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On The Short List

The Professional Site Selection Tool


The International Business Introduction Service

for Technology-Led Business Cluster Development

We specialize in well-qualified introductions to service providers as an independent service.

Please contact us about your interests or refer to the Seek Advice section.

If we have a working relationship with a company, such as to support our independent market research work and maintain timely knowledge of their capabilities, we openly disclose that relationship in their Service Profile or Area Profile.

The following links can be found at the bottom of many pages to make it easy to navigate quickly to whatever list of professional services you need.


They can also be reached through the Contacts button above.


Refer also to the regional directories of Area Representatives worldwide (economic development agencies or investment promotion agencies - IPA's).

Location Consultants

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"Point of View" data analysis

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Please note that our relationship development work among corporate executives is independent of any relationships we maintain among professional service providers or area representatives.  Download a 2 page article summarizing what we do, or a one page summary which introduces our work.  If you know other executives who might value our service, these links may also be helpful to explain our work to them.

If service providers support our work financially, such as to share better knowledge about their capabilities and enable us to serve more executives, such relationships are openly disclosed in our Profiles of their services.

They agree, as a condition of working together, that our referrals are driven by the needs and preferences of executives, and not by their financial support of our services.  Their investment in our work enables us to support more companies, and therefore reach more executives who may be interested in their services.

We expect the lists of service providers to grow, and expect more leaders in the various specialties to become active participants in our services, thereby helping to fund our work through various types of fees for the value we deliver for their purposes.

For example, if we help them to meet a good client and do business together, that referral should be good for both themselves and the executive involved.  Both sides should benefit.

We may not always be compensated for making such referrals, since our recommendations are not driven by potential fee considerations, but obviously we can grow this business faster and provide more and better services to executives if we are rewarded for such work by those who benefit directly from such referrals.

If you are looking for a service provider such as those we have listed, please allow us to assist you with the introductions, as this encourages them to support our work by showing the value of this independent "distribution channel" for their services. 

If you prefer to contact them directly as indicated through the website links or Profiles we have provided, please let them know how you found them.  This will help us to grow this business and provide better services to executives. 

We also welcome your feedback about your experience with any such service providers, or our descriptions and lists of them, including in particular any suggestions of service providers which you have found to be helpful and are not yet listed.

If you find our services to be helpful, please let these service providers know, and encourage them to more actively support our work.  If they don't know how you found them, they won't recognize the value of our work, whether they pay us anything for it or not.

The initial participants who are supporting our services are among the location consultants.  Whether you use one which funds our services, or choose to contact another one, their work offers very high value relative to the cost involved, as many clients have discovered.  This is a very specialized multi-disciplinary consulting niche, and we know the leaders in this niche.  They can cut many months off your project timelines, and save you far more than their cost.

There are many people who claim they can do "site selection" work, especially including tax advisors or real estate professionals or architects and engineers who may bring only one of many perspectives to the planning process for a project.  Choose carefully.  We can help.

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