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North American Cities of the Future - 2007 fDi magazine award

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Winners of the fDi North American Cities of the Future competition for 2007 / 2008 were announced in April 2007.


List of winners   Ad in the FT   Article in fDi magazine

Background and details below.


April 23, 2007 fDi press release announcing the winners

The North American Cities of the Future awards are featured in the April 2007 issue of fDi magazine and were presented at a ceremony in May during BIO 2007 in Boston.

fDi magazine - Foreign Direct Investment - is published by the Financial Times group in London.  Links to "City of the Future" awards for other regions worldwide are also listed below.

The fDi "City of the Future" winners are listed below on this page and featured in our relevant directories soon.


A full page ad in the Financial Times on May 4, 2007

promoted the full list of winners for the

North American Cities of the Future 2007 / 2008


2009 North American Cities of the Future nomination process

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Our directories link to many economic development agencies for cities, counties, and regions in North America and worldwide as well as professional services and other resources in this market.

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Circulation statistics and editorial background about fDi magazine

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North American City Spotlight reports in fDi



Recent ad campaign in the Financial Times

North American Cities of the Future - 2007 / 2008 Background information

In April 2007, fDi magazine will publish a ranking of the economic, business and financial strengths of cities across the NAFTA region.  We wanted to find those cities, small and large, with the best prospects for inward investment, economic development and business expansion.

We looked at more than 60 criteria covering everything from cost effectiveness to human resources and infrastructure.  This extensive City of the Future market research is performed by fDi editorial staff every other year with the assistance of an independent panel of experts and does not take advertising into consideration.  We then spotlight the "short list" of cities which ranked highly in this extensive "long list" of competing cities.

The deadline for entries was January 15, 2007.  Results will be announced as the April issue is published.

There were a record 108 nominations from cities of all sizes across North America.  Cities had to provide the requested data for the selection criteria to be considered, as they would in competition for capital investment projects.

This created a very competitive selection process in 2007.

The 108 nominees were categorized into four separate "long lists" so that cities across North America of comparable size would compete against each other.

  • Major : over 2 million population
  • Large : 500,000 - 2 million
  • Small : 100,000 - 500,000
  • Micro : under 100,000

All nominees were scored by an independent panel on over 60 facts about their areas for the following 7 selection factors:

  • Best economic potential
  • Most cost effective
  • Best human resources
  • Best quality of life
  • Best infrastructure
  • Most business friendly
  • Best FDI promotion

This resulted in "short lists" of Top 5 cities for the 4 size categories in all 7 selection factors.  Very few cities scored in the Top 5 on more than 4 of the 7 selection factors in their size range.  These City of the Future rankings are listed below.

The weighted scores were combined to develop a Top 10 short list overall in each size category.  These final North American "City of the Future" selections are listed below.

Investment promotion agencies, economic development agencies, chambers of commerce, and local governments across the United States, Canada and Mexico were invited to supply information about their cities.

A few which had indicated an intention to participate never completed the nomination process by the deadline.  Over 125 cities had agreed to compete.  We still had far more nominees than in our 2005 ranking of top US, Canadian, and Mexican states, provinces, and cities as the prestige of this unique competition has grown.  As in any such competition, there were many great success stories among the nominees, but not every attractive city can finish at the top of such a ranking.

This "City of the Future" competition by fDi magazine has been established over the last five years in many regions of the world, and reflects the "short list" screening process by which cities compete to win capital investment projects by companies.

The intense global competition for foreign direct investment projects, which is the editorial focus of fDi magazine and quality research work as a Financial Times publication, is reflected by the effort that goes into City of the Future awards worldwide.

We thank all the nominees for their participation.  It is always difficult to make such choices among so many great cities.

April / May 2007 issue of fDi


The 2007 award program is similar to the cover feature of the June / July 2005 issue.


2005 US winners and

US Regional finalists

Canada winners and finalists

Mexican winners in 2005


2005 Award presentations

Search back issues of fDi magazine - Foreign Direct Investment.  There are City of the Future research reports about other regions of the world.


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Examples : Who reads fDi?

Foreign Direct Investment (fDi) is a specialty magazine published by the Financial Times group for C-level executives and their professional advisors.

It provides global market research and analysis for the executives who are responsible for the global business strategy and location selection decisions of their companies, such as where to establish, maintain, expand, or relocate operations as companies adapt to the changing conditions in their markets.

