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We specialize in personal, independent introductions to relevant professional service providers such as business location strategy consultants and our many economic development contacts according to the project interests of the executives we serve.

Our new website makes it easier to research potential business locations through custom search tools such as Search: Americas

Please contact us to discuss such services or introductory referrals.


The International Business Introduction Service

for Technology-Led Business Cluster Development


Background Information about this unique B2B service

Contact : Phil Eadon - Biographic Profile

Thank you for your early support of this business.

See also Highlights for other participants

We may be able to help you find new clients.  Contact us about this.

Highlights :

We appreciate the support and interest in our services by the firms highlighted above.  We welcome additional active participants from various specialties so that we may improve and expand our services for corporate executives, professional service providers, and many area representatives

We will support economic development and investment promotion worldwide by developing more and better relationships among executives according to their direct investment project needs.

We're proud to have sponsored the 2004 Economic Development Leadership and Accomplishment Awards, as in 2003.


The Google site search (button at upper right of every page) is a fast and easy way to find content on this website.  We have also developed other custom search tools at

Our vision is to improve market efficiency for direct investment projects through personal introductions of leading professionals for investment

From Anywhere, To Anywhere

If you contact other professionals or area representatives

through the many links provided by this website,

please let them know how you found them,

 encourage them to support our work by using our services,

and please consider participating more actively in our work.

We have many professional contacts in this niche, both among service providers and area representatives, as this website demonstrates.  We welcome participation in what we refer to as our free GUIDE Network, and active participation will enable us to reach more executives and make more project referrals.  Please also note our commitment to project confidentiality.

We appreciate your patience and support during the launch phase of this new business, which reflects a new vision for a more efficient marketplace to bring investors, investment services, and investment opportunities together.

Tip: A new feature under development provides listings of major properties.  This may be of special interest when dealing with major facility closures.  It is not intended to be a comprehensive list.  Instead, it can help you to find property lists, and highlights unique situations from a business perspective, rather than just describing a site or building. Tip : The Maps button (above right, in the header) is a shortcut to regional lists of area representatives and information sources worldwide
Tip : The section on Professional Awards and Comparative Rankings, or on magazine features by region or by topic may make it easier to find relevant articles, or to know when articles are planned in which you might wish to participate as a source of information.  New features for "tombstones" or Project Profiles and Testimonials may also be of interest. Tip : A new feature will highlight "Point of View" analysis of locations, whether by local area representatives or professional service providers.  This can also be a way to highlight your own knowledge of an area and professional capabilities.  There is also a new "Data Pointers" service to make it easier to find standardized data about areas, such as data which conforms to the IEDC data guidelines, wherever it is published.

Download a 2 page article (Adobe PDF) summarizing what we do.

Special offers and current service pricing (Adobe PDF) are openly disclosed.

We highlight working relationships with area representatives and service providers

through our lists of contacts for executives by region or professional specialty.


Our 2004 marketing campaign is proceeding as planned.  Please participate.

Your support provides the resources necessary to maintain timely knowledge of your capabilities and the value you can deliver, and to develop relevant referrals.

The resources we earn through our services to economic development organizations are applied to the marketing and relationship development work we perform to reach more executives about their investment interests.

Please encourage your area representative contacts to take advantage of our services so that we can ramp up this business faster and provide well-qualified referrals more effectively and economically.  You can both share the benefits of our work to create an efficient channel for investors to find the services they need.

We welcome suggestions for improvement to the content.

If you discover broken links to any of the thousands of websites we list, or other corrections, please let us know.

We also welcome your insights (lessons learned, proven solutions, etc.) which we can share openly with executives, as well as referrals when your contacts need services which you do not offer.
Scroll down for selective links to content on this website. 

See Display if the full width of this page or any other does not appear in your browser, or for some other tips about working with this website.  This website was designed for high resolution display settings (1280x1024 or more).

This page is intended to serve as an alternate page for professionals who advise executives about corporate investment decisions, or who help to implement their projects.  We will use this page in the future to highlight content of special interest.

The regular "Professionals" page, available through the button at left, contains similar shortcuts to content with fewer highlights or explanations.

Refer also to sections for our various

new "point of sale" GUIDE services for


"Point of View" Analysis


HR Market Profiles

We also welcome suggestions for our  Research section, which is intended to make it easier to quickly find published sources of reference information.  If you find a good source, help us to share it.


That would include suggestions for handling B2B alliance searches, such as for companies to work together for the commercialization of new technology or entry into new markets.


Visit our Bookshelf suggestions.

We welcome yours, too.

Tip : these shortcuts can be found at the bottom of many pages to make it easier to navigate quickly to whatever page you need.
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Please tell area representatives how you found them, and encourage them to support our work so that we can make better knowledge available.

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Our new "advertising recall" service selectively highlights recently published ads, or banner ads and buttons, with website links and contacts for easy reference.

A similar "event recall" service highlights event sponsors, exhibitors, and speakers as opportunities to meet, and as a potential indication of their industry focus .

Our selective list of local "familiarization tours" and special promotional activities may interest executives and their advisors as a way to learn about some areas.

The list of professional business location consultants, other service providers, and "consultant tips" may be helpful to identify resources for project planning.

We selectively highlight available promotional materials such as labor market profiles or other potentially useful research reflecting local market knowledge.

There is also a new service to highlight "Point of View" analysis by professionals who identify verifiable data sources as they share their own local market knowledge.

Major project announcements and GUIDE Project Profiles by area (selective lists) - see also by Industry
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The above links are to selective lists of project announcements from the past few years, which we use to highlight openly published details and contacts for easy reference.

We list major project announcements here for the convenience of investors and their advisors to recognize developments of potential interest in a region or industry.

There are professional research services which track and analyze trends in project announcements for their clients more comprehensively.  That is not our business.

Published articles about investment activity can also be found through our selective summary of editorial calendars by region or by topic, and our list of publishers.

Trade promotion or other business development programs - whether at the local, regional, or national levels
These lists are under development, as they are not the main focus of our work with direct investment projects, but may sometimes be helpful resources for executives.
B2B Alliances, R&D Commercialization NAFTA  or FTAA European Union APEC
Selective lists of major companies, their websites, and local area representatives organized by location  (under development, suggestions welcome)
US : Northeast    NY   CT   MA US : Great Lakes    OH  MI  IL  WI  MN Canada Mexico
US : Mid Atlantic   PA  NJ  MD  VA  NC US : North Central US : Mountain South America
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Northern CA , Southern CA

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This section will be used in the future according to feedback from active participants in our services to make it easier to share knowledge. Note the sections on sharing lessons learned and proven solutions, which can selectively highlight professional experience through practical examples.

Are you wondering who created this unusual website, and the business behind it?  See the Biographic Profile for Bruce Donnelly.

Standard legal disclaimer : about professional service provider participants, contacts, and information.

Send questions, suggestions, or comments about this site to Disclaimer.

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