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Refer to our new website for powerful new custom search tools about business locations or professional services.  Try Search: Americas or Search: Global CRE
The links in the matrix below refer to GUIDE content topics (across) by region (Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific) or by industry .  The basic premise behind GUIDE (Globally Uniform Investment Data & Experience) is to share information about this market in a globally consistent and independent way.

We have also highlighted various custom search tools and directories below.  These complement our Google site search tool for the content of this website alone.

Please contact us if we may personally address specific interests through our experience, market research capabilities, networks, and private introductory referrals in confidence.  Our role in such introductions is analogous to a concierge service.

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It provides other custom research and tools for business location selection work.

We welcome suggestions , including additions or updates.

See how to request a relevant directory listing .  There are many directories with links to over 25,000 resources and related content to openly share market knowledge about business locations worldwide as well as professional service provider capabilities by specialty.

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USA Search Europe Search Event Search Professional Biographies
Invest USA Directory  NAFTA Invest in Europe Directory US Governors Directory Technology clusters and parks
Area Profiles   Area Surveys Global Contacts Directory US Foreign-Trade Zones BRAC military base closures
State directories of US regional, county, city, and utility economic development organizations and chambers of commerce which promote new business investment.  These include state and local map links.


Northeast          NY   CT   MA   RI   NH  VT  ME

Mid-Atlantic       PA   NJ   MD   DE   DC   WV   VA   NC

Southeast         SC   GA   FL   AL   MS   TN

Great Lakes      KY   OH   MI   IN    IL   WI   MN

North Central     MO  IA   KS   NE   ND  SD

South Central    TX   OK   AR   LA

Mountain          AZ   NM  CO   UT    WY   ID   MT

West Coast      CA  NV   OR   WA   HI   AK

Economic development directory - alphabetical list by state for convenience.  These are the same links as provided by the abbreviations at left (which are not familiar to all foreign visitors)

See how to request a relevant directory listing

Alabama   Alaska   Arizona  Arkansas  California  Colorado  Connecticut  Delaware  Florida  Georgia   Hawaii  Idaho  Illinois  Indiana  Iowa  Kansas  Kentucky  Louisiana  Maine  Maryland  Massachusetts  Michigan  Minnesota  Mississippi  Missouri  Montana  Nebraska  Nevada  New Hampshire  New Jersey  New Mexico  New York  North Carolina  North Dakota  Ohio  Oklahoma  Oregon  Pennsylvania  Rhode Island  South Carolina  South Dakota  Tennessee  Texas   Utah  Vermont  Virginia  Washington   West Virginia   Wisconsin   Wyoming


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GUIDE (Globally Uniform Investment Data & Experience) is our process to organize local market knowledge, research, and contacts in a globally consistent way for the convenience of executives and advisors responsible for capital investment project plans.  The buttons below link to GUIDE content on topics of common interest to investors and advisors. The capabilities of Area Representatives (economic development organizations, also known as investment promotion agencies or IPA's) and professional service providers can be highlighted through Area Profiles or Service Profiles to add value by making it easier for executives and advisors to find them whenever their services are needed.
GUIDE Area Profiles share timely local market knowledge and contacts as an executive summary presentation about what differentiates participating areas, and organize links to related content in a consistent way to find information which is often of interest. GUIDE Area Surveys are brief executive summary presentations about business locations as provided by the representatives of the areas involved for publication through this channel.  This is an economical way for them to attract attention through relevant search work.
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Americas USA Search Area Search Media Search CRE Search Pro Search Economic research Tax Research sources HR research sources Map sources
Invest USA: US Regional and State Directories of Contacts GUIDE Area Profiles GUIDE Network Survey Replies fDi magazine Search back issues or fDi ads and articles Selective Corporate Real Estate Listings and CRE listing services

Selective Lists of  Recent Projects

and Project Tracking Services

State "Point of View" articles

Data Pointers

Corporate tax & investment Incentive specialists Labor market & training info Regional maps and GIS map tools

See also state directories

US Northeast Regional economic development US Northeast Area Profiles US Northeast Area Surveys CT  MA  ME  NH  NY  RI  VT US Northeast CRE properties US Northeast region project announcements

"Why invest in"

Northeast states

US Northeast incentives info US Northeast HR info US Northeast maps and local GIS maps
US Mid Atlantic Regional economic development US Mid-Atlantic Area Profiles US Mid-Atlantic Area Surveys DC  DE  MD  NC  NJ  PA  WV  VA US Mid-Atlantic CRE properties US Mid-Atlantic region project announcements

"Why invest in"

Mid-Atlantic states

US Mid-Atlantic incentives info US Mid-Atlantic HR info US Mid-Atlantic maps and local GIS maps
US Southeast Regional economic development US Southeast Area Profiles US Southeast Area Surveys AL  FL  GA  MS  SC  TN US Southeast CRE properties US Southeast region project announcements

"Why invest in"

Southeast states

US Southeast incentives info US Southeast HR info US Southeast and Florida maps and local GIS maps
US Great Lakes Regional economic development US Great Lakes Area Profiles US Great Lakes Area Surveys IL  IN  KY  MI  MN  OH  WI  US Great Lakes CRE properties Eastern and Midwest Great Lakes project announcements

"Why invest in"

Great Lakes states

US Great Lakes incentives info US Great Lakes HR info US Great Lakes and Midwest maps and local GIS maps
US North Central Regional economic development US North Central Area Profiles US North Central Area Surveys IA  KS  MO  ND  NE  SD US North Central CRE properties US North Central region project announcements