Circulation statistics and Editor's introduction to fDi

Search back issues of fDi for similar City of the Future research reports and awards for other regions of the world, such as:

As with all fDi City of the Future rankings worldwide, the editorial research staff at fDi relies on the independent rankings of the nominees by a panel of experts in this field.

Their review of the more than 60 factual attributes which go into the seven selection factors, and the weighting of those factors, creates a very objective way to compare the diverse mix of cities on topics of potential importance to corporate investors.

The critical selection factors used by executives and their advisors for specific investment projects will obviously differ according to their unique needs and priorities, but this process is very comparable to how potential business locations are screened by professional advisors in this niche market.

We appreciate their efforts to assure the integrity and quality of this unique market research and city ranking process.

The panel for the North American city selections included:
  • Daoud A. Awad - Executive Managing Director, Operational Planning New York Region Corporate Services for The Staubach Company - bio
  • Miguel Noyola - Baker & McKenzie partner - bio - heads the Mexico practice in Chicago and Washington offices
  • Steve Demmings, President of Site Selection Canada
  • Dan Malachuk - fDi US correspondent and strategy consultant for the public and private sector; formerly led corporate real estate strategy and site selection work
  • Don Holbrook - International Economic Development Council board member who is writing a book on World Class Cities and has led investment promotion work.
  • Todd M. Malan - President & CEO, Organization for International Investment - OFII - bio
North American Cities of the Future 2007-2008 Published in the April 2007 issue of fDi magazine
The selections below will be linked to related content for the convenience of our visitors, such as articles or advertising in fDi magazine which provide more information about the cities.

The various links are explained at right.

City name - links to their economic development website

State - links to our state economic development directories

Ad - links to their ad image in our fDi "Ad Recall" directory

Spotlight - links to "City Spotlight" articles published in fDi

PDF - to download the article as published (Adobe Acrobat)

Population category

Major Cities

Over 2 million

Large Cities

500,000 - 2 million

Small Cities

100,000 - 500,000

Micro Cities

under 100,000

Top 10 overall - short list based on all 7 weighted selection factors below.

Size categories reflect the information provided by the cities as well as demographic research and judgment about the cities and MSA regions which were nominated.

Selections were made by an independent panel of experts who scored the cities on the basis of facts presented about the factors below.

