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Pittsburgh, PA - Ad Recall - "Imagine Pittsburgh" campaign

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This ad for the greater Pittsburgh region appears in the April 2007 issue of fDi - Foreign Direct Investment magazine with the 2007-2008 fDi North American Cities of the Future research report. 

For more information, refer to   This ad campaign was prepared by the Allegheny Conference on Community Development to promote regional economic development through business investment into the greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania region.  See also: searchable Google Maps : Pittsburgh, PA

There's a little bit of Pittsburgh in Antarctica.

Roaming the frozen wastelands of Antarctica, a robot developed at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh discovered meteorites - and expanded the horizon of technological creativity.  Every day, exciting innovations in fields ranging from computer engineering to biomedicine are coming out of the Pittsburgh region and change the world in ways both large and small.

In Pittsburgh, start-up companies and technology leaders including Google, Apple, Seagate and Intel find a supportive environment where great ideas can thrive.  Discover more about how Pittsburgh inspires creative business solutions by visiting   Then imagine what you can do in a region that opens up a world of possibilities.

Pittsburgh - Imagine what you can do here


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