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World Business Chicago - fDi magazine Ad Recall

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This ad for the City of Chicago appears in the April 2007 issue of fDi - Foreign Direct Investment magazine  with the 2007-2008 fDi North American Cities of the Future research report.

For more information, refer to or call 312-553-0500.

This ad campaign was prepared by World Business Chicago to promote economic development through US and foreign direct business investment into the City of Chicago and the greater Chicagoland region of northern Illinois.   See also: searchable Google Maps :  Chicago, IL

Since 2005 Chicago has had no competition for fDi magazine's #1 City of the Future.

It does mean, however, someone else can claim the title of "Second City"

Chicago has once again been named fDi magazine's City of the Future.  In addition to ranking in the Top Five in several categories, fDi named Chicago #1 for Best Economic Potential,  Best Infrastructure, and Best Development & Investment Promotion.  And for the fifth time in six years, we've also topped Site Selection magazine's ranking of corporate capital investment in industrial and commercial projects, making us the #1 Top Metro.

Getting to the top - and staying on top - takes a team.  Skilled, productive workers.  Employers committed to improving our schools.  Local government leaders like Mayor Richard M. Daley who promote and protect a business-friendly environment.  A region collaborating in workforce development.  Taxpayers willing to invest in a better future.  And self-confident communities engaging the innovative power of ethnic, racial, religious, gender, and immigrant diversity.

Chicago is forever building the great American city.  Thanks for noticing.

World Business Chicago.


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