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How do the participants benefit?

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Major projects often involve tens of millions of dollars in investment.  To justify such capital investments, this obviously involves much larger flows of revenues and costs over a period of many, many years.  The time value of the revenue and cost differences between investment alternatives can be great, and the choices can have a major impact on the success of the company in markets of strategic importance.  Business location choices have a high value.

In short, it is very important to get the investment decision right.  It can also be very difficult to find reliable information, or professional services which are well-matched to the needs of a specific project.

The ability to offer creative, independent suggestions based upon knowledge and contacts developed through the support of other companies can obviously deliver high value.

Our feedback process among investors is intended to proactively gather knowledge about "proven solutions" and "lessons learned" which can be applied to the challenges of future investors. 

Our local research, such as the various GUIDE services, is designed to focus upon practical issues which can help to differentiate among location alternatives more effectively than through simple data screening.  The process is designed to develop valuable "off the shelf" knowledge which remains timely through the work of local contacts.  Unlike general statistical databases and other sources which are compiled for other reasons, the information is focused on the typical interests of potential investors in an area.

Relevant introductions can shorten a project timeline dramatically, and improve the prospects of success.  What is the value of developing a project rapidly?  In some industries, it can make the difference between a successful project and one which misses the opportunity.

The benefit therefore isn't simply the fact that we do this work for free.  The benefit is the high value which the work can offer.

Professional Service Providers

This is uncomplicated.  Sales.  Profits.  What is the value of reaching one executive who is actually seriously interested in your services?

Once again, we don't push any one service.  We work together to understand capabilities so we can make relevant introductions quickly. 

A well-qualified introduction is beneficial to both the service provider and the corporate executive, because it cuts through all the potential time and effort to find a good solution to a real need.

A less obvious benefit is that, if we can create a better flow of good opportunities among potential new clients, that frees the professional to invest more time and effort on the relationships with existing clients.  We certainly do not expect to replace the sales function, but we can minimize the time and resources which are typically spent on less effective marketing activities to identify and reach new clients.

Area Representatives

Very few investment promotion organizations have the resources to identify and attract major direct investment projects from around the world.  Indeed, it can be very difficult for them to even get in the door to meet with top executives.  As a shared service, however, it is possible for us to do this very efficiently.  We also have far more to offer to any executive than just the attractions of one specific location.

What is the economic impact on a community of attracting one major investment project?  How will potential investors learn about what the area has to offer?  How will the executives find the right contacts?  The benefits of participation should be pretty self-evident.

Although we are not pushing any one location, the creation of a far more efficient marketplace is in the interest of many areas, and especially those which have a hard time getting noticed by investors, or getting past outdated assumptions or stereotypes about business conditions in their area.  Through processes such as GUIDE, we can make it much easier for executives to identify and consider locations which they might otherwise ignore or screen out for the wrong reasons.  Simplistic data screening can be very misleading.

Consider the two examples of GUIDE Area Profiles which we have chosen to illustrate our potential services.  In the case of County Durham, England, a data screen for population centers could be very misleading.  County Durham is very large, with a lot of open country, but the urban areas are densely populated and located between two larger cities.  Within a 25 mile radius, the population is therefore roughly 2.5 million people, even though a database search at the city or county level might screen out Durham as a small city or a county with a low population density.

Similarly, the Tri-Cities region of Washington covers nearly 3000 square miles, most of which is very sparsely populated because of the vast government-owned Hanford Site.  A data screen based on the county level population density could be very misleading, as could data on any one of the three cities.  The metro area, with a 200,000 population, has more to offer than a raw statistical database search might ever suggest.

It requires local market knowledge to differentiate one community from another as a place to do business.  If such knowledge is not even applied until the very end of a search, rather than at the exploratory or "long list" stage, many good locations may never get serious consideration.

The benefit of our approach is simple.  We focus on making local knowledge readily available in a consistent way to top executives so that it is easier for them to evaluate any participating location which might be of potential interest.  We can't guarantee how that will affect the flow of projects to any given location, but by working together to share greater knowledge of the area, all participants should benefit.


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