"Why invest in"

North Central states

US North Central incentives info US North Central HR info US North Central maps and local GIS maps
US South Central Regional economic development US South Central Area Profiles US South Central Area Surveys AR  LA  OK  TX US South Central CRE properties US South Central project announcements

"Why invest in"

South Central states

US South Central incentives info US South Central HR info US South Central maps and local GIS maps
US Mountain Regional economic development US Mountain Region Area Profiles US Mountain Region Area Surveys AZ  CO  ID  MT  NM  UT  WY US Mountain region CRE properties US Mountain region project announcements

"Why invest in"

Mountain states

US Mountain incentives info US Mountain HR info US Mountain region maps and local GIS maps
US West Coast Regional economic development US West Coast Area Profiles US West Coast Area Surveys AK  CA  HI  NV  OR  WA US West Coast region CRE properties US West Coast region project announcements

"Why invest in"

West Coast states

US West Coast incentives info US West Coast HR info US West Coast and Northwest maps and local GIS maps
Canada Regional economic development Canada Area Profiles Canada Area Surveys Canada articles Canada CRE properties Canada project announcements   Canada incentives info Canada HR info Canada maps and local GIS maps
Mexico Regional economic development Mexico Area Profiles Mexico Area Surveys Mexico articles Mexico CRE properties Mexico project announcements   Mexico incentives info Mexico HR info Mexico maps and local GIS maps
Central America, Caribbean Central American and Caribbean Area Profiles Central American and Caribbean Area Surveys Central America & Caribbean articles Central America & Caribbean CRE properties Central America & Caribbean project announcements   Central America & Caribbean incentives info Central America & Caribbean HR info Central America & Caribbean maps
South America South America Area Profiles South American Area Surveys South America articles South America CRE properties South America project announcements   South America incentives info South America HR info South America maps and Brazil
EMEA Europe Search Area Survey PDF form Media Search

CRE Search

Project Tracking

Economic research Tax research sources HR research sources Map sources
EMEA Regional and Local Directories of  Contacts GUIDE Area Profiles GUIDE Network Survey Replies fDi magazine search back issues Service Profiles and Selective Corporate Real Estate Listings

Selective Lists of  Recent Projects

Data Pointers Taxes & Incentives Labor market & training info Regional maps and GIS map tools
Invest in Europe Directory Europe Area Profiles Europe Area Surveys Europe articles European CRE properties Europe project announcements   Europe business incentives info Europe HR info Regional and national Europe maps
Central EU enlargement Central EU Area Profiles Central EU Area Surveys Central EU articles Central EU CRE properties Central EU project announcements        
Middle East Middle East Area Profiles   Middle East articles Middle East CRE properties Middle East project announcements     Middle East HR info Middle East maps
Africa Africa Area Profiles   Africa articles Africa CRE properties Africa project announcements     Africa HR info Africa maps
Asia Pacific   Area Survey PDF form Media Search

CRE Search

Project Tracking

Economic research Tax research sources HR research sources Map sources
Asia Pacific Regional and Local Directories of Contacts GUIDE Area Profiles GUIDE Network Survey Replies fDi magazine search back issues Service Profiles and Selective Corporate Real Estate Listings

Selective Lists of Recent Projects

Data Pointers Taxes & Incentives Labor market & training info Regional maps and GIS map tools
China, Taiwan     China articles China CRE properties China FDI projects   China business incentives info China HR info China maps
Korea Korea Area Profiles   Korea articles Korea CRE properties Korea FDI projects   Korea business incentives info Korea HR info Korea maps
Japan     Japan articles   Japan FDI projects   Japan business incentives info Japan HR info Japan maps
Southeast Asia     Southeast Asia articles   Southeast Asia FDI projects   Southeast Asia incentives info Southeast Asia HR info Southeast Asia maps
Australia, New Zealand Australia & New Zealand Area Profiles   Australia & New Zealand articles   Australia & New Zealand projects   Australia & New Zealand incentives info Australia & New Zealand HR info Australia & New Zealand maps
South Asia South Asia Area Profiles South Asia Area Surveys South Asia articles   South Asia projects   South Asia incentives info   South Asia maps
Industries Media Search Event Search

Project tracking services

Research Sources fDi magazine industry sector reports - search back issues or fDi ads, articles Event Recall Selective Lists of Recent Projects by Industry (or Region) GUIDE Cluster Profiles GUIDE Industry Profiles
Advanced materials          
Aerospace Aerospace industry articles   Aerospace    
Automotive Automotive industry articles SAE, ANWC Automotive    
Biotechnology regional biotech clusters

April 2004 story about the BIO conference and development agencies

BIO Biotech, Life Sciences    
Call Centers / Contact Centers & Shared Services Shared services centers

Recruitment of a multilingual workforce - as in shared services, call centers

Chemical     Chemicals    
Computer Equipment Information and communications technology (ICT)        
Corporate real estate services   CoreNet, MIPIM, ExpoReal      
Defense       BRAC Directory  
Electronics and consumer electronics          
Financial Services          
Food Processing   FMI Food processing    
General Manufacturing, Industrial Equipment   NAM/NMW      
Logistics, Materials handling, supply chain          
Machine Tools   IMTS      
Medical Device & Health Products, Healthcare     Medical Devices & Health    
Nanotechnology Nanotechnology        
Packaging   PackExpo Packaging    
Pharmaceutical     Pharmaceutical    
Photonics and optics          
Plastics   NPE Plastics    
Recreational Products     Recreational Products    

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