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The process "To Participate" more actively in our work is explained separately for the three networks of contacts we serve.

See how to request a relevant directory listing  Refer also to the Introduction to Global Direct Investment Solutions for background about this business.

In short, just contact us at 847-304-4655 or by e-mail  if you are interested in participating actively in any of our services.

We hope that the extensive information available on this website will also make it easier to understand the potential benefits of our services, but executives are encouraged to contact us directly.  

This website isn't intended to be a "do it yourself" tool.  It just introduces the scope of available assistance, and provides a faster response for many routine research needs by sharing basic knowledge and contacts on a global 24x7 basis for links to thousands of sources of information.

The choice to participate is hopefully as easy as the process we have created to do it.

It's free for executives.

It should prove to be a good value for area representatives and service providers relative to alternative ways to reach executives who are known to be genuinely interested in the capabilities they can offer.

We don't expect anyone to read through this entire website, but by organizing so much information in advance, we hope you can quickly find whatever you need, and will decide to participate soon.  If not, please let us know, as we welcome suggestions for improvement while we continue to develop our services with the active participants.

The website design makes it easy for us to update the content quickly and respond effectively to questions which potential participants may share.  Despite the volume of content, we hope it proves easy to find what you need.  Note the "Shortcuts" table in this regard.

The website should also make it easy to accompany the progress of GDI Solutions, both in terms of participation levels and our focus on connecting executives with major projects to the people who can help them.  As we grow, we'll be able to offer more and better introductions, and share valuable market knowledge easily through this site.

As the business grows, the website will necessarily become more sophisticated to deal with the needs of participants even better.  For now, however, this is already enough to start getting the job done.

We encourage executives who may have future responsibility for major projects (affecting over 50 new or relocated or lost jobs, somewhere in the world) to contact us and consider participating actively even if there are no immediate project plans at this time. 

We try to prepare in advance for the support of any major project which seems likely to happen within the next 3-5 years, rather than just the "hot" projects or those which are ready for an active "site search".

We also welcome any suggestions or corrections for the lists in the Participants and contacts section.

In particular, we need to grow the base of participants and shared knowledge and contacts among economic development professionals as rapidly as possible.  We already know how to reach thousands of contacts, as the sample lists of contacts shows, but we need to work together to expand the knowledge we can share with executives.

We welcome all areas to participate in the free GUIDE Network Survey to update our basic contact records, but as the examples show, the GUIDE Area Profiles are even more important to our support process.

The GUIDE services organize knowledge to serve executives better, including more appropriate introductions, while SICR enables us to do the relationship development work to reach more such executives.

Participation in the GUIDE Area Profile process should be viable for many area representatives, and can be developed quickly within the current budget constraints facing many areas.  It will help us to share much better knowledge about all the participating areas.

We also welcome feedback from executives about their level of interest in the various services, especially if we may disclose such interest so that potential participants see evidence of actual "demand" for new services such as the GUIDE Area Profiles, Area Reports, or Experience Reports, because they would need to invest in such work.

They need to know : If they invest in such work, will executives use it?  Will it help introduce their services or areas to executives?  Which services, or what specific content, is likely to be of greatest interest?  After all, their resources are limited, so they need to focus their work.

We launched this business officially at the IEDC Annual Conference, September 22-25, 2002, in Oakland CA and the CoreNet Global Summit in San Diego in November 2002.

Our initial launch work was to make professional service providers and area representatives aware of what we are doing, so that we can work together to support executives.  The launch work among corporate executives, to make them aware of the service and support their plans, started early in 2003.

Early participants will be highlighted through our initial promotional work, which will be modest at first (simple booth), but grow as participation levels and resources increase.

Executive feedback will also help us in choices about the priorities in the use of our limited time and research resources, and in our selection of active participants.

For example, if we discover through feedback from executives that better information about investment contacts and information sources in a particular region are of strong interest, then we can focus our own research efforts on providing such information, and can encourage professional service providers and area representatives with relevant knowledge in those areas to participate more actively for that purpose.

Some of our initial promotional work had already identified over 100 potential projects by September 2002, including 30 of sufficient scale to be of likely interest to professional service providers, and the work is really just beginning.  By September 2003, the list was much larger.

That list of future projects, which we do not publicize because of confidentiality constraints, should grow rapidly as the business launch proceeds in 2004.

We also hope that referrals will expand our reach as more executives and professional advisors become aware of our work.

Please also note that we welcome referrals, such as to any executives who are known to have active or longer term project plans or responsibilities. 

We also welcome feedback from executives to share "lessons learned" and "proven solutions" from past projects.

We are already starting the promotional work to make thousands of top executives aware of this service, and will expand that effort as quickly as resources permit through growth in both the number of participants and the services provided to them, such as SICR and GUIDE. 

It takes time and resources to develop and maintain the relationships necessary for this service to succeed, which is why active participation to support our work is vital to the process.  We cannot do work of this nature without the financial support of those who benefit from it.

Please be patient with us during this startup phase, which is going to be fast-paced and very demanding, but we already intend to try to adhere to our service level goals for corporate executives from the very start, so that even the earliest participants should be happy with the support the receive while we are expanding and improving our capabilities to serve them as quickly as possible. As we attract more participants and greater levels of participation, we also intend to steadily grow the number of relationship development executives who we employ to divide the work and continue to expand our reach in this market. 

Please refer to the Careers section if that may be of interest, since we maintain a list of candidates so that we can act very quickly.  

We welcome resumes, but given the focus of our startup work at the moment, we may not be able to discuss them promptly and follow up with all applicants.  We maintain a file of applicants, and then contact them as appropriate to our needs at the time.

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