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How is GDI Solutions funded?

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Global Direct Investment Solutions, Inc. is a corporation funded initially by private capital during the startup process.  There is no intention to do a public offering in the future.

Earnings from services will generally be reinvested in further growth of the capabilities to better serve participants.

Growth of the company will be funded by growth in the number of active participants in the services which GDI Solutions offers to area representatives and professional service providers, and by selling additional services to such participants as they become more confident in the value which such services can actually deliver for their purposes (such as the GUIDE Reports).

Given the project-oriented nature of the business, which is sensitive to changes in the overall economic environment, business capacity levels, industry trends, and the specific growth or consolidation strategies and decisions by executives which drive direct investment projects, it is difficult to predict how quickly individual participants will benefit from some of the referral services.  This, in turn, may limit the initial growth of the services until any skepticism about the value of all the services is overcome by a growing track record of achievements.

For example, it will take time to develop a sufficient base of corporate relationships, and to identify and support enough active projects from start to finish, to satisfy the expectations of all potential participants among the professional service providers or area representatives who might wish to be introduced to such investors. 

Since area representatives might all want to meet any major investor with any plausible interest in their services, there will necessarily be disappointments simply because it isn't appropriate for everyone to be introduced to every investor.  Choices must be made, but those are driven by the executive, not ourselves, as the graphic explanation of the process illustrates.

In particular, since such introductions are driven by the choices of the executives involved, the flow of introductory referrals to any single area representative or service provider will always be unpredictable in any given interval of time.  Over time, however, all participants should see benefits from the services, which are not limited exclusively to the "lead generation" value of making well-qualified introductory referrals.

As the number and quality of working relationships grow, and the flow of referrals grows, all participants should benefit as a "rising tide raises all boats"

It will take time and resources to grow all three networks and the quality of working relationships so that the base of knowledge and contacts available to serve corporate executives and other participants can exceed expectations. 

These are potentially very large networks of contacts, with a diverse range of needs and capabilities worldwide, requiring the effective organization of an enormous amount of direct investment market knowledge to serve all the participants well.

This will require talented people, time, and considerable resources to achieve, and will only be possible by working closely with all of the active participants.

For example, participation by area representatives and professional service providers in the SICR service will fund the growth of the team of relationship development leaders who can identify, reach, and develop valuable working relationships among corporate executives who are responsible for major direct investment projects. 

This will also require other marketing and research investments to support the corporate relationship development work.  The SICR funding also supports the work required to remain familiar with the capabilities of such participants so that more appropriate introductions can be made.  This may be complemented by GUIDE services.

Similarly, participation by area representatives and professional services in the various GUIDE services will fund the growth and quality of the very timely and more reliable base of market knowledge necessary to support corporate executives.

GUIDE participation also supports development of closer working relationships with the area representatives or service providers so that their capabilities and interests are familiar and reinforced by knowledge of the experiences of prior investors.

In general, corporate participants in the services of GDI Solutions will not pay us directly for our support.  Instead, their participation and their projects fund our services indirectly by providing a strong reason for area representatives and professional service providers to actively participate and thereby improve the scope and quality of the market knowledge and contacts available to support business.

An exception would be custom research work which is unique to the needs of one corporate participant, or a small number of participants, and beyond the scope of free services which can be justifiably offered with the current funding provided by other participants.  In such exceptional situations, the corporate participants would be asked to fund such custom research.  A more typical scenario, however, is that we would attempt to identify suitable professionals to perform such research work, and then introduce them, so that the executives might hire them directly.  We would be more likely to get involved when multiple companies want to sponsor research, in which case we would subcontract whatever work we should not perform ourselves.

Of course, contributions by satisfied contacts and supporters of our work are always welcome, too!  Call us to discuss that.  Executives who find these services to be very valuable for their purposes, and would like to see such services grow faster or expand in scope beyond what the other participants have funded, are always encouraged to talk to us about how to work together to further improve our services.

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