been identifiable through the experience of similar investors or the support work of specialists.

How is GDI Solutions funded?

The company is funded by the work we perform for leading professional service providers and area representatives.

They support this free and confidential service for corporate executives because it also serves their own needs for a more efficient marketplace in which executives can easily learn about their capabilities and know how to reach them when necessary.

They support our independent work because they have capabilities to deliver valuable services to far more executives than they might reach by their own efforts.

Project Confidentiality

Corporate investment plans are only shared as agreed by participating executives.  Introductory referrals and research are similarly driven by investor preferences and known service capabilities, and are not limited exclusively to the participating organizations.

How the work is performed

The mission will be achieved through independent work to develop, maintain, and share the necessary personal relationships and market knowledge or research as a free shared service to corporate executives, supporting a wide variety of investment projects and alliances in many industry sectors and locations worldwide. 

Our current focus is mainly on the support of major projects (loosely defined as involving 50 or more jobs within three years) at large or fast-growing companies, although we can help others too.  The projects are typically expected to have a significant impact on both company performance and the communities in which they choose to operate.

The work supports direct investment projects and alliances from the very earliest stages of strategic planning through the project definition and location selection process, including negotiations, implementation, and continued development of such projects ("aftercare" services, expansion, and retention).  This may involve a variety of participants in our process at appropriate stages of project development.

What is free?  What isn't?  Why?

Almost all work for corporate executives is free.  Basic participation in the GUIDE Network is free to all area representatives who respond to the Network Survey. 

Other services are performed for fees based upon the work involved to develop the necessary relationships and maintain the required contacts and market knowledge.

How does GDI Solutions differ from associations or other services?

We focus on personal, relevant, confidential introductions on an independent basis according to the needs of top executives.

We maintain a large knowledgebase and global networks of contacts to meet common needs of executives for investment projects, and we can research special needs rapidly.

This website demonstrates part of that capability.  It proves what we can deliver.

We know of no other organization which does what we do.

If you discover one, please let us know.

Service Highlights

This link provides more details about how our services add value for participants.  See also the Graphical Executive Summary about our relationship development work, the graphic illustration of the role of our GUIDE services to support investment decisions, and the graphical "funnel" illustrating how the investment support process works (both SICR and GUIDE together)

Who are the potential "participants"?

Aside from active or potential "participants", GDI Solutions has already identified thousands of other useful contacts and information resources to assist investors, some of which are selectively identified in the same lists where the active participants will be shown on this website, simply for ease of reference by investors.  In short, we will openly disclose all our relationships with service providers, and make it very easy to learn of their capabilities and contact them, but this will not be to the exclusion of other service providers who we consider to be of potential interest to investors, who will simply be listed in less detail.

New participants will generally be highlighted in the News or Special Interest section of this website as they join or as significant announcements are made.  The scope of their participation in these services, as well as any links to related information about their own services, will be available for reference through the Participants section.

Who is behind this business? 

The business was founded by Bruce Donnelly after more than a decade of professional work in this niche, and more than twenty years of international experience.  Similar professionals have already been identified for potential recruitment as soon as funding permits, and other highly-qualified candidates will be sought (see Careers) to develop a global team of specialists to support active participants.  We are also now supported in Europe by Phil Eadon, based in County Durham England.

As our team grows, Biographic Profiles will be added to highlight the experience and specialty of each professional, such as responsibilities by geographic area or industry, and highlight other professionals

Bruce Donnelly, President


Global Direct Investment Solutions, Inc.

P.O. Box 439

Fox River Grove, IL 60021-0439

TEL 847-304-4655     FAX 847-304-5375

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