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Projects : Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Medical

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Please contact us for future project support, or to publish GUIDE Project Profiles for quick reference to more details than through this summary.  The function of this directory is to make it easier to know where major projects have been going, and who assisted them.

See also projects by location or for other industries.

Please inform us of any major new project announcements which should be added to this directory (>50 jobs created).  We welcome major project announcements, but only summarize and publish them selectively through this section.  This is not intended to be a comprehensive directory of all recent project announcements in the medical device, healthcare products, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries. We can suggest other service providers or resources for more comprehensive project tracking.
The column headings are explained below.  Detailed Project Profiles can be used by areas to highlight recent success stories for quick reference through our search process.

These summary descriptions of announced projects are for the convenience of executives and their advisors as they research potential business locations for future projects.


Type of Project Support Provided Alternatives Considered Final Selections Reported Economic Impact Reported Strategic Impact Reported Incentives Project Timing Feedback
Medical Device and Healthcare Products Project Support Alternatives Selected Parameters Impact Incentives Timing Feedback
Varian Medical Systems Expansion EDCUtah   Salt Lake City, Utah

100-250 jobs

$10 million

70,000 sq ft

flat-panel digital X-ray image detectors TIF Announced August 2005, by Dec 2006  
Kendall Co. new plant none   Deland Florida $90 million medical needle manufacturing      
Medline Industries   none   Lathrop California   medical products      
Medline Industries   none   Aberdeen Maryland $12 million medical products      
1888 Mills   none   Thomaston Georgia          
Atrix Laboratories expanded plant none   Fort Collins Colorado   medical products      
Biotechnology Project Support Alternatives Selected Parameters Impact Incentives Timing Feedback
Protein Design Labs   none   Plymouth Minnesota $200 million        
Serologicals Corp.   none   Lawrence Kansas $28 million        
Pharmaceutical Project Support Alternatives Selected Parameters Impact Incentives Timing Feedback
Eli Lilly new plant none   Prince William County


up to 700 jobs, $1 billion capital investment synthetic insulin production and other pharmaceuticals      
Immunex new plant none   West Greenwich

Rhode Island

350 jobs, $500 million capital investment manufacture new drug for rheumatoid arthritis   2005  
Human Genome Sciences   none   Rockville Maryland $100 million drug manufacturing      
Elan Corp. expanded plant none   Gainesville Georgia $40 million        
Abbott Laboratories new plant none   McPherson Kansas $50 million        
Shire Pharmaceuticals Group   none   Owings Mills Maryland $17 million        
Pamlab   none   Shreveport Louisiana $25 million        
Explanation Project Support Alternatives Selected Parameters Impact Incentives Timing Feedback
Example, Name, link to website and PR if available New or expanded facility size, location Summary of needs which were met for the project known short list locations, and services considered or used to support project plans locations and final service providers chosen to implement the project Jobs, $, technology transfer, etc. in location Significance to company global strategy, performance, operations As disclosed, and who to contact to discuss directly announced, occupancy, expected expansion, actual expansion Lessons learned, proven solutions etc.
Example - highlight

Link to full project profile if available - see Template

Expand, Relocate office or factory consultants used for site selection or other  support usually not reported in other channels, but can offer useful insight into choices Link to Area Profile or Service if available, or website, and regional table of contacts The reported parameters may not be reliable for industry or regional trend analysis Why did the project happen now?  What is the purpose?  Routine growth, or something really new?  Local or global? Details are seldom published; total reported value may be misleading Note that the same project may get repeated PR / media coverage potential links to testimonials or other feedback
Project announcements and GUIDE Project Profiles by area (selective lists) - see also Projects by Industry      (update suggestions welcome)
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Major project announcements by industry sector  (selective directories)

Update suggestions welcome

These directories summarize billions of dollars in recent project announcements by many companies, with links to sources of information about their chosen locations.
Advanced Materials - Ceramics, metals Aerospace Automotive Biotechnology Customer Contact Centers, Call Centers Chemicals
Computers Construction materials Consumer electronics Consumer goods - durable and non Defense Electronics
Energy Financial and professional services Food & Beverage Processing Hospitality, Tourism Logistics Machinery & tools for  manufacturing
Medical device and Healthcare Products Packaging Paper products Pharmaceutical Plastics Publishing, printing and communications
Recreational vehicles Retail Semiconductor Software Telecommunications Textile & Apparel
Regional directories of economic development organizations and contacts, websites.  See also : Invest USA and USA Search - Area Search - CRE Search
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State directories of US regional, county, city, and utility economic development organizations and chambers of commerce which promote new business investment


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Economic development directory - alphabetical list by state for convenience

Same links as provided by the abbreviations at left (not familiar to all foreign visitors)

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Selective lists of major companies, their websites, and area representatives organized by location  (update suggestions welcome)
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