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GUIDE Past Project Profile - Template

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This template illustrates the standard presentation structure through which projects may be profiled after they are officially announced.  Follow this link for an explanation, below.

We selectively list major projects as they are announced to share such knowledge for the convenience of the executives, business advisors, and communities we serve.  The summaries and more detailed Profiles of project announcements become easy to find through our search process.  They may identify the economic development organizations and service providers known to be involved in a project, generally without elaborating on what they did for the project, since that may remain confidential.  This simple process to identify which organizations helped to support the planning of a major project, however, may be very helpful to other executives who would like to contact such professionals about their own future project needs.

GUIDE Project Profiles are an optional service (small fee for the work involved), typically in cooperation with local area representatives or professional service providers who are able to provide some information about the work they have done for a client project, such as to illustrate their own service capabilities, within any client confidentiality constraints.

Company Name, Industry Sector, Project Type, Project Location

Example : Company name - Industry name - European regional headquarters, Zurich Switzerland

Highlights : What factors drove the project decision process?


Reasons given for final location and service selections
Outcome : What happened after the initial investment?


Lessons learned, proven solutions, testimonials
Company project name if authorized to identify name of operation, division of company, etc.
Location selected city or local area, and region address
Type and function, strategic impact of the project type of operation - new, expansion, consolidation, relocation, M&A, etc. purpose for the company - strategic significance and nature of business to be performed at this location (manufacturing, customer contact, HQ, etc.)
For more details contact if authorized to identify at the company or local area representatives (link to GUIDE Area Profile) or service provider
Scope of support by GDI Solutions summary : what we did for them summary : who we introduced, why (areas, service providers, other sources)
Timing of support by GDI Solutions when our involvement started when we finished  relationship leader
Project timing when active planning started when location was chosen occupancy
Project scale site and facility size employees at time of occupancy total employees expected, when
Capital investment (if disclosed) site and facility total capital investment at occupancy expected total capital investment
Alternatives evaluated during the planning process locations (long list) - places, not sites or premises locations (short list) - places, not sites or premises service providers evaluated but not selected, and reason if significant
Critical factors for selection At the long list stage At the short list stage In the final choice
Location or incentives consultant company, if used and identifiable, with link to GUIDE Service Profile, if any lead consultant, if known biographic profile link, if a participant
Project finance, tax planning, or legal support services, etc. company, if used, identified, etc. as above as above
Project design, project management, and construction services company, if used, identified, etc. as above as above
Area representatives involved (not just introduced by us, or just for the chosen area, as in "for more details" above) as above as above as above
Corporate real estate advisors or brokers representing the company as above as above as above
Feedback - "lessons learned" summary and links, if applicable Feedback - "proven solutions" summary and links, if applicable
Summary of significant details from the selection process and original project announcements, or where to find information (such as members of the project team who would know what happened, if identifiable).  Links to press releases or media archives may be used, if authorized, but these may not be durable since such information may routinely be purged or moved while it otherwise would still be useful for reference by executives facing similar future decisions. Summary of "aftercare" or "business retention / expansion" contacts or available news about what happened after the investment decision was made.

In short, did it actually develop later as expected?  Better?  Worse?  Did unforeseen developments make the project more or less important than had been foreseen, or change the viability of the investment after the fact?  Were important issues overlooked during the planning process?  Consequences?

Explanation of the GUIDE Project Profile Template

The table above shows the typical topics to be addressed by the research work involved in the preparation of a GUIDE Project Profile.  Not all topics will apply to all projects.  The Project Profile is intended to provide a well-structured and consistent overview of projects, regardless of location anywhere in the world, with links to available sources for additional details.

The presentation format of the GUIDE Project Profile will include an Executive Summary to highlight the key points beyond the basic factual attributes of the project.  The table above just outlines the typical topics which may be covered when doing the research work to prepare a GUIDE Project Profile.

The Project Profile is intended to be a summary of potential interest to future investors as they face their own decisions, rather than an open record of all project details.  The focus is not the same as a self-congratulatory press release about a recent project announcement.  Instead, one focus of this work is on sharing information, including "lessons learned", which other executives might want to know as a potential factor in their own business plans.