Chicago, IL, USA Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico Windsor, ON, Canada Zapata, TX, USA
Toronto, ON, Canada El Paso, TX, USA Huntsville, AL, USA Ennis, TX, USA
Pittsburgh, PA, USA Columbus, Ohio, USA Albany, NY, USA Sarnia, ON, Canada
Atlanta, GA, USA Edmonton, AB, Canada London, ON, Canada Yuma, AZ, USA
Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico Charlotte, NC, USA Waterloo, ON, Canada Wilmington, DE, USA
Baltimore, MD, USA Santiago de Queretaro, Queretaro, Mexico Colima, Colima, Mexico Silverthorne, CO, USA
Montreal, QC, Canada Austin, TX, USA Bloomington-Normal, IL, USA Surprise, AZ, USA
Mexico City, DF, Mexico Philadelphia, PA, USA Mobile, AL, USA Fredericton, NB, Canada
Boston, MA, USA Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, Mexico Chatham-Kent, ON, Canada Plattsburgh, NY, USA
Miami, FL, USA Toledo, OH, USA Saskatoon, SK, Canada Poughkeepsie, NY, USA
Selection factors Over 2 million 500,000 - 2 million 100,000 - 500,000 under 100,000
Top 5 - Best Economic Potential Chicago, IL, USA Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Saskatoon, SK, Canada Wilmington, DE, USA
Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico Mississauga, ON, Canada Mobile, AL, USA Yuma, AZ, USA
Atlanta, GA, USA Charlotte, NC, USA Halifax, NS, Canada Ennis, TX, USA
Mexico City, DF, Mexico Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico Windsor, ON, Canada Danville, VA, USA
Montreal, QC, Canada Calgary, Alberta, Canada London, ON, Canada Zapata, TX, USA
Durango, Durango, Mexico
Top 5 - Most Cost-effective Pittsburgh, PA, USA Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico Colima, Colima, Mexico Ennis, TX, USA
Chicago, IL, USA El Paso, TX, USA Chatham-Kent, ON, Canada Sarnia, ON, Canada
Miami, FL, USA Santiago de Queretaro, Queretaro, Mexico London, ON, Canada Yuma, AZ, USA
Mexico City, DF, Mexico Columbus, OH, USA Barrie, ON, Canada Plattsburgh, NY, USA
Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, Mexico Amarillo, TX, USA Zapata, TX, USA
Top 5 - Best Human Resources Boston, MA, USA Philadelphia, PA, USA Albany, NY, USA Wilmington, DE, USA
New York City, NY, USA Austin, TX USA Waterloo, ON, Canada Franklin, WI, USA
Chicago, IL, USA Richmond, VA, USA Greenville, SC, USA Plattsburgh, NY, USA
Atlanta, GA, USA El Paso, TX, USA Plano, TX, USA Fredericton, NB, Canada
Toronto, ON, Canada Charlotte, NC, USA Windsor, ON, Canada Silverthorne, CO, USA
Top 5 - Quality of Life Toronto, ON, Canada Quebec City, QC Canada Albany, NY, USA Silverthorne, CO, USA
New York City, NY, USA Charlotte, NC, USA Waterloo, ON, Canada Campbell River, BC, Canada
Chicago, IL, USA Philadelphia, PA, USA Huntsville, AL, USA Surprise, AZ, USA
Boston, MA, USA Orlando, Florida, USA Windsor, ON, Canada Wilmington, DE, USA
Montreal, QC, Canada Richmond, VA, USA Lafayette, LA, USA Sarnia, ON, Canada
Top 5 - Best Infrastructure Chicago, IL, USA Philadelphia, PA, USA Halifax, NS, USA Poughkeepsie, NY, USA
Pittsburgh, PA, USA Charleston, SC, USA Gatineau, QC, Canada Surprise, AZ, USA
Atlanta, GA, USA Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico Huntsville, AL, USA Zapata, TX, USA
Toronto, ON, Canada Phoenix, AZ, USA Waterloo, ON, Canada Franklin, WI, USA
Miami, FL, USA Las Vegas, NV, USA Windsor, ON, Canada Wilmington, DE, USA
Dallas, TX, USA Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico
Top 5 - Most Business Friendly Atlanta, GA, USA Toledo, OH, USA Mobile, AL, USA Zapata, TX, USA
Baltimore, MD, USA Austin, TX, USA Windsor, ON, Canada Blue Ash, OH, USA
Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico Orlando, Florida, USA Greenville, SC, USA Surprise, AZ, USA
New York City, NY, USA Columbus, OH, USA Anchorage, Alaska, USA Ennis, TX, USA
Chicago, IL, USA Nashville, TN, USA Moncton, NB, Canada Wilmington, DE, USA
Top 5 - Best Development and Investment Promotion Chicago, IL, USA Phoenix, AZ, USA Huntsville, AL, USA Surprise, AZ, USA
Boston, MA, USA Austin, TX, USA Windsor, ON, Canada Zapata, TX, USA
New York City, NY, USA Charlotte, NC, USA Durango, Durango, Mexico Sarnia, ON, Canada
Toronto, ON, Canada Richmond, VA, USA Sherbrooke, QC, Canada Yuma, AZ, USA
Seattle, WA, USA Edmonton, AB, Canada Waterloo, ON, Canada Ennis, TX, USA
St. Johns, Newfoundland, Canada Campbell River, BC, Canada

Population category

Over 2 million 500,000 - 2 million 100,000 - 500,000 under 100,000
Canada nominees 3 5 13 5
Mexico nominees 2 14 8 0
USA nominees 10 25 11 12
North America - "long list" of 108 cities in the fDi City of the Future competition for 2007 15 44 32 17
Estimated 2005 total Canadian cities per Statistics Canada data, which differs from US metro or city definitions 3 6 25

62 over 25,000

23 of these over 50,000

Estimated total number of Mexican metro areas or cities per review of INEGI - SIMBAD data 4 26 84 64 over 50,000
Estimated total US cities - MSA's and micropolitans - per US Census rankings 2000 25 65 285

525 over 25,000

250 of these over 50,000

Comparison to Europe - 500 largest cities per (not the same as the USA MSA definition or Canadian metro areas) 9 90 400+ not listed

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