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Bruce Donnelly    (Biography)

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Refer to our new website, , for more information about events.

We have participated for networking purposes in the events of various professional associations and many trade shows and special events to expand our global contacts among business leaders, economic development organizations and professional service providers for corporate location and direct investment project decisions :

We no longer sponsor or exhibit at CoreNet Global events.

Information about

Cityscape USA in New York City

November 17-19. 2009

Contact us for details - such as to be a Cityscape USA exhibitor or sponsor.

"Event Recall"  selectively highlights economic development organizations and relevant service providers which are known to exhibit or speak at industry trade shows or professional events.

Example : past BIO exhibitors for areas which are promoting life sciences / biotech clusters

"Ad Recall" selectively highlights business locations and service providers which are known to advertise to promote new business investment in their areas or service capabilities.

See also fDi magazine advertisers and how to advertise in fDi

We selectively participate in events such as industry trade shows, professional seminars, and roundtables, and may report those here so that it becomes easier for individuals who are interested in our services to know when there may be opportunities to meet at such events, find the event websites and relevant exhibitors, or do marketing work together.

We also welcome suggestions of other major events or professional associations and seminars or private events which may provide good opportunities to introduce ourselves to relevant contacts for our work, particularly among top corporate executives.


We specialize in personal, independent introductions to relevant professional service providers such as business location strategy consultants and our many economic development contacts according to the project interests of the executives we serve.

 Please contact us to discuss such services or introductory referrals.


The International Business Introduction Service

for Technology-Led Business Cluster Development

Current Plans

Ask us about InterTech Global Alliance, Partners4Technology, and InterTech business partnering events as a global networking service across technology industries.  This supports local business retention and expansion programs by area representatives.  Events are being planned in Europe, North America, and China.  Sponsors are welcome.

- We attended NPE 2006 (plastics industry trade show) - refer to the "event recall" directory of NPE exhibitors related to this field who we have met

- We attended IEDC Annual Conference, New York, NY September 17-20 2006with the editor and publisher of fDi magazine as a sponsor and exhibitor.  See event details and download presentations.

- fDi magazine was also a sponsor and exhibitor at the CoreNet Global Summit in Orlando, Florida November 12-15, 2006.

As our professional team grows, we may participate in more events than are viable for our work at this time, including local or global executive events, seminars, familiarization events, and other activities which support our market research, knowledge-sharing, corporate relationship development, and professional networking and referral activities.

We particularly welcome feedback from top executives who are responsible for direct investment project decisions, such as to identify any venues (including small or local events - not just national trade shows) where our participation might be of interest to meet executives like themselves. 

We have not attended MIPIM because of conflicts with other commitments.  We hope to attend in 2006, and may participate in other European events (InterTech 2005, EURADA, WAIPA, major industry trade shows, etc.) as we grow our European presence.  Such participation would generally be by Phil Eadon since he is based in England.

We considered but did not join the Industrial Asset Management Council (IAMC) or attend their events.  IAMC was organized recently by Conway Data, publisher of Site Selection magazine.  We welcome feedback from executives and area representatives who have chosen to participate in their new events.

We decided not to sponsor or participate in The Relocation Summit in September 2003 or 2004, but welcome feedback from other sponsors or attendees for future reference.

We have also been approached repeatedly about participation as a sponsor for various events organized by Marcus Evans, but have declined to participate.  Once again, we welcome feedback from sponsors or attendees about their experience at such events.

In April 2002 and 2004 we attended the very useful Roundtable in the Rockies event organized by Expansion Management magazine in Vail, Colorado.  We spoke at the 2004 event, and plan to attend in the future (not 2005).  A similar "Roundtable" event was held in Tucson in October 2004.

Referrals and invitations for special events are always welcome.

In general, we find that events are more useful for information gathering in preparation for our contact work in a targeted industry sector, rather than for direct "lead generation".  We would rarely choose to be an exhibitor unless it is clearly worth the high costs involved.

We chose not to attend :

National Manufacturing Week, Rosemont IL      March 20-23, 2006

- selective directory of 2004-2005 Manufacturing Week exhibitors we met

- the 2006 NMW trade show was in Rosemont - not McCormick Place, Chicago

We have also attended meetings of the Utility Economic Developers Association.

Event Interests and Experience

See also : B2B partnering resources


We attended the annual BIO convention in San Francisco in 2004, and again in Chicago in April 2006.  We are also interested in information about useful business to business partnering events for technology industries or regions because of our association with InterTech Global Alliance


We are also interested in science and university research parks for industrial and business service sector R&D initiatives, including business incubators and technology transfer cluster development initiatives, because such business locations and the companies which operate there may be of interest to the executives and professional advisors we serve.