One of the roles of the Project Profile is archival, since reliable knowledge about a project decision may not even be maintained within a company, and key contacts may change after the project is implemented.  Perceptions of the critical issues and reasons for choices may change in hindsight, or be distorted by some reports (as in the case of media reports which may be biased or sometimes get the facts wrong, or exclude useful details). 

The Project Profile should, in effect, be a "snapshot" to reliably report what happened at the time when the project decisions were made and announced, or as the project was being implemented.  They involve research work with the people who were directly involved.

Subsequent performance in the area can be reported separately through the GUIDE Testimonials, Area Profiles, or other services, thereby avoiding confusion between the original investment decision and the subsequent flow of events, plans, and perceptions.

How will executives find these Project Profiles?


The Google site search (button at upper right of every page) is a fast and intuitively easy way to find almost any content on this website.  The same capability is readily available to executives and their professional location advisors through 

Project Profiles will be typically be found on this website by investors and their professional advisors through search engines or various relevant directories and navigational links :

  •  The regional table of contacts, under the Experience Report column through a highlighted link by company name.  This should make it easy to see at a glance when such Project Profiles (or GUIDE Testimonials) are available for any area within the region.
  •   The GUIDE Area Profile for the area where the project is located.
  •  The GUIDE Service Profile for a service provider who supported the project.
  •  The list of all available Project Profiles, which will be organized by region or other attributes, such as industry or project type.
  •  The list of major companies in the region, through a highlighted link from the company name.  This should make it easy to see when such Project Profiles are available, and easy to identify other leading companies in the area, including any GUIDE Testimonials, Area Profiles, Area Surveys, etc.

Area representatives may also link to GUIDE Project Profiles (and GUIDE Testimonials) from their own websites.  This is analogous to providing a link to a published article, rather than just the project press release.  Unlike news media summaries of a project press release, this service is intended to maintain such information for quick reference as other executives and their business advisors consider future business location decisions.

For example, they may want to know where key customers or suppliers have set up their operations, whether or not the result is to consider setting up an operation nearby now.  This information may be useful for reference long before a project of their own is planned.

Please contact us for future project support, or for corrections to this Project Profile.

See also projects by location or by industry.

Major project announcements by industry sector  (selective directories) These directories summarize billions of dollars in recent project announcements by many companies, with links to sources of information about their chosen locations.
Advanced Materials - Ceramics, metals Aerospace Automotive Biotechnology Customer Contact Centers, Call Centers Chemicals
Computers Construction materials Consumer electronics Consumer goods - durable and non Defense Electronics
Energy Financial and professional services Food & Beverage Processing Hospitality, Tourism Logistics Machinery & tools for  manufacturing
Medical device and Healthcare Products Packaging Paper products Pharmaceutical Plastics Publishing, printing and communications
Recreational vehicles Retail Semiconductor Software Telecommunications Textile & Apparel
Project announcements and GUIDE Project Profiles by area (selective directories)
US : Northeast US : Great Lakes East and Midwest Canada Mexico
US : Mid Atlantic US : North Central US : Mountain South America
US : Southeast US : South Central US : West Coast Central America, Caribbean
Europe South Asia Australia, New Zealand Middle East, and Africa
China, Taiwan Southeast Asia Korea Japan
Regional directories of economic development organizations and related contacts.  See also : Invest USA directory
US : Northeast US : Great Lakes Canada Mexico
US : Mid Atlantic US : North Central US : Mountain South America
US : Southeast US : South Central US : West Coast Central America, Caribbean
Europe South Asia Australia, New Zealand Middle East, and Africa
China, Taiwan Southeast Asia Korea Japan
Selective lists of major companies, their websites, and area representatives organized by location  (under development, suggestions welcome)
US : Northeast    NY   CT   MA US : Great Lakes    OH  MI  IL  WI  MN Canada Mexico
US : Mid Atlantic   PA  NJ  MD  VA  NC US : North Central US : Mountain South America
US : Southeast   FL  GA US : South Central  Texas

US : West Coast

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