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Orlando, Florida - fDi City of the Future 2007 / 2008

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Congratulations to Orlando, Florida for two Top Five rankings for Quality of Life and Business Friendly investment climate in the 2007/2008 North American Cities of the Future competition by fDi magazine for the Large Cities category (500,000 to 2 million population).  This competitive ranking is featured in the April 2007 issue of fDi magazine.

This unique global benchmarking research project compared business investment climates and urban development across North America.  This business location benchmarking and "short list" screening process is similar to the approach commonly used by professional consultants.

The "City of the Future" competition is held every other year in regions around the world by fDi magazine - Foreign Direct Investment, which is published by the Financial Times group.


There were a record 108 nominations from city economic development agencies in metro areas across the USA, Canada, and Mexico for this very competitive  selection process involving nine months of research work and independent expert review of more than 60 facts provided by the nominated cities.

Metro Orlando EDC      newsroom


List of winnersBackground: fDi Cities of the Future competition.


April 23, 2007 fDi press release announcing the winners

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Questions?  Bruce Donnelly, fDi marketing representative in the USA

fDi North American

Large Cities

of the Future


Best Quality of Life

Top Five

Orlando, Florida

United States

fDi North American

Large Cities

of the Future


Most Business Friendly

Top Five

Orlando, Florida

United States

fDi is published by FT Business, of the Financial Times group

Global Direct Investment Solutions handles US ad sales for fDi magazine

in addition to independent referral work for business location decisions.

The 2007 fDi North American Cities of the Future awards were presented to winners during the BIO 2007 convention in Boston.

We are working on other plans for BIO 2008 in San Diego.

Many of the leading economic development agencies in the world promote their regions as business cluster locations at BIO each year to attract the interest of executives in the biotech and life sciences field.

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