As one example, executives may be interested in the potentially large R&D tax credits which can be achieved through tax advisors such as alliantgroup LP, which has been an exhibitor at several major trade shows in 2005 to promote such capabilities.


UNCTAD XI and WAIPA, São Paulo, Brazil       June 13-18, 2004 (and 14-16)

We missed these UNCTAD XI and WAIPA meetings.  We would welcome feedback about them from attendees, however.

We sponsored the 2004 Economic Development Leadership and Accomplishment Award, by Corporate Real Estate Leader magazine.  Winners were recognized in May at the CoreNet Global Summit in Chicago, as in 2003 in Atlanta.  See details.

We have also attended a wide variety of US trade shows (Semicon West and Southwest, SAE, Automotive News World Congress, FMI, IMTS,  National Manufacturing Week, NPE, and many others) to expand our network of business contacts and market knowledge so that we are better prepared to discuss business plans and industry trends with top executives across most major industries.

We have previously attended specialized events or seminars such as the International Call Center Summits (now known as The Summit Circuit for "contact center" strategy) or other CRM events.  These were generally very useful events for this niche in the past.

We have selectively participated in local executive club or Chamber of Commerce events. The American Chamber of Commerce Executives (ACCE) met in Orlando Aug 11-15, 2004, but we were unable to attend. 

We provide links to the websites of many American and other Chambers worldwide in our regional and state directories of economic development organizations and global contacts.  We may join chambers on a very selective basis as this business grows.  We welcome suggestions or invitations to join organizations which are relevant to our work, but as a global service there are simply too many relevant organizations to join many of them.

We have also attended university events, foreign relations or strategy events, trade and investment promotion events, as well as hospitality events and familiarization tours for networking purposes, such as  events organized by regional, state, or national economic development agencies.  See also : familiarization events

In the past we have also attended events organized by Corporate Location magazine (a EuroMoney publication, also known at one time as SDI - Strategic Direct Investor).

We would be interested in feedback about other events which area representatives or professionals may have attended and found useful (or not) for networking among influential executives, whether or not the attendees had direct investment decision authority for projects.

We would also be interested in feedback about the EASTEC or WESTEC shows of SME, or the IndustryWeek Best Plants event, or other major events.

Some of the major international trade shows may also be of interest at some point.  This is not limited to ones we have attended before, as in Germany and Brazil.  We welcome suggestions of any venue in the world which might be valuable to reach major investment project decision-makers and the professionals who serve them.

As this business grows, we will probably participate in a growing number of events by dividing such work among our relationship leaders according to their industry and geographic areas of specialization.

Recent events where we exhibited or were among speakers or sponsors Recent events we attended

IEDC Annual Conference, St. Louis MO        Sept 19-22, 2004

CoreNet Global Summit, Chicago, IL                 May 15-19, 2004

- sponsor, 2004 Economic Development Leadership and Accomplishment Award

Roundtable in the Rockies, Vail, CO             March 30 - April 2, 2004

Download an Adobe PDF copy (0.5 MB) of our presentation of April 2, 2004 as one of several location consultants invited to speak at the Roundtable in the Rockies event.

CoreNet Global Summit, Atlanta, GA             October 11-15, 2003

- sponsor, 2003 Economic Development Leadership and Accomplishment Award

CoreNet Global Summit, San Diego CA         November 16-20, 2002

As at IEDC, we had a simple booth in the exhibit hall to make it easier to find us at this large event during our business launch process.

IEDC Annual Conference, Oakland CA          September 22-25, 2002

We had a very simple booth at the entrance to the exhibit hall, just to make it easier for many area representatives to find us as we officially launched this business.

BIO 2006, Chicago IL                                      April 9-12, 2006

- selective directory of past BIO, AURP, and related exhibitors

National Manufacturing Week, Chicago            March 7-10, 2005 

- selective directory of 2004-2005 Manufacturing Week exhibitors we met

ProMat 2005, Chicago IL  McCormick Place     January 10-13, 2005


Pack Expo International, Chicago IL                November 7-11, 2004

- including the Food Processing Machinery Expo

- selective directory of Pack Expo International 2004 Chicago exhibitors we met


Bio 2004, San Francisco, CA                           June 6-9, 2004

- selective directory of BIO 2004 exhibitors we met as relevant to our work


AURP BioParks conference, San Francisco      June 5, 2004


AGORADA (EURADA), Czech Republic            May 23-25, 2004

- refer to our GUIDE Network Survey directory for EU enlargement countries

Mexico and China Conference, Dearborn MI       March 25, 2004

National Manufacturing Week, Chicago IL          Feb. 23 - 26, 2004

IEDC Annual Conference, Cincinnati OH        Sept 14-17, 2003

NAID Annual Conference, Chicago IL             Aug 9-12, 2003

Utility Economic Development Association, Chicago IL   July 30-Aug 1, 2003

NPE 2003 (plastics), Chicago IL                       June 23-27, 2003

National Manufacturing Week, Chicago IL     March 3-6, 2003

We generally welcome invitations to local events, but given time and resource constraints or conflicts in event timing, we choose to attend or participate more actively on a very selective basis, and primarily among the active participants in our services.

Please don't take offense if we turn down an invitation to meet or attend an event!   Too many events, too little time.  If we go to too many events, we would meet many interesting people, but not have enough time to develop the closer relationships which are our focus.  We may attend more events as we grow and can divide the work to attend with less time and expense lost to travel.

As a global service which needs to focus on the development of valuable support relationships among corporate executives who are responsible for major investment projects, we need to be very selective in the use of our time and resources in order to provide better services to meet the interests of all active participants. 

We try to focus on events which we believe will help us to attract more active participants to our services, particularly among corporate executives, and to significantly improve our base of market knowledge and contacts to serve them better.  We generally prefer events which provide valuable networking opportunities related to this niche, rather than just lots of people in one place.

We may make speaking commitments at some events, but for the next year this would primarily be to help make potential participants aware of the availability and scope of our services.  In the future, once more relationships are well-established, we may be in a better position to speak on investment trends and project planning issues from the shared, non-confidential perspective of corporate and other participants.

This may include panel presentations in cooperation with such participants to help share useful knowledge about "lessons learned" and "proven solutions" identified through feedback from participants in our services and other contacts or research, including the GUIDE services and current market trends identified through the ongoing SICR relationships.

As GDI Solutions develops, and employs more professionals to share the work, we will participate in more events at the local, regional, national, and international levels so that more corporate executives and other potential participants become aware of the scope and value of our support services, and so that we have a much larger base of knowledge and contacts to share among all participants.

 InterTech 2005 was near Berlin, Germany in October 2005.

County Durham, England hosted the InterTech 2004 event, October 11-12, 2004.  Details are at

The event brought together entrepreneurial executives with interests in new business alliances, joint ventures, strategic partnerships and technology transfers.  Meetings are pre-scheduled to introduce participants to other relevant attendees according to their indicated interests.  This followed a successful similar event in 2003.

For details, contact :

Phil Eadon   TEL (011)+44-191-415-7340

The participants at InterTech 2004 were involved in innovative knowledge-based technologies and R&D programs, alliances, and commercialization initiatives as well as business support services in fields such as :
  • Digital technology and media
  • Biotechnology and Life Sciences
  • Medical and Healthcare
  • Nanotechnology and microsystems
  • Photonics
We intend to participate in events which can advance our mission.  There are obviously many potentially relevant associations and other professional event organizers. 

It is not our objective to become an event organizer, but we may organize some very specialized events to satisfy the shared needs of groups of active participants in our own services.

For example, on a very selective basis we may organize relatively small, invitation-only networking events among active participants so that it becomes much easier for them to meet each other and informally share knowledge and contacts to mutual benefit.  (See The GDI Forum™)

The scope of this or other event activities will be determined according to our experience among participants, and our judgment based upon such working relationships about what we can do to add greater value for them.  In the GDI Forum example, we would be efficiently and effectively connecting our three networks through small special events or other creative approaches as an additional service beyond what already exists in the market, and we would probably work with professional event organizers for anything larger.

We have no desire to duplicate efforts or compete with existing events.

It isn't our intention to spend a lot of our time at events, nor our money sponsoring events.  We participate in events to the extent that they make our relationship development work more efficient or effective, but events are not the main focus of our time and efforts.

Our main focus remains on the fast and effective one-to-one introduction of appropriate contacts to each other as a direct and personal service to all participants based on the sharing of market knowledge, research, and well-qualified networks of contacts.

Contact information for relationship leaders at Global Direct Investment Solutions (GDI Solutions)

 Please contact us for project assistance As this business grows, relationship leaders specialized in particular geographic regions and industry sectors will develop and maintain working relationships among more economic development organizations, professional service providers, and corporate executives who are responsible for major projects.

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