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The Corporate Direct Investment Decision "Funnel"

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The graphic below shows how corporate executives are supported by the network of participants, contacts and information sources or research work to progress from the earliest stages of project planning anywhere in the world through the entire process of support.

The lower part of the graphic shows a project from the perspective of the area representatives who seek to attract, support, and retain projects in their areas.  Many areas will typically be competitors for major projects, and the graphic shows how that process is often structured by executives.

Our work is free to executives because it is built upon the foundation of the high value of direct investment projects to the participating areas which successfully attract and retain such projects.  Similarly, leading professional service providers profit by helping executives to plan and implement major investments.   That foundation is shown at the bottom.

As can be seen, the GUIDE process helps us to prepare for whatever major project enquiries may come along, whether identified through our proactive SICR work to develop ongoing support relationships among top executives or through unexpected enquiries and referrals.

Both the GUIDE and SICR services grow our knowledge-base and network of contacts and useful information sources to benefit such investors.  We don't pretend to already be experts in every potential issue, everywhere, for every type of project which might ever arise.  We are simply developing a knowledge sharing and management process to make better use of whatever expertise we can identify among our growing networks of contacts, and through our own research efforts and direct experience in this niche.


In summary, we introduce top executives to shared knowledge and research and valuable professional contacts such as leading service providers and area representatives by doing the prior relationship development and research work to be prepared to support many scenarios among participants. 

We also support executives before they may even want to be introduced to such specialists, such as during preliminary strategic planning work.

We welcome new participants !

We are independent.  Although our work is funded by active participants among our Network of leading professional service providers and area representatives, we aren't in the business of "pushing" one area or service.

We can also help to identify and reach more contacts than are listed on this website.  Our role is to help find and introduce solutions which can add high value to corporate development efforts.